Stockpiling – The How, Why & What

Part 5 of the Beginner Series: Stockpiling – The How, Why & What
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Stockpile, noun:
a large supply of food gathered and held in reserve for use during a shortage or during a period of higher prices.

Stockpiling, verb: to accumulate for future use; put or store in a stockpile.

Well there you have it. These definitions say it all. “Food gathered and held in reserve for use during a period of higher prices”. I couldn’t have said it better myself. This is Why we stockpile. When we are able to purchase products for free or at a very low price we purchase multiple items of it. Sales of products go in cycles. What is on sale at a great price this week may not be on sale again for another 8 – 12 weeks. We need to have a supply on hand that will at least take us through that time period so we do not have to purchase the item(s) at full price before the next sale.

Looking for sales + manufactures coupons + store coupons is How we build our stockpile. Finding the great match ups is the key to you getting your stockpile to a point where you only need to go out every week and buy the items that are rock bottom prices as well as produce, milk, etc that are needed on a weekly basis. The bigger your stockpile gets, the less money you will be spending each week.

What are the items you should put in your stockpile? The list is long but here are some:

Condiments (BBQ Sauce, steak sauce, mustard, ketcup, mayo)
Rice & Pasta
Snacks (crackers, nachos, salsa, popcorn)
Canned goods (tomatoes, sauce, soups, vegetables)
Cleaning supplies (cleaners, garbage bags, laundry)
Drinks (water, soda, iced tea, coffee, tea, juice)
Dairy (butter, creamers)
Meats & Fish (keep frozen)
Breads (keep frozen)
Health & Beauty Products (band aids, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, soap, etc)

Start your stockpile slowly only looking for those items that are cheap or free. Within 4 weeks of starting your stockpile you can start to see approximately $50 knocked off your grocery bill. Within 8 weeks you can get to as much as $100 or even more off your weekly bill.

You will never pay full price again!
(savings will vary per family and family size…these numbers are based on what I was able to do with my family’s grocery bill) 


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  • kerry okelberry

    I’m interested in saving on meats and groceries

    • Lindy

      I have noticed when you go to Wal-Mart on Tuesday or Wednesday’s around 7:00 am then you can see where they have there meats marked down. They have not expired just marked down! Yes, they are still very fresh and good! At Piggly Wiggly stores in the Meat Cutting Dept. you can purchase fresh chicken breast ( 1 chicken breast is enough to fed 2 people) each whole chicken breast cut in half is an average 4-6ozs. of meat. It is cheaper than prchasing a whole chicken. I shop on a budget for meats! So the better bargains are sometimes at the meat counters with fresh meats.I purchased 3 whole chicken breast a $1.99 lb. and made 3 meals out of them. The whole milk prices are better at CVS the last few weeks than other stores $3.29 a gallon.

      • jerrie

        I sometimes manage to catch the same thing in bj’s the chicken espically is marked down and its not expired just nearing the expiration date. I just cannot figure out the pattern if there is one.

      • Thank You for being such a doll to share this.I wondered what time for Walmart,s markdown on meats.Is bakery items the same?

        • Crystal H

          Connie (I realize this is an old post but someone like me who just found this site may find it useful)–Walmart puts out yesterday’s bakery items here in NY at about 6:30-7:30 a.m. They are 1/2 off or more.

  • Sel

    Meee too. I want to save on meats but don’t know how

    • janet

      The only way I have found to save on meats is to check each grocery stores weekly special (such as boneless chicken breasts for $1.68 per lb) and stock up when they are on sale. Frozen meat entree deals are good in our area for the BOGO, with coupons they are really cheap.

  • rebecca

    i figured out how to compose a stock pile, except my mom disapproves. Im 20 and a student in college with a son on the way. One day she will see the advantages of this

    • mandee

      I roll my rr from shop rite to buy meats if you are going to keep in the freezez they have to be sealed tight no extra air, or your ground beef will be brown and freezer burned just ask the meat guy to double wrap it.

      • Anonymous

        Almost all grocery stores with in store butcher will portion and wrap meat for you free.Just ask them.The best time is early afternoon.

      • theresa

        i take all meats from the package, divide it up, wrap each portion with foil very tightly then put in freezer bags. they keep very well doing it that way.

        • Nacole

          I have a vaccum saver system, which helps tremendously on freezer burn and such. If you can possibly find a friend that has one maybe you can go in on the bags?

          • Anonymous

            I buy ground beef, ground chuck, and ground turkey when Kroger has big sales or on clearance. I then immediately cook it and add any seasonings(taco for example) and freeze in quart or gallon freezers bags. When needed I just heat in microwave the amt for recipe.

    • Anonymous

      you shouldn’t let anyone discourage you. it sounds to me like you have your head on your shoulders. i wish that i would have known about stockpiling when i started out. i am just learning and beginning and only have 3 items i have stockpiled so far, and i have a son graduating from high school next week and another next year. had i been stockpiling for all these years i could send them to college

      • Mary

        Anonymous. Your boys still eat and will continue to eat. They also brinG friends over. You eventually will be buying baby food and Pampers for Grandchildren ! By then you will be a pro and paying. Yourself a salary! Great Job!

    • Why does your Mom disapprove? Does she feel that you are somehow cheating others by stockpiling? Or does she think you are exhibiting symptoms of paranoia by stockpiling? My Mom feels both of these ways about my stockpiling. I told her that it doesn’t cheat others because stores are regularly stocked and anyone with a little know how and hard work can participate. The paranoia thing was a little harder to deal with because when I was a child my Father started freaking out about Y2K. He had a regular stockpile of everything we would need in case the end of the world in my Grandparent’s basement (which was next door to us). Of course Y2K came and went with no issue, and that stuff just stayed in my Grandparent’s basement… until my brother decided it was high time he bought himself a house. He took every last dime he had and threw it into a beautiful 3 bedroom home in a very nice subdivision. Of course he had nothing left over when he was done, so he and my Dad lugged all that stuff out of my Grandparent’s basement and he was able to live off of it for 2 years until he was able to get some money circulating again. This reminds me that even for a person that saves because they’ve gone nuts… doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be put to good use at some point in their lives or that someone they know might not be able to use it. If either of these are the problem then maybe you can use this to calm her fears. If nothing else just continue doing what you think is right, but don’t advertise it. I think this is one of those cases where what she doesn’t know can’t hurt her.

    • Nacole

      I shop at Aldi’s and Save A Lot as to help cut costs. But I started stockpiling a little here and there a little at a time. I live with my parents and their income is limited like mine and I have a 3 1/2 yr old son…so yes funds are limited! I started with getting canned veggies and stockpiling them…then things I used constantly (salsa, oil, baking goods, veggies, snacks for my son, etc) and thats how I started. My mom was worried about the space being taking up but when it started helping THEIR grocery bill as well…then she wasn’t so concerned. So just start with one item or so at a time…maybe that will work. Good luck! 🙂

  • Dawn

    Follow this site , commit yourself to check daily , at east till u understand everything.

    You will be saving quickly, the more time you dedicate the more you will save.
    I have coached a few people and they are now on there way.

    Butter freezes well I never purchase butter at full prices I buy only meats when on sale.


  • Wena

    I have a hard time stockpiling because we have a limited budget. We only have enough for the most essential items. I feel bad for not being able to take advantage of the great deals. How can I deal with this dilemma?

    • Catherine

      Weda, for now just focus on the buy 1 get 1 free deals and the free stuff. You can actually create a little stock pile here and there that way. Then when you have a little extra you will be experienced in watching the sales already and know exactly what you are doing. Im just sta rting off and I am so eagar to create a stock pile I know I am probably spending more then I could if I just waited for crazy deals here and there.

    • Rocky

      Hi, Wena, I know this response is to a question asked many months ago, but, feel like it might help those folks who newly find this site/thread, so, here goes. My family and I are in the same boat. First, the best advice I can give is to visit this site frequently. As you read more and more of the deals, hints and tips, you will be able to start taking small steps to build your stockpile. You will get links to coupons to print, that, at first glance, may not seem like what you need or normally buy, but, keep an open mind. You may need to change brands from what you normally buy, in order to get a free or very low price deal, but, keep in mind, it seems that, when coupons become available, it many times means that the companie are marketing them because those brands will soon be on some kind of sale or deal. Plus, Cindy usually sends out, in advance, each week a list of the store ads for the following week. For ShopRite, for example, it usually comes out on either Tuesdays or Wednesdays. So, early in one week, you can check the ads for the following week, compare it to the coupons available, and, can plan on getting something the following week, instead of ‘this’ week, if you can get a better deal (and, of course, if you have enough at home to hold off on, or, can work around it). Just this past week, that ad scan saved me from spending at least $15 that I would have spent the prior week on items that were not on sale, but, that I felt I could hold off on, til the following week. Note, this does not work when you need, say, toilet tissue…now [smile]!

      Although I have always used coupons, and, in better days, always kept a stockpile, there came a time when the stockpile my family used to grumble about, literally kept us going. But, having to start anew without the money I would have previously used to build it was scary, and, I thought, not achievable. Turns out, although you have to start slowly, it can be done. While you will read about deals where you have to buy $20 worth of something to get $5 back, you know that can’t yet be done, so, don’t sweat it. There will ALWAYS be another deal later on, so, for right now, concentrate on getting good at the deals that you CAN do by combining sales with coupons, catalinas, and…creative shopping.

      Here is an example of something I did recently, that, at first glance, seemed undo-able: Crest toothpaste was on sale for $1.99. If you bought 3, you would get a $3 catalina coupon to use on a future order. Sounds nice, a 50% savings, but, you would still have to spend $6 upfront, and, couldn’t use the catalina on this order. However, by using three $1 coupons off 1, that brought the upfront price down to $3. Hmm, I still couldn’t justify using an unplanned $3 out of my budget that week. BUT, I shelled out that $3, bought a few more items from my list (did not do my complete, though meager shopping!), went to the checkout, paid for those items, got my catalina, put the stuff in my car and went back in to do the rest of my shopping, and used my catalina for that order. So, I didn’t lose any money cause I got that $3 I shelled out, off the rest of my order, but, ended up with 3 free tubes of toothpaste. With a large, extended family to worry about, that really was a big help! Did a similar thing when there was a sort of unadvertised additional Catalina deal recently on Easy Fries that I read about on this site. If you bought 5 Easy Fries at $1.25 each, not only would you get one Catalina for $5, you would get an additional one for $3! So, scary as it was to spend $6.25 for a few, small packages of fries, I split my order, spent that money on the first transaction, got my Cats, loaded up the car, then went back in to finish my shopping, used the $8 in cats off that order – and, of course, ended up with 5 free fries, plus, an additional $1.75 that went towards other stuff I had bought! There was also a deal that week, I believe, where if you bought 5 Heinz items from their allowable list, you would get $5 back. Yep, bought five $1 jars of gravy in one of my …half transactions, got my $5 cat, went back in and used that cat on the rest of my order (that cat also rolled, which you will learn about more, as you visit this site, so, you could have used that cat to buy another 5 in a separate order, thereby getting those free, also, and eventually, using it, as I did, for your regular shopping that same week).

      Then, of course, there are deals like a particular brand of deodorant was on sale for $1.49. If you have a store that doubles $0.75 coupons, you get the item for free. Well, it wasn’t our usual brand, but, got 5 free to add to my little, but growing stockpile! I also brand-switched on toilet tissue, recently, with coupons and sales and got twice as much product for what I was going to pay for our usual brand. Did the same thing with hotdogs, using sales, printed coupons and electronic coupons. My budget LOVES a package of hot dogs that costs 25 cents!!

      At any rate, I know that this is a verrrry long answer, but, I really want to encourage those people who feel they can’t do this because of limited funds, with some real life examples. It takes a little time and planning, but, it can be done, so, stick with it and start figuring out just how creative you CAN be! The biggest lesson I learned is that, when things get better for me and my family, I will still keep doing what I learned here, woohoo! Good luck, I know you can do it, too!

      • Anonymous

        thanx so much for your answer

        • Rocky

          Anonymous, you are quite welcome! I’m glad this could still help someone! If you are new to this site/couponing/stockpiling, stick with it! This site is extremely helpful – as you can tell, I’m still on it after at least a couple of years, and, there are others who have been here longer! I admit, we consider ourselves somewhat of a family, here! Good luck!

  • Stacey

    I wish there was a class to take to learn how to do this I am trying to keep notes and check all these things. Alot of the stores listed are not in my area. So is there something to look at when the adds come out to try to stockpile?

    Thank you from a newbie!!

    Lost in the south 🙂

  • Ruth

    Hi!, This seems to be a very helpful site and I appreciate it.
    Can someone please explain how to use the coupon database or at least where to find that information. I mean step by step info.

    • Misty

      Me Too! Im looking for the in’s and outs of Saving like Crazy! Im New and Already saving here and there. But would love to learn how to do it BIG!!!

    • Lady J

      The coupon database is a list of all available coupons. You type in the name of the product you are interested in, and it lists all the coupons available for that product and where you can find them. This is a particularly useful tool if you leave the coupons in the inserts until you are ready to cut them out and use them.

    • Rocky

      Another hint for the coupon database is that, if you type in “printable” (without the quotes) in the search box, it will bring up pages (and pages and pages, yippee!) of coupons that you can print out by clicking on the underlined hyperlinks. This is especially good for beginners, since, as you scroll through the pages (look for the word “Next” or next page at the bottom of the page, click on Next and it will bring you to the next group of items on this list. Then, as they say, rinse and repeat – keep clicking on Next after you finish checking out each page!), you will find a lot of coupons that you may not have been aware of, that you can print out. Especially good if you can’t always get the newspaper, or, just need extras to make an upcoming sale, sweeter.

      But, with that said, always regularly check this site’s homepage, because, each day, as new coupons become available, Cindy lets us know and gives us the link to print. And, many times, companies put limits as to how many coupons they will issue, so, for ‘hot’ items, unless you print fairy soon, it may not be available to print for long!

  • Samantha

    How do we know what prices to stockpile at? I have looked on this site and another and have not found recommended prices. I was trying to make a stockpile price list for my coupon binder so when I am shopping I know if I am getting a deal or not.

    • Eileen @QponPrincess

      this is the most common, and most unanswered question in couponing, and the reason is, the price you are willing to pay for something is different from person to person, and also varies within one person over time…
      for example, if you have been paying full price up till now, most of the prices will seem like a “good deal” so if I were to say to you as a newbie that toothpaste will be on sale for $0.45 this week AFTER coupons, you might think oooh thats a good price because before you were paying $2… but I have been couponing since New Years, and I will NOT pay for toothpaste, period, it has to be FREE…
      now I am not saying you shouldnt buy toothpaste for $0.45 because you may not have any extra on hand…. But I know it will be somewhere free, soon, and I have way too many in my stockpile already so I can totally wait till its free somewhere…

      When Cindy makes her matchups she puts a green check mark by the “stockpile” prices, but even then, sometimes I find an item that I personally consider isnt important at a price higher than I would be willing to spend, so use that as a basic guideline….

      What would really be helpful, is if the very experienced like cindy, made a list of the normally achievable rock bottom price, and when to expect that sale cycle for most items, that would probably take a LOT of work to make that kind of a list…
      Things I have gotten for FREE and right now wont buy unless free:
      pasta (I actually wont buy pasta EVEN if its free until I get down to 10lbs-I have about 50lbs of pasta in my stockpile)
      tylenol precise pain relief patches
      toilet paper, facial tissues
      flavored refridgerated liquid coffee creamers
      italian ices

      then there are items that I stocked up at a good price (under $1) and have so much that it has to be super cheap or free because I am already stocked

      pasta sauce- I think they were $0.20 and I have about 20 left so I wont buy them unless they are free
      laundry detergent- at the most I paid $0.99 and will only buy if under $0.50

      Razors: if they are gillette fusion proglide Ill pay $0.99 otherwise has to be free

      Diapers: my little one is 2.5 and is barely using the potty so we are using both diapers and pull ups, I wont pay more than $5.99 for a jumbo pack of diapers and generally that high better be giving me something else, like a gas card or a free pack of wipes or something…(today at shoprite I got 2 jumbo packs of huggies and 2 refill packs of huggies wipes for a total of $4.98 OOP-after mfq’s, store Q’s and catalinas redeemed-which is $1.25 an item)

      so as I said everyone has their own price standards, and yours will change over time…

      • What kind of detergent do you use for that price? I buy the Xtra 28 loads and they are at lowest $1.49-$1.99 on sale at CVS or Rite Aid. I guess using ECB’s I would pay less?

        • Liz Nowak

          I have been able to get Purex and Ajax for under .49 or free. That is now my stock-up price.

  • maxine

    i have only been using coupons one month biggest savings 2 liter pop.44

  • Heylin

    I started with my stock pile and coupon’s about a month ago and I been getting better and better at it. I ‘m so happy I found your website…

  • shamecca

    ive been collecting coupons for almost 2 months i havent used Use any yet so scared im not gonna do it right… HT had triple cpns last week and i didnt go glad to find out about this site im feelin more confident!!!!

  • Heylin

    Had a terrible experience at my local Target. To say the least, I spend 25 minutes at the register for a transaction that should had taken 5 minutes at the register. Cashier delete my order and then didn’t even know how to used the coupons. after the manager came and told me I was combining 2 coupons when I had 2 item and two different coupons. My blood was rising so I decide not to let that discourage me. Yesterday I went to Target in Edgewater and walked out with 92% savings… I won’t let anyone mess with my money!! and by the way I scored at CVS with Pantene shampoo for $1.39 each after a $3.00 off coupon. Some times you need to change the routing!! Keep it up guys.. Save

  • Angie

    U go girl u r right Target in Delaware cashier and supervisor always trying to stop any progress for a couponer.

  • Nahney

    Hello I’m a newbie been coupling for about a month and I’m obsessed I’ve save over $400 so far and have started a little stockpile that I’m so proud of my husband is starting a new business and he is so pleased with my coupling to save us money so that we now have more to invest in our business thanks Cindy this is my favorite site for info in a fellow Jeresy girl and I and on this site at least 6-8 times a day lol I’ve learned so much and continue to learn more each day

  • Heylin

    Keep up the good work Nahney… I just got married and we want to save for the future business… I love to see the faces people make when I cash out at the register… I got to say is hard but dont let people mess with your money!!!!


    I recently started clipping coupons and stockpiling. In the beginning I could not get the hang of it, but now before I enter a store I sit down with the circulars and my coupons to figure out how I can pay the least amount of money or gain the most Reward/Up Rewards during my purchase. You have to be willing to invest time. Today I will be shopping at Rite Aid I have a $10.00 Up Reward , two $1.00 Up Rewards and a $3.00 Survey Coupon which gives me$15.00 towards my purchase. I will use $13.00 of my rewards to purchase one bottle of Crest rinse and two Infinity Pads. I will use a $2 coupon towards my rinse and two $1.00 coupons towards my pads. This purchase will cost me tax only. With the two $1 Up Rewards I will purchase a bottle of Crest rinse separate orders using a $2.00 coupon on each purchase. These purchases will cost me tax only plus I will gain $9.00 in Up Rewards towards future purchases. One of those Up Rewards I will use toward the final $2.00 Crest Rinse coupon and I will pay tax only for this purchase also.

    Rite Aid has a great Up Reward promotion until July 26 2011 where if you buy $50 worth of Skin products you can get a $15 Up Reward. Rite Aid had a sale on Noxema and I bought 4 jars because this is what my daughters and I use to wash our face and it was on sale for $3.99 instead of $5.99. The total from that purchase went toward the $50.00. Last week I went to Rite Aid and purchases $30.00 worth of Aveeno products for a $10 Up Reward. My purchase came to $32.67 and I had $10.50 in Rewards and Coupons and my total came to $22.17. The $32.37 helped me get the $50 worth of skin care products and when I left the store I had a $10.00 an d$15.00 Up Reward towards my next purchase. When you look at it I paid nothing for my last purchase because I got $25 back.

    Figuring out how to make you money work for you is time consuming but worth it.

  • Vercilla

    I used to be very good and stockpile well with toothpaste, deodorant, tissue, personal items. I am not good at stockpiling on the food though. I am getting a better handle on things my kids like( that helps a lot so you won’t buy things they won’t eat) . Once I get a better handle on how to stockpile on food items, I will be great! Any suggestions??


    Thanks for this list!

  • Mrs. Chavez

    I have been couponing for 3 mnths and I am still having a hard time finding deals, But the best deal i ever got was buying 4 degree deos and getting paid to buy them . I get so happy and proud of my self when I get home and look at my stock pile and see that I will be saving a lot of money next year. Now , I am getting ready to get some gillette body wash for free!!! thank you for all your advise on this website, it has come in handy and is helping me learn a lot more.

  • Chin up to all and the way to learn is to tell about your deals on this site.Read up on the BOGO(code) on this site and write it down as I did and keep it with you.It will start to make sense the longer your at it.Only been at this singe the last week in July of this year.I will tell you that most cpns come out in the paper and you need to sit on them for up to 2-4 weeks for the deals to matchup.Then you should be checking out while your waiting to trade cpns to get the multitude of say can milk up to (10-20)of your item you choose to stock up on.Hope this pushes you in the right direction.It has helped me a lot.Thanks.

  • theresa

    I’ve only been couponing for a few months. Hard to come by great deals but all in all, I have cut my grocery bill in half and thats all that matters lol. Before coupons, I would struggle so much with what to buy because I couldn’t afford everything but needed everything. Mainly the non-food items like shampoos and household cleaners which are very costly even on sale. My stockpile isn’t huge, but I have enough of the majority non-food items to where if I need more groceries, then I can put everything else on hold. Very discouraging at first but I had to learn to focus on one thing at a time, instead of trying to multiples of everything. Been working out great so far and I am so happy for the TV show because I never gave coupons a second thought otherwise lol.

  • Adrienne

    I’m feeling overwhelmed. I’ve cut and printed coups from my sunday paper, but find I don’t have time during my work week to get to the stores. Is anyone out there doing this while working full time? Or am I insane to try to do this? I have a hubby that cooks, and shops, and I am frustrated because he can’t seem to wrap his head around this concept. I’d like to try to figure out a way to do this and need some outside perspectives and ideas.

    also, I’m sure I saw a list of green check marks, but now can’t find my way back…I’m a brunette, but it doesn’t show lately!LOL.

  • Gail

    I often hear about people getting all their stuff for free, but the only thing that even comes close to being free or extremely cheap for me is maybe toothpaste. I would love to be able to print more or get more than 4 mfr. coupons for the items I use, but don’t know where to find them. How do you get marinades, pasta, fz. foods all for free? I am not new to clipping coupons, but have been watching extreme couponing on tv and trying to follow this website. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

    • Alan

      The “free” stuff is blown WAY out of proportion. Now there are things that are frequently pennies on the dollar but free only happens a few times a month to limited items…at least from doing this for 2 years plus that is my experience. Normally to get “free” you also have to stack deals like coupons + double coupons + cat or double dip cat.

      Double dip cats mean that what you bought qualifies for two different catalina coupons.

      • Katie

        Also, a lot of the coupons they use on that show are fraudulent. Either they’re buying fake coupons for free items, or they’ve figured out some coupons will work on products the coupon doesn’t list. For example, a Kraft cheese singles coupon might also work on Kraft BBQ sauce, even though it’s not listed in the coupon’s wording.
        Who knew there could be a dirty side to couponing!

  • Sanj

    … this is a great site.. I am extremely new to extreme couponing… got curious after watching the show on tv … din realize how many people actually do couponing regularly….

    my question is.. does CVS double coupons as well? They did not mention anything about it in the store policy …

    • Alan

      No …CVS does not double coupons. They do, however, have store coupons, cash back to rewards points, etc. that can stack on top of manufacturer coupons.

  • countrygal

    I don’t have a computer to print off coupons but just started getting the newspaper. I only started two weeks ago & I look forward to seeing some change in my budget

    • kabby

      I have to say I use more printable coupons than insert coupons but using only those should definitely make a difference in your shopping budget. Good luck!

  • Alan

    Very cheap / Free items also depends on seasons… You have to have sales and good coupons to do it.

    Items I buy very cheap / free on a fairly consistent basis.

    Ice Cream (Bars, etc)
    Cereal (Most common after oral care..we eat a TON of cereal at the hosue because at this point I dont buy a box of cereal for over .50 cents a box)
    Oral Care Products (If I see another Arm and Hammer / Colgate ..not so much Crest.)
    Pickels / Marinaids / Salad Dressing
    Candy (Single Bars)
    Pasta / Rice
    Pasta Sauce
    Flushable / Baby Wipes
    Shelf Stable Milk
    Refrigerated Breaded Chicken (usually Perdue)
    Soy Sauce
    Hair Care Products including shampoo
    Bar Soap
    Shaving stuff
    Salty Snack Chips (almost always the whole food kind)
    Granola Type Bars (not always Granola)
    Baking Stuff like Frosting, Cake Mixes, Cookies Mixes, Cupcakes
    Spices — This only happens a few times a year and normally it is mixes like Pinch of Seasoning or Weber etc..although Salt (specifically one brand seems to be free about every 3 months.)
    Facial Tissue
    Cheap Pens (think BIC and a few others)
    Batteries (normally in small packs 2-4 and normally Kodak or a off Brand)
    Soup – Mostly boxed type soup not cans especially Ramin noodle types

    That is really all I can think of…as far as Free or near free items that I get fairly consistently.

    • Alan

      Forgot Fruit Snacks…

      I stopped buying them a while back as I burned everyone out on them… They were free or near free almost every 6 weeks.

      I STILL have them in my stock pile … I do thinks like put them in cupcakes and give them away at school events etc..but I still have about 20 boxes. Yes..they are still fine after about two years. Once in a blue moon one pack in a box will be hard..and it goes. I guess the bag had a leak.

    • Alan

      Forgot Fruit Snacks…

      I stopped buying them a while back as I burned everyone out on them… They were free or near free almost every 6 weeks.

      I STILL have them in my stock pile … I do thinks like put them in cupcakes and give them away at school events etc..but I still have about 20 boxes. Yes..they are still fine after about two years. Once in a blue moon one pack in a box will be hard..and it goes. I guess the bag had a leak.