24 Season 7 on Blu-Ray: Only $24.49 With $4.00 Video Credit

Here is a great Father’s Day present for the 24 fan especially now since the series is over.  Which, by the way, I’m still sad about:(

You can score the 24 Season 7 on Blu-Ray for only $24.49 plus there is a $4.00 Video credit for Amazon Video on Demand and it ships free with Amazon Prime.  If you don’t have Amazon prime, you can still get free shipping if you put a filler in your cart to hit $25.  You can check out this Amazon Filler tool here to find something super cheap.  You can head over here to check out the deal.

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  • Dana

    I too am depressed over it, it was bad enough that we used to have to wait till January to see it but to never see it again is just awful. My husband said they are coming out with movie. Do you know anything about that?

    • Cindy

      @Dana, I heard that as well. They set it up so that could happen as this would have been a perfect opportunity for Jack to be killed off (instead of the 100 lives he has been through over the past 8 seasons) but they didn’t. Should be interesting. And, I’m not one to go to the movie theater but I’d go for this one.