How To Use Ebates!

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I get questions about Ebates quite a bit so I thought that I would share with you how it works.  The questions are, “How do you get your cash back from Ebates?”  “Does Ebates give you a credit to something?” “Do I have to choose from a list of prizes?” “Do I have to submit a rebate form”.

Well let me show you how it works from my own example.  Do you remember the Old Navy/Piperlime orders some of you, including me, jumped on earlier in the week?  Well, look at what was in my email.  A thank you from Ebates and my $4.62 credit already hit my Ebates account. $4.62 for doing nothing more then clicking a link.  That’s it, that’s all I did.  First I went to Ebates (I am already registered so if you are not, you will have to register first), searched Old Navy, clicked “Shop Now”, placed an order with Old Navy and bam, $4.62 is in my account 48 hours later.  No rebate forms to fill out.  Nothing.  Just a click.

Now how do I get my money?  The money sits in my Ebates account and every quarter they  deposit the cash into your paypal account.  Or you can choose to have a check sent to you.  But it’s cash, not a credit and you don’t have to choose something from a list of prizes.  It’s just cash.  Regular cash.

So, if you are going to buy something online, you must check these cash back sites first.  Not only do they offer discount codes and free shipping codes, but you get a percentage of the transaction back.  Why buy something without going through Ebates or Shop at Home first?  Seriously, it’s like free money.  Not doing it is almost like buying toothpaste without a coupon.  Who does that?!

So, next time you are buying something online, be sure to check Ebates or Shop at Home for their cash back rates for the site you will be shopping on.