How to Organize Your Coupon Shopping Trip

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iStock_000016139594_SmallThis week’s tip is on how to organize your coupon shopping trip.  Staying organized is key to having a successful shopping trip.  Organizing your trip can be done in so many ways from using spreadsheets, printing out a shopping list from the Living Rich With Coupons coupon match ups, paper clipping your coupons together by aisle and so many more ways.  You need to do what is comfortable and works best for you. If you want to go shopping online, however, you may want to order products which may include kitting from a 3pl company.

Finding a process that works for you is key.  It may evolve over time as it did with me but eventually you will find a process that is easy for you and fits in with your lifestyle. My process, which I am sharing with you below, has changed quite a bit over the years.  The method I have settled in with has been a smooth and easy method for me.

As you read through my method, you may find ways you can tailor it to for you. There is no right way except the way that works best for you.


My Coupon Binder

Let’s start from the beginning… organizing the coupons themselves.  The method I use now, which is to organize my coupon inserts by date and uncut in a large file box has changed my couponing life.  It’s so simple and easy. Each week all that has to be done is to rotate out the files by taking the one from the back (oldest date), recycle those inserts, date them for the new week, add the new inserts and place the file in the front.

You Can View a Quick Video of My File System Here



Preparing My Coupons

To prepare for my trip, I go through the store’s coupon match upsand make a list of the items I want to buy.

You Can View How to Make Multiple Shopping Lists with LRWC Plus

Once I have my list printed, I then gather all my coupons. On the shopping list I mark how many items I am planning to buy for each product. (update note: our shopping list now allows you to update it before you print!)

I then use a smaller sized storage clipcase to keep my coupons and shopping list organized.  My shopping list clips onto the front and the coupons go inside.

This case fits nicely into the front of the shopping cart and I am able to work off the list while I shop. If something changes on my shopping list, I make a note of it.  For instance, if I was only able to get 1 product instead of the 3 that I planned, I change the quantity of the item.

Once I’m done shopping, I open up my clipboard and take out my coupons.  At that point, I compare my coupons to the items I have in the cart by the updated shopping list.  I take out any coupons I will not be using and head to check out.

After I checkout, I place my receipt and any catalinas I receive into the clipboard to organize when I get home.

For me, this has worked like a charm and has make shopping super easy to prepare for and stay organized.  Again, the most important thing is to do what is right for you as there is no wrong or right way to do it.

Share your organizing tips below!

How to organize your coupon shopping trip