Rite Aid: New +UP Rewards Program

Last weekend Rite Aid introduced their new +UP Rewards program.  For you CVS shoppers, this rewards program is very similar to CVS ECBs.  Check your  circular each week for products that will produce a +UP Reward at the time of purchase.  The reward will print at the bottom of your receipt. Some things you should know:

  • You will  need to use your Wellness card so if you haven’t registered I would recommend you do so.
  • You can only do one +UP offer per transaction
  • As of now there is no limit to how many times you can do +UP offers and they do roll.
  • When making a purchase with the +UP Reward, they will not adjust the reward down so you will need to be sure you have reached the amount of the +UP reward you are using.  Consider buying digital photos as filler items.

The other programs that are still available at Rite Aid are:

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  • Patti

    Thanks for posting about this Cindy. Had no idea about “up”. No notices in my local store and couldn’t find anything on the website. So all we need is to have the wellness card and have it scanned at checkout and it automatically gets credited like the CVS ECBs? Very cool! I have gotten some good deals so far with the new RA Wellness+ card. Hope you are enjoying time with your daughter!

  • couponman

    hi cindy,
    yesterday i bought motrin on different transactions and only 1-$2 up reward printed… i asked the manager and she said its limit 1 per card… so i told her to try it 1 more time (3rd time)… and still no reward…. i think they already fixed their system…

  • sakine gurbuz

    Many Rite-aid stores employee says that we can only use one Up reward per transaction now. Is that correct? Did they change the rules? How come they change this without saying anything on weekly circular? I had too many up reward and they have 08/07/10 expiration date. Now I am supposed to make more than 20 transaction to use them.This is just not fair that they give hard time to change these rules daily.

    • Suddz62

      I just used 7 RRs yesterday @ my Rite-Aid in St. Johns, MI so you may want to go to Rite Aids website & read their RR policy. Maybe it varies per store.

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  • Dawn

    I’m hearing conflicting info on Rite-Aids Up rewards. Some sites say you can only receive one up rewards for each deal, but then I’m seeing examples on your site of receiving multiple rewards for the same deal (Hershey/Reeses example). Can I really receive 3 up rewards for the same deal (assuming I purchase 3 of the required items of course) ? I thought it was probably tracked on my wellness/UP card, so I wouldn’t be able to multiples at all, let alone on the same purchase.

  • Loretta

    I was unable to get the $5 UPs reward for the Revlon Foundation. Tried three different products that were pictured in the ad and none of them came up with the $5. The cashier said it has to say “foundation”, but nothing said “foundation”. Did this happen to anyone else.

  • catherine

    Hey ladies, in CT on June 2nd, the manger told me that as of the previous Mon., they changed their policy. No more using a BOGO coupon with a BOGO sale to snag the same item for free!! BOOOOO!!

  • hanna

    I have +up reward $2.99 by purchasing Oral B tooth brush.
    If I use this reward for same Oral B tooth brush payment, do they still print out $2.99 up reward? Or like Walgreen, they will take as a payment but
    not print out up reward? Anyone knows?

  • sabrina

    i’m new to this, and i am completely lost on what is explained above.
    One up offer per transaction? Does that mean each time going up to the register, or does that mean one particular item?
    What do you mean “they roll”? People are talking about expirations, so???
    Adjusting rewards down? Needing a filler? What do you mean?

  • karen

    I was @ rite aide today & was able to use many of my UP rewards for the same purchase like I do @ cvs, I did pretty good, I bought 33 oz coffee & 4 jars of jelly for under $1!!!!

  • Shanda

    Dawn, you can receive as many up rewards for the same product in multiples….unless it is specified that there is a limit, such as 1 per household. The best deals are the product for the least amount of money out of pocket and the most rewards AND finding coupons for those products. You have to register on Riteaid.com and watch the videos and print out those coupons. Then find manufacturers coupons either on line (you can usually print a limit of 2 each online) and from Sunday paper. Also look for coupons in riteaid paper in the store. Rite Aid allows you to “stack” coupons…manufacturers, riteaid ad paper and riteaid.com video coupons. Ebay is a great source for coupons. Go to iheartriteaid.com and get whatever is a good up rewards buy for 2 weeks in advance (this website shows the ad for the entire month). Then bid on ebay (which gives you time toreceive the coupons). Find a “nice” riteaid manager that is willing to order products for you. The week of the sale, tell him you want for example 10, 15 or 20 (depending on how many coupons you have..and also if their is no limit on the purchase) jars of peanut butter or whatever. I did this with a $5 coupon for Maalox. Bid on 38 coupons, manager ordered them for me, they were on sale for $4.99 each with $1 up. So I got them all free plus $38 back in uprewards. THEN I sold 20 bottles on ebay for $48.00. Thats profit!

  • Alice

    I’m interested in the Pampers up rewards where you spend $30 & get $10 back but someone told me that there is another $5 if you buy the products today. Does anyone know anything about this?

  • Laura D.

    Cindy just posted the answer to your question Alice. Here is a copy of the post. I hope you get it.

    ::Rite Aid: Cheap Pampers Products ($15 in +up Rewards!)

    Chia made a trip to Rite Aid to do the P&G Deal. She bought 3 packs of diapers at $9.99 and a pack of wipes at $5.99! She used the Pampers Coupons on Coupons.com. She got a $10 Up Reward plus a $5 Up Reward for baby products! (buy $25 baby products get $5 Up Reward!

    Here are the Pampers Coupons you can use:

    $1.50/1 Pampers Cruisers or Baby Dry Diapers
    $1.50/1 Pampers Swadlers Diapers
    $0.75/1 Pampers Wipes