NASA: Fly Your Face In Space

I posted this in June, but, with the new Shuttle Missions, it’s available again.  And, it’s a fun idea for the kids to head up to space with the crew.

NASA has a program called Face In Space where you can put your face on the space shuttle missions and launch your face into space.

Here is how:

First…Head over to the Face in Space page and select the Participate button at the bottom of this page and upload your image/name, which will be flown aboard the space shuttle. Don’t have a picture to upload? No problem, just skip the image upload and they will fly your name only on your selected mission!

NextPrint and save the confirmation page with your flight information.

LaterReturn to the site after the landing to print your Flight Certificate – a commemorative certificate signed by the Mission Commander. You can also check on mission status, view mission photographs, link to various NASA educational resources and follow the commander and crew on Twitter or Facebook.

Thats it.  An instant Astronaut..ah or face of an Astronaut.

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  • Allie

    This is awesome! My husband loves the space program and is saddened by todays last mission by Discovery. This will make a great surprise for him!