New Coupon: $1.00 Listerine Mouthwash = Great For Catalina Deal at ShopRite!

There is a new coupon for $1.00 off Listerine Mouthwash 500ml or larger.  You can head over here to print your coupon. Note: Once you register, you will have to click special offers to get to the coupon.

For ShopRite shoppers, this is part of the buy $10 get $5 catalina deal this week.  You can head over here to check out that deal.

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  • Joey

    Cindy, what can I do when it looks as if the whole eyes is looking at u as soon as u enter the store (Shoprite) in particular because of your coupon or a deal that u do. This happened to me today. I did Ziploc deal yesterday and the cashier gave me some trouble but at the end i paid the difference. But today as soon as i entered in the store and the same cashier saw me, she quickly went to the cashier at the self check and told her something. Mind u I did not pay any attention to them. But when I finished my shopping and this time around I did 2 transaction of the Scrubbing bubble, the same cashier came to the register and told me I cannot do 2 transaction. I said ok that I will do 1 then she said i cannot use catalina from the ziploc to pay for my stuff. I was very furious and at the same time I felt embarrassed because now people stated looking at me as if I have stole things. I end up paying cash but I was very upset. This is the only Shoprite close to me. Please what do I do. Thanks for all your help.

    • Cindy

      The only thing I can tell you is, if you are are using your coupon legitimately, and I’m sure you are, to just hold your head up and make your purchases. If you doing nothing wrong, then I would take your frustration up with the store manager. If that does not work, then customer Wakefern directly.

      Now, with that said, you need to make sure you understand your store’s policies. ShopRites are all individually owned and can adjust their policies at each store. So, they may have certain rules you should be aware of.

      And, if it is just one cashier you have a problem with, then try to avoid her/him at checkout. I have one who is the coupon police and I will NEVER go to the checkout line with her at the register. And not because I do anything wrong, it’s just that she makes my shopping trip miserable as she reads the details of every single coupon and will tell me any excuse not to allow me to use it.

      • Joey

        Thanks so much. All the coupon were very legitimate. The problem was “according to the cashier” I shop too much. I even called the manager and I told her that yesterday was my 1st day for this week and the same manager was the one that told me that I can do 2 transaction. I don’t go to her register but the problem that I have with her is that she tells other cashier to check my coupon and as soon am at the register, u will see the cashier picking up the phone and in a short while, she will appear. Like u said, I will HOLD UP MY HEAD. Thanks.

  • Cindy

    “The problem was ‘according to the cashier’ I shop too much.”

    Now that part is funny.

  • Stef

    I think my store knows my face too now. No one has gone to that extreme at my store but why do some cashiers act like we are taking products from their pocket? Do they not know the store gets money back for every coupon redeemed and possibly more when someone has to return an item purchase with a coupon? A lot of them also do not understand the terms of the coupon. For example, today the person at the service desk said I couldn’t use the $1 off Scrubbing Bubbles coupon in addtion to the B1G1 free coupon. Another person said I can only use one per purchase as stated on the coupon but I bought 6 in one transaction.

    Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with the cashiers and service people regarding redeeming multiple coupons?

    I would love to hear you stories, thanks!

    • krista

      It is therapeutic to hear your stories. I have left stores where my hands are literally shaking because the cashier has inferred that I am stealing from the store when I do my homework to ensure that I am not violating coupon policies. And worse, you have people in line rolling their eyes and huffing because you are holding up the line. I truly LOVE cashiers who say, “and your total is… WOW! How did you do that!” It makes my day. And sometimes I send my husband to the store with BOGO coupons on a BOGO sale just so he can appreciate what I do to contribute to the family bottom line. He, too, can’t believe how mean some of these cashiers can be.

    • krista

      Oh, and to answer your question about how I deal… when I know I am within the policy guidelines, or when cashier explainations are ridiculous, I call customer service to clarify coupon policies. If the numer is not readily available look the company office headquarters on I have had district managers call me at home and extend promotions so I can go back to the store to use my coupons properly.

  • steph

    these posts are good to read….
    i just don’t get people….
    you shop too much?
    well if people didn’t shop their store enough that cashier would be out of a job!
    i am tired of cashiers treating us horribly, if we went somewhere else with our coupons, or didn’t use coupons (we would buy less cause we would have less money and then they wouldn’t get reimbursed) the store would make less money and someone would be out of a job….
    i think i am going to start politely telling people this……

    i had someone at target tell me yesterday—–
    i was complaining and questioning at customer service because none of their sale prices were marked. she politely said”well if you are unhappy then don’t shop here”
    ok, well folks if you take that attitude towards everyone then you will be out of a job.

    and please someone can you tell me, why these cashiers take the time to give people such a hard time, are they getting the coupons taken out of their pay?????????? seriously.

    and why is it that they young ones are fine? i had the sweetest girl at stop and shop the other day. she even took an extra dollar doubler coupon. she told me, well, you used other coupons so it will see that and double those again. very very very sweet.

    anyway, sorry for my rant and i am sorry for all those who have problems…

  • Maria

    Hi! I have a question on this Listerine/Reach deal. If I purchase worth $20 of these products, will I get 2 $5 catalinas? Thanks. 🙂

    • Cindy

      I’m not sure. I seem to remember somebody saying that they bought $20 and didn’t get 2 catalinas. But I’m not 100%.