Target: Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Beginner’s Set Only $12.50!

Update:  Okay, it appears that the Early Engineers Line is different then the Beginners Line.  Who Knew!  Well, actually you guys did so thanks for the heads up.  I have to brush up on my Thomas lines.  Its been many years since I’ve bought Thomas.  So, I apologize, but you can’t use the $10 off coupon with this.  So, this set is $12.50 and not $2.50. Thanks everyone for the heads up!

Here is an awesome deal where you can get the Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Beginner’s Set for only $2.50.  That is an unbelievable price.  You will need one of the new Target Toy Coupons I just posted about.  Or, you can also get the coupon from the Target Toy Coupon Book if you received it.  If you didn’t you can also check at your store to see if they have them there.   You will also need a coupon fro the November issue of Parenting: The Early Years. Here is the deal:

Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway Beginner’s set $24.99
50% off Thomas Target printable coupon or from the Target Toy Coupon Book
-$10/1 Thomas coupon from the November issue of Parenting: The Early Years (sorry guys this is for the Early Engineers Line which apparently is different then the Beginners line.)
Final Price: $2.50 $12.50

(Thanks totallytarget!)

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  • Melinda

    Oh great deal! I wish I had that $10 coupon. Maybe I can find that magazine somewhere.

    • Kristin

      I’m going to be checking at my dr’s office 🙂

  • erika

    This is what was said at another site “coupon from the November Parenting:Early years says it’s $10 off the Thomas & Friends Early Engineers Line only, which is made for toddlers and the Target coupon is for the Wooden Railway Beginner’s Set not part of the Early Engineers line”.

  • Karen

    I found the coupon in the magazine….it seems to be for the early engineers Thomas. Are those tracks and trains different then the original wooden ones? Can I use the coupon on the original wooden playsets instead? BTW…thank you for this post! We are making our own train table for our boys this year, $2.50 for extra track is GREAT!

  • Kristine Twardy-Todd

    Man I wish I got this magazine, I got parenting school years, not early years 🙁

  • Cindy

    Sorry, guys, I’ve updated the post. I would have never thought the Early Engineers Line was different then the Beginners line. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Susan C. in NY

    It’s hard to keep up with the marketing machines at these various toy makers. They are always coming up with something new or just slightly different to buy. My almost 3 year old DS is obsessed with Thomas. I recently went to the website and printed the list of engines–there are over 90 of them (and he knows about 85 of them–though we certainly don’t own that many–and probably never will :-)).

  • bcm

    I ran to the store when I saw this and it actually worked. I got the whole train set for $2.50!! Thanks!

  • Karen

    I went today to try my luck and it worked!!! $2.50 what a great way to save on Christmas presents!

  • Dionna

    It worked for me! I got an even better deal!! I went to Target today which it is on sale for 22.99. the cashier took 11.99 off and then the $10 off coupon. So I got it for a $1!!!!! If you have a cashier that isn’t good with math (I am not good either) then you can ger a great deal!!!