We Really Are Living Rich With Coupons!

Did you know that 1.6 billion coupons were redeemed in the first half of 2009, up 23 percent from 2008.  But here is what is interesting from a study done by The Nielson Company:

  • More affluent consumers ($70k+) are considered super heavy coupon users (39percent compared to 35 percent for total U.S. households) and coupon enthusiasts (42 percent compared to 35 percent for total U.S. households.)
  • Other serious coupon users include those from large households, those households with female heads age 54 and younger, as well as consumers living in affluent suburban areas.

So what do ya think of that?  The next time you are in line with your stack of coupons, proudly hand them over, cause the person behind you in line, not using them, probably should. Cause we really are LIVING RICH WITH COUPONS. Go us!

Source: Reuters
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