Bud Light Lime Beer Rebate: $6.00 wyb Seafood!

There is a new Bud Light Lime Beer rebate to be on the lookout for. It’s for a $6.00 Rebate when you buy Fresh or Frozen Seafood.   No beer purchase is required in the following states:

AL, AR, CT, HI, KY, MA, ME, MN, MO, NJ, NY, RI, SD, UT, VA, and WV only

So, yes, that does mean that you can just buy the fresh or frozen seafood and get back $6.00 when you submit the rebate.  Seems easy right?  However is the trick is finding the rebate forms.

Here are some of the details of the rebate:

  • Purchases must be made between 7/1/10 – 8/31/1
  • Purchase price of Fresh or Frozen Seafood must exceed $10
  • Submit dated cash register receipt with qualifying item price(s) circled.

So make sure you are on the lookout for this rebate form.  They are usually attached to beer displays.  If you find them please let us know where so others can take advantage of it as well.

(Thanks Coupon STL!)

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  • Patti

    Fab! This beer is actually yummy so I will probably buy both seafood and brewskis.

  • Pamela

    Ohhhhhh Cindy this deal sounds too good to miss, now we just have to find the rebate form!!! 😉

  • Patti

    I checked at SR Liquors today and the mgr was not familiar with this…I will try Total Wine and let you know what I find there…

  • Pamela

    I’ve been looking (Shoprite, Waldbaums and Pathmark) all over for this rebate form and have not seen it anywhere!!
    Has anyone out there found one?????

  • Patti

    Not finding it anywhere…I e mailed Anheuser Busch this AM to ask if they can possibly send me a .pdf of it…if I get one, I’ll let you know.