Esalerug. com: $45 Credit + 10% Off + Free Shipping = 2 Free Rugs!

I saw this deal and, as I do with all the deals I post on here, I checked it out left and right, up and down.  And, from what I can see, it’s very legit.  As a  matter of fact, the company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  So, I went a head and tried it out.  It worked without a hitch but I’m going to tell you that I can not guarantee that we will all get our rugs.  I hope we do but just be aware that these orders could get canceled.  So, with that said, here is the deal: offers new customers a $45 credit plus an extra 10% off when you register.  Plus they offer Free shipping and, right now, you can also score a free rug.  There were a bunch of rugs for $50 and under so you pretty much, after the 10% discount and credit, can score 2 rugs for free or possibly even 3.  Here is how to work the deal:

  • Head over here and register
  • Choose a rug that is $50 or less.  You can choose a higher priced rug of course but then you will have to pay.
  • The free rug will already be in your cart and the 10% discount will automatically be applied.  No shipping will be charged.
  • You will see a bar under the 10% off marked “Store Credit”.  You can slide that bar to increase the amount of the credit you want to use.

Note: The company takes paypal and google checkout but it doesn’t seem to work with paypal since it’s a zero balance so DO NOT use paypal or google checkout.


UPDATE: Looks like the only rugs left are $100 or over.

Here is my purchase.  I ordered the exact rug pictured above and this was my cart.:

(Thanks Swaggrabber!)

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  • Angela Sheeler

    I did the deal but only used $44 credit so i could use paypal

    Thank You!

    Congratulations on your purchase. Your rug is in stock and will be shipped out within one-to-two business days.

    Shipping Total:Free Shipping
    Savings: $5
    Store Credit: $44
    Order Total: $1

  • Laurie Ratcliff

    I ordered a rug on Friday and it was shipped the same day I ordered and is on the FedEx truck for delivery to my house right now. I’ve had an account with eSaleRugs for a while now, but this is my first purchase, so I wasn’t sure quite what to expect. So far, so good!

    I can’t believe that more of the deal blogs are jumping all over this one. I got two rugs for $4!

    • Cindy

      Wow, great to know. Thanks for sharing. I’m so excited to get mine.

      • Laurie Ratcliff

        It just arrived a few minutes ago! I got this one:

        I love it! I hope that everyone else has a good ordering experience, too.

  • Julia L

    OH NO! I did not read your whole post about NOT using PayPal and something very weird happened.
    I have my PayPal linked to my bank account. I got two purchase receipts, one from the store, saying my purchase was $0 and another from PayPal saying that I am paying $45 to the store! I hope not!!!!!

    • Cindy

      Okay, supposedly it’s a glitch in the system with the zero balance and using paypal. I believe you can contact paypal and it will be credited.

      • Julia L

        I’ll try! Thanks!

        • April

          You have to contact the merchant paypal isnt giving any credits. I did the same thing and called paypal and they told me to call the merchant. And I did and they said they are having a glitch but they have someone working on that and crediting back to everyone that it is happening to.

          • Cindy

            Wow, thanks for the update. That is awesome. Great customer service!!

          • April

            The merchant credited my account that quick..less than 10 minutes..

  • egregg

    This is awesome!! I’ve been looking for a rug for the last few months. Hasn’t been super high on my list so I’ve been passing the ones i’ve liked by. But a free rug is great. I actually got the same one you did. Thanks!

  • It let me order 2 and gave me a $90 store credit, then 10% off, so I ended up with 3 rugs for $0.

  • Pam

    Cindy..thanks! Bought same rug you Receipt/Order #
    Woohoo..hope it comes. Yay for free rugs.

    • Cindy

      Cute rug right? I was going to head out to Target to actually buy one. What was I thinking 🙂 My little friend Bogo the puppy has decided he likes to chew on carpeting.

  • Rachel

    Worked like a charm. I too bought the same rug. Thanks for posting!!!

  • Cathie

    It still asks for cc info, and I left my purse in my car, so I saved the page and when I went back, the “store credit” slide has disappeared. I too, have been looking for a rug for my kitchen for awhile. Oh well.

    • Cindy

      Word has it that you can put a dummy number in for the credit card as long as your balance is zero of course. I haven’t tried it though.

      • Aubry

        I put in some dummy numbers and it went through just fine! Thanks again for the post

  • Melissa B.

    I ordered. I was suprised to get the toothpaste from medco. So maybe I’ll be surprised this time too 🙂

    • Melissa B.

      I put in my TD bank gift card number with less than $1 on it.

      • Cindy

        Ah shoot, I have one of those too. I should have used that.

  • Thabal

    Thanks Cindy. Been looking for a rug quite a while. Hope it comes 🙂

  • Lisa

    Not that it’s a biggie, the free rug is not necessarily the pattern that is in the picture. When you get to your order click on the item, the one I got is completely different but I am not complaining, free is free.

  • Stella

    I used Paypal and it charged me .10 cents. 🙂

  • Cathie

    I tried a dummy number, and it worked, allegedly. We will see. Thank you, Cindy.

  • bernell

    Thanks so much!! Just ordered my 2 FREE rugs!!
    You are the best!

  • cs white

    I just ordered a $51 rug and the site/order confirmation said it would me $1. Since there was actually a balance to pay, I used my paypal account and just got a confirmation that I was charged 90 cents! As if $1 wasn’t cheap enough for 2 rugs! 🙂

  • christina

    I didn’t get the free rug in addition to the one I “purchased” with my store credit. However I set up 2 different accounts and purchased 2 of the same rugs for free! Thanks so much-great find!!Top 10 list for sure!

  • JEN C

    I didn’t get the extra free one either. I’m guessing they ran out. 1 free is better than none though 🙂

  • Vicky

    I got one rug for free, but the free rug wasn’t there. I’m happy with one…

  • Elaine Lund

    Thnak you for posting this. I wanted to get the rug that you got, because out of all the rugs listed I really like that one the best. However, it is sold out. So I settled on an oriental style runner. I did not get the free rug- must of stopped that promotion. And I couldn’t get my final order total to be zero, even though when I slid the credit bar it showed zero. My credit card is going to be charged
    $-1. Yes, negative balance. I’m happy, though because I got a free rug and maybe $1 on top of that! (I’m happy with just a zero balance owed) Again, thanks for posting this great freebie!

  • Susan

    Thanks so much Cindy! I just placed my order for a $51 rug and my total should be $1 plus the free rug but when it came to the payment/confirmation page, my balance was $0. I entered in a dummy code for the cc payment and I received my confirmation. What an AWESOME deal for 2 FREE rugs! 🙂

  • Susan

    What does everyone’s free rug look like? Apparently, I’ll be receiving this one:

    • Cindy

      yeah me too. I can honestly do without that one. 🙂

      • i actually think its funky and cute.

  • Kristine Twardy-Todd

    Cindy, did you have to put in your CC info still even with a zero total?

    • Kristine Twardy-Todd

      I saw the post about the dummy CC number, i switched my numbers around and it worked fine. Yeah for a free rug! I got a great one with fall colors for my back door, thanks for the heads up!!

      • Cindy

        Yes I did. I’ve checked it all afternoon (it’s my debit card) and nothing. People have used an old gift card and it worked.

  • I just ordered mine and I used an expired visa giftcard which i believe had 2 dollars on it before it expired. It said the total was -11 dollars. I hope they come.

  • ahuva

    could not find any rugs cheaper than $50…r they all gone or i don’t know how 2 search?

    • KATHY

      They have a search option on top of the website!

    • Keisa

      I agree. I can’t find any lower than $107 or so. 🙁

  • Erika

    The item # for the free rugd are 33014749 & 33014748, i was able to add both of them to my order and got 3 rugs for FREE.

  • Daleene

    I put in dummy numbers and I really hope that it works. I didn’t want to put in my debit card # as 2 weeks ago the # was stolen and I had to file a police report and wait 1 1/2 weeks to get a new one. Not even a free rug is worth that trouble!


    I got one for free for my Mom and one for myself! It really works! If you are worried about giving your credit card just pick something that will come out to $0.00 and when you enter the credit card info just change the last digits. 🙂

  • lisa

    I should of gotten the nice big one you got. I panicked and picked something fast since I had to get the kids to the drs than dance class. Didnt want to miss out. Got item number 33000876 with the rug pad. Has Goofy on it lolol

  • becky barley

    I can’t find one that’s $50! Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place?

  • JoAnn S.

    I checked the clearance section, priced from low to high, and the cheapest rug is over $100.00. Are there no more $50.00 rugs?

  • Linda

    Looks like everything under $100 has been removed 🙁

  • sarah

    They have 100$ rugs up and the free rug. They are also giving 90$ in store credit with the 10% off. I was able to get two rugs for free! 🙂

    • It still shows $45 credit for me.. not $90.

  • miranda

    When I signed in, I had the free rug in my cart, however there are no rugs left under $100. Is there a way I can just get the free rug without having to buy another? Just curious!

  • staceypunk

    dag, this is why I used to check the blogs like 4 times a day. I probably missed this deal and I need a rug for my entry.

  • Mine was shipped out yesterday morning. I can’t wait to get them!

  • Beth

    I got my rugs today. They have a weird odor. I’m not sure if they are safe to display in my kitchen. Does anybody else’s smell odd? Is this normal?

    • I wrote to them to ask about the odor and they contacted me and said it was perfectly normal since their new. (shrugs)

      • Cindy

        New rugs always have a funny odor at first. Not sure why but any carpet I have had installed smells a little weird the first couple of days.

  • Lori

    FYI guys, I registered the other day and got my 45.00 credit, but I never used it.
    Today the company sent me an email buy 2 rugs, get 20% off. So i BOUGHT 2 RUGS FOR 9.00. There was plenty of rugs under 40.00. Mine were only 37.00 each and then 20% off. So if you signed up and never found any rugs around 50.00, try it now.

  • Autumn Greene

    I registered and didnt get credit but the free rug is in my cart. Is the free credit over?

  • Rose

    Has anyone noticed that many of these rugs are made in Iran?

  • Shira W.

    no free credit for me either….

    maybe i’m too late

  • Laura

    Yeah, no free credit for me either 🙁

  • Barbara A

    My free rug came today. Thank you. It is small but very, very nice. I didn’t pay anything and I didn’t give them a real credit card number.

  • Jamie

    Just got my rug today and it looks great! Thanks for this!

  • April

    I still havent got my rugs. I even called them bc the site says that your order should ship within 1-2 days. The guy acted a littel wierd about it so I dont know that I will be getting mine!! =(

  • My rug came on friday with no free rug. Then saturday i got my free rug but they sent me an identical rug to the one i ordered. Win/win i suppose. I too didn’t use a real credit card number.