Free Budget & Money Management Software –

Honestly, the best way to stay on your budget is to use cash but I know a lot of people don’t like to do that.  So, here is a great Free money management site that can help you stay within your budget even when using a credit card or debit card.  It’s called and I have actually been using it for about 2 years now.  I use it to keep a big picture of my finances.  How much my balances are, interest rates, etc.  It has helped me to see the big picture all in one place and it even let’s me know if there is a better rate or program available.

But, they also now have a budget section which is an awesome tool if you are using debit or credit cards.  You can set a budget say for groceries, gas, gifts, clothing or anything else.  It pulls all your accounts into one and you can easily assign the transaction to your budget.  It reduces your amount and if you are under budget, it carries it over to the next month.

And they best part, it’s free.  No software program to buy and it updates everything instantly.  You can head over here to check it out.

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