ShopRite: Double Dip ConAgra Catalina This Week = Moneymaker!

Update:  Thanks to a bunch of you that have reported in, this seems to be happening with any combination of ConAgra products.  Be sure to read the comments below to see what others have purchased.

Okay, are you ready for another double dip catalina at ShopRite?  This time I’m really not sure what caused the second catalina to print but I can tell you (and show you) that it did. This was part of the ConAgra Buy 10 get $3.00 Catalina this week. Here is what I bought:

Buy 10 Hunt’s Manwich ($1.00 each) $10.00
use (2)$1.50/4 ConAgra Products
Pay: $7.00
Get a $3.00 Catalina & a $5.00 Catalina
free + $1.00 Moneymaker

Now, as I said, I have no idea yet why the extra $5.00 catalina printed. I’m not sure if it will only work when you buy 10 Manwich or maybe it works with less, or maybe even it works with other ConAgra products. All I can tell you at this point is that it worked with what I purchased.

Plus, I received my $2.00 YourBucks catalina. And, truth be told, I paid nothing for this deal out of pocket because I used the catalinas from my last shopping trip to ShopRite. So score a big freebie for me!

FYI: The $5.00 catalina is only good to be use between 5/23 & 5/29 and it states “good on your next shopping order”.  So, good for anything.

Let us know if find that this catalina is triggered by other combinations.

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  • Dawn

    Hi Cindy, I purchased 4 Hunts spagetti sauces, 5 snack pack puddings and 1 Hunts Ketchup and and got the same $3 and $5 catalina. That sure was a nice surprise!

  • whats the limit,? can this be rolled into more 😉

  • Laurie

    I am going today. Does anyone know if you can use the catalina to purchase another 10 items and generate an additional set? I guess that is the rolling question asked by Scott above.

  • it does say 1 offer so probably not

  • Kristine

    I still haven’t received my 2.00 yourbucks catlina. How long did it take you to receive it?

    • Cindy

      @Kristine, Hey Kristine, I signed up when I posted it and then just got it today

      • Kristine

        Thanks Cindy! I’ll be on the lookout for mine, I should get it soon I figure.

  • Just got my 10 Manwiches – woohoo Thanks Cindy!
    also noticed Heinz Relish still $1 would be free if the q is still around and tabasco is $.99 free with $.50/1 from

  • follow up question if anyone knows the answer – are Shoprite catalinas connected to your Shoprite card? – say I did one transaction with my card and used my wife’s card on another transaction, can I use catalinas from both transactions together on card #1?

    • Cindy

      @Scott, Scott, I don’t think they are. Plus, even though it says one deal it usually continues to work. Which I think we have just found out that it is.

  • Ueen

    Got my 10 manwich as well and used my $2 your bucks an the $5 CAT that I got in the mail for the Poland Spring water which did not print at Shoprite on the 23rd of April.

    I will use the $3 Cat from the manwich this afternoon to get some banquet dinners and I will post back if it’ll still generate the $3 and $5 CAT.

  • Laurie

    I just got back and bought 4 cans Hunts sauce, 4 packages Hunts pudding and 2 bottles Hunts ketchup and it printed a $5 and a $3.

  • Ueen

    I purchased 8 banquet dinners and 2 hunts ketchup, paid with the $3 Cat from the manwich purchase this morning and other Cat from old shopping trip and the $5 and $3 cat printed.

    • Cindy

      @Ueen, It looks like it’s for the entire ConAgra deal and it’s rolling. Woot! Thanks for letting us know.

  • Ueen

    Not a problem Cindy. You helped us so much and my letting your readers know is my way of saying thanks to you.

    By the way, I posted an update about the $5 Cat from the Poland Spring purchase which I got in the mail this weekend. I wonder if other readers are planning to call Catalina Marketing.

  • Ueen



    There is a also Conagra Mail In Offer which is Purchase $10 in participating ConAgra products and receive $25 in coupons by mail. Offer ends 5/30/2010.


    • Cindy

      @Ueen, Right, I forgot about that!! Thanks, I’m posting it up.

  • I think I’ll quit my dayjob and just coupon. . .the more I buy the more money I make! lol

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  • brady

    Just got back from my trip and bought 4 cans Manwich, 2 Orville, and 4 Banquet meals, used (2) $1.50/4 Conagra, paid $8.18 and got the $3 and $5, turned around and used the $3 for the next transaction of Conagra products and got the same set of Cats. Awesome!

  • Melissa

    These deals sound great! anyone know how long the double dip will be available for? i may not get to shoprite till later in the week. just wondering!

  • alex martin

    Thank you as usual for the heads up.

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  • Ueen

    I just bought 4 Pam Grilling Spray and 6 more banquet dinners. $5 and $3 Cat printed. There is a Pam Grilling Spray 1/1 coupon at

  • Eric

    Hey Guys, Anyone know if the 5.00 cat is rolling or you have to wait for the date. I don’t want to wind up with to many to use in that one week plus a Purina. I’m wondering why they would date it 3 to 4 weeks out. Same thing with the Purinas dating them for one a week. I’m sure they will work whenever you want to use them and not just for Purina products. Anyone remember a deal like this from the past and how it worked??? Thanks

  • Terri

    I bought 2 Manwich’s, 1 Hunt’s ketchup, 3 Chef Boyardee tubs, & 4 Hunt’s pudding snacks for $1 each with two $1.50/4 coupons for a total of $7 and got the $3 and $5 catalinas = $1 Moneymaker! I can’t believe I got paid to take home all those groceries… 🙂 Thanks, Cindy.

  • Allison

    I’m going to Shoprite today to do the ConAgra deal and have a question. Can I print the Conagra form that Ueen listed and send that in or does it have to be the original from the magazine? I can’t find me issue. Thank you and also thank you for all of the great deals that everyone lists.


    • Cindy

      @Allison, You can use that Rebate form

  • Kristine

    I went back and did the deal again, used the $3 off coupon from my previous transaction and 2 more of the 1.50/4 coupons and this time I got 1 Manwich, 2 Hunts Sauce’s, 4 cans of Chef Boyardee, 1 Peter Pan PB, and 2 Jello Snack Packs, same catilinas printed again too! Great deal!

  • lisa

    How did you guys use the coupon for Hunt’s products? I don’t see it listed ont the coupon…

    • Kristine

      @lisa, I didnt realize Hunts wasn’t listed, but the coupons worked for me both times I used them with Hunts Products…

      • Kristin

        @Kristine, same with me. i used the 1.50 off because i just thought they were conagra not specific and they took the 1.50 off.

  • Kris

    I meant “bought 6 crushed tomatoes…,” not “but.”

  • Jacqueline

    I bought 4 Ro-Tel and 6 assorted Hunts prods. Got both catalinas. Plan to go back again! Thank you for posting. I never would have done this deal for the $3 catalina as advertised.

    I forgot about the con agra rebate and bought it on the same order as the sorrento. I gues $5 cash wins out.

    • Cindy

      @Jacqueline, Jacqueline, save your receipt and the next time you are at Shoprite, go to customer service and they can reprint it for you so you can submit for both.

  • Ueen

    I purchased 10 pot pies last night and it printed $5 cat, $3 cat and $2 your bucks. This is not the $2 your bucks from when I registered my card because I already got that one. So my guess is that the 10 pot pies triggered the $2 your bucks.

  • couponman

    here’s my transactions
    6 paste = $4.00 (sale 3/$2.00) + 4 ketchup = $4.00 PAID $8.00
    6 paste = $4.00 (sale 3/$2.00) + 4 pasta sauce = $4.00 PAID $8.00
    6 paste = $4.00 (sale 3/$2.00) + 4 crunch popcorn = $4.00 PAID $8.00
    6 paste = $4.00 (sale 3/$2.00) + 4 crush tomato = $4.00 PAID $8.00

    all FREE bec i got the $3 and $5 = $8.00 catalina for every trasaction…….