Dunkin Donuts: Free Iced Dark Roast Coffee 5/11 Everywhere!

This photo has a story behind it.  You see I was heading to my son’s baseball game when I stopped in to Dunkin Donuts to get myself an iced coffee.  I guess writing the Free Iced Coffee post yesterday put me in the mood.  I was still bummed the Free Iced Coffee wasn’t going to be in my area.  So, when I walked up to the door and saw this sign I stopped in my tracks, took a picture with my phone and continued in to place my order.

Well, I was so excited thinking how I was going to share this find with you, that I forgot my phone in Dunkin Donuts.  And to shorten up an already long story, this awesome young lady found my phone and tracked me down.  What a sweet girl!

So, without further ado, there will be Free Iced Coffee FOR EVERYONE on May 11th.  Between 4pm – 10pm you can head in to your local Dunkin Donuts and score a small Iced Dark Roast.  Yay, I am so there!!  And I think I’ll leave my cell phone home this time.

Also, if you are a nurse, you can get Free Iced Coffee now through 5/12.  Just head in any day between 4pm – 10pm.  Nurses I.D. is required.

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