New $0.75 Coupon Jack Daniel’s Barbecue Sauce = Free At ShopRite

Okay call me weird but I get excited when I see a good coupon.  And that happened when I saw this one.  A little woohoo came out of my mouth.  Free Jack Daniels Barbecue for me 🙂

There is a new $0.75/1 Jack Daniel’s Barbecue Sauce coupon and if you have a Shoprite then you too can score free Jack Daniel’s this week as it’s on sale for only $1.50 ($0.50 for those stores that don’t fully double).  You can head over here to print your coupon.

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  • I for the life of me.. can’t find this in the flier. Can you tell me what page is it on?

    Thanks for all the wonderful deals that you put up 🙂

    • Cindy

      @tina dsilva, Page 6 toward the right side of the page between the berio olive oil & the Kalamata Olive oil

  • brijen

    I just went to Shoprite in NJ and they told me they are not taking print out coupons! I was crushed! Has this happened to anyone else??????

    • Cindy

      @brijen, which ShopRite did you go to?

    • Laurie

      YES! 🙁
      I just got back and they wouldn’t take my internet coupons. The manager told me about the rise of fraudulent internet coupons lately and how the owner has the discretion to decide whether or not to take them and they had decided not to. I told him that he’d definitely be losing my business if that were the case and left my entire order there and walked out. I’m SO bummed!

  • Karen

    My Shop Rite has become extremely vigilant over couupons recently. They check each one BEFORE they start to ring up any food, and then have to scan them all in (imagine how long that can take!!). The young checkout kids are often nervous about printouts, but just get the checkout supervisor to come over and check it. One operator did show me a ‘book’ of fraudulent coupons they have to look out for, perhaps your shoprite has decided to make things easier on itself by not taking printouts?

  • Stacey

    Hmmm. I was at two Shoprites yesterday, the smaller one didn’t have the Butterball products that I wanted. They would not take my catalinas from ACME. They have in the past, but stated that this was corporate policy. Someone suggested in carrying the coupon policy for the stores you frequent to make sure that you know and that you can show others. I know that many stores will not take competitors CATs, but I was surprised. No matter, money is money, I will use them back at ACME. I didn’t try at the second store.

    And, both stores go through each coupon PRIOR to ringing you up. Which is ridiculous, because it’s just a show. They always have to check each item, when they actually go to scan the q. I have all the time in the world, so it doesn’t bother me, except when they don’t get it right and you STILL have to go to CS to get a coupon redeemed or money back for one that the cashier kept, but didn’t give you credit for.

  • brijen

    I went to the Shoprite in Garwood, NJ. I did send shoprite a email and this is the response that I got from them! I plan on going back to CS with my coupons!!!

    Thank you for emailing ShopRite. We appreciate the opportunity to respond.

    Periodically, we receive notification from the Coupon Information Corporation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the integrity of the coupon redemption process, that fraudulent coupons are being circulated via the Internet. This process is currently under investigation as coupon fraud is a Federal offense. As a result, front-end personnel have been instructed to pay closer attention to information on the coupons. If there is a question, the store does have the right to reject the use of the coupon however, our stores should accept all valid coupons. For more information on fraudulent coupons, please visit and click on the coupon information link on the left side of the page.

    • @brijen, I always get the same response when i have a complaint for a coupon not being accepted.. I think they draft this email & send it to everyone who send coupon complaints.

  • Amy

    i got my free bbq sauce – 2 different flavors!! i’ve never tried these before, so thanks to you i get to try them for FREE! Whoot! lol

  • Lexy

    also wanted to let everyone know if you register on, you’ll be able to print off 2 more coupons for Jack Daniels BBQ. These are $0.50 off 1

  • AnnMarie

    I had the same problem at Garwood, NJ shoprite last week…I left my order as well. I am going to try the Watchung or Clark shop rite tomorrow…hopefully they are accepting the internet coupons.

    Ann Marie

  • rosanne

    I like going to the shoprite in Garwood since it is close. It is clean and they also are always well stocked with sale items and the parking is easy. But if they start changing their internet coupon policy, FORGET THEM! I will go to Elizabeth. The Union ShopRite has such skinny aisles and it just seems kind of dirty. Maybe because it is an older store.