My Extreme Couponing Shopping Trip: Stop & Shop

My Extreme Couponing Stop & Shop Trip

Once I realized how great the Dairy Instant Savings deal was at Stop & Shop, I had to take advantage of it.  I have a bunch of coupons that I had been printing and saving so I decided this deal was the best for the coupons that I have.  I’ll be doing this deal or one similar to it a couple of times this week.

Here is what I did:

1 8th Continent Soymilk $2.50
2 Smart Balance Milk $2.50 each
4 Oikos Greek Yogurt $1.25 each
-(1)$2/1 8th Continent Soymilk
-(2)$0.75/1 Smart Balance Milk
-(2)$0.50/2 Oikos Yogurt
-$5 Instant Savings
Paid: $0.50 for everything

Yes, I did do a happy dance! 🙂

Make sure you check out all the items in the Stop & Shop Dairy Instant Savings deal as well as other deal idea.  The rest of the Stop & Shop match ups will be up shortly.

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  • Pam

    Hmmm when I read the flier last night I thought it said maximum one time deal so I figured it would somehow track it in your S&S card. Is this really 1-time per transaction???

  • Lori

    I was looking at this today also when I realized there would be daminals coupons in Sundays paper. What if I did 4 daminals yogurt, 3 daminals drink, then used (7) $1/1..since they would be 4 like and 3 like coups. Should work right?

  • Anonymous

    Can you school me in on the Smart Balance milk…what is the difference b/t “regular” milk, or is that just the brand name?

    • Anonymous

      It tastes like regular milk, but it’s fat free. Plus, some offer additional things that regular milk doesn’t ie. omega 3’s, lactose free, etc all skim milk but taste like 2% or more. Our family LOVES it.

    • Anonymous

      Also no hormones. It is really good and has a rich taste like 2% milk. We always drink it when we can find it on sale w/ a coupon!

  • maria

    Smart Balance is really very good! I tried it in Florida when I was able to do all the Publix deals. Honestly the milk tastes like any other milk Ive had. I always drink skim milk anyway

  • Quiana

    My family and I really enjoy Smart Balance milk. It really does taste just like 2% like the box says. I can’t wait to get to Giant (we don’t have stop & shop in the Philadelphia area) to do this deal!!!

  • Diana

    WOW that deal is so great, I may just take up drinking soy milk and eating Greek yogurt! Nice! 🙂

  • merle

    I just did it too but couldn’t find enough oikos coupons! it only let me print 2 of them….I bought 1 egglands’ best, which it didn’t double the .35 coupon and 2 dannon crush ($1/2) and 4 oikos….so not as good as yours! I’m also curious if it’s one time per customer

  • maria

    What size oikos? Im hoping its the 5.3 oz? Those are the only ones I could print enough times


    Wow…love this deal! Thank you so much for posting! Gonna need to get some cereal for all the milk!

  • Michelle

    Just got back from Stop & Shop and I gotta tell you I am pretty pleased. Got 2 8th Continent Soy milks with 2-$2 Q, 1 Smart Balance milk with .75 Q doubled, and 4 Oikos yogurts with 1-$1/2 Q and 1-.50/2 Q doubled, after the $5 savings, it was all FREE! Plus, the Goldfish crackers are $1.60, so with the .35 Q, they are .90! Not bad! Oh, and a lot of stuff did not have the advertised price on the shelf, I used the little scan-it-yourself thingy as I was shopping, and all prices came up as advertised. No worrying until I got to the register! Nice!

    • merle

      wow, my gold fish were $2.39 and came out to $1.60 on sale! wish I lived near you!!

  • Anita

    As soon as I read this post, I gathered my coupons and headed to S&S….I took advantage of the Smart Balance/Stonyfield yogurt offer as well as the Pepperridgefarm, Purex, Sudden Salad, and Knorrs sales (with coupons, of course) and walked away with $53.00 worth of items, for only $18 and change…I was so happy!!
    I Must say, I HATED food shopping, until I discovered couponing (only wish I had sooner) I think of it as a game and love shopping!! Thanks to all who post their wonderful hints, stories, and deals!! Love it!

  • Jasper

    How do you get the $2 8th Continent coupon? I’ve registered at that website twice and never saw a link to the coupon, nor got an email.

    • shelley

      Yeah, I have the same question.

      • M

        Try to check your junk/spam folder, that is where mine ended up. Hope that helps! ..and thanks for the deals!

    • shelley

      Jasper, check your email. I just found the coupon in my spam folder titled as “Nice Job Mom, We Rock! – 8Th Continent”.

      • Jasper

        Oh thanks. I must have deleted this by accident when I signed up a few weeks ago. Got it now with a different email.

  • Anonymous

    wow, I’m going to try this on my way home.
    I just registered for the 8th Continent Soy Milk $2 coupon, buy I didn’t find any place where I can print the coupon after registration. Anybody has a clue?

  • Jenn

    The 8th Continent Soy Milk coupon will not print, it states that I have already printed this coupon, although I have not. =(

  • Jennifer

    Please note: The Save .50/2 5.3 oz Oikos Organic Greek Yogurts specifically say “Not subject to doubling” at the very end of the “Retailer” print. Thanks!

    • Cindy

      Jennifer, it’s a DND5 coupon which simply means that it is up to the retailer if they choose to not double or not. If your store doubles and they have no issues with the DND then it will double with no problem. It will not double if the cashier/store prevents it from doubling.

  • Arielle

    This is great! I usually buy soy and almond milks now; not only do they usually have coupons available to make them comparably priced to dairy milk, but they last longer. When you’re only one person in a household buying milk that’s necessary!

  • Anita

    Cindy had posted a link to this a few weeks ago, and some of us were able to print the coupons off that link!

  • Carrie

    I signed up my 2 email addresses to the 8th continent site for the $2/1 coupon. I got the email with the link to the coupon in my yahoo account but not to my gmail account. Bizarre.

    • Jasper

      Yea I don’t think I ever got it at my gmail account, either. Had to sign up again with a different email.

  • MScoupon

    This deal is awesome. The size on the oikos is 5.3 oz. I bought 4 of the oikos, 3 smart balance lactose free milks for $1 I also found though that they had St. Ive’s Body Wash (100% all natural) for 2 for $4 and had 2 75c coupons. So all in all, I bought 4 oikos, 3 smartbalance, and 2 bodywash for a total of $2.

    Thank you so much for sharing this deal!!

  • Donna

    Could someone let me know if I can freeze the milk? I buy the lactose free one for my grandson, and I would love to stock up while the price is so low. Thanks!

  • Jennifer

    This is such a fantastic deal!! Thanks, Cindy!! 🙂 I did the 1st deal:

    (2) 8th Continent Soymilk – $2.50 each
    (3) Smart Balance Soymilk – $2.50 each
    (2) Oikos Greek Yogurt – $1.25 each
    -(2)$2/1 8th Continent Coupon
    -(3)$0.75/1 Smart Balance Coupon
    -(1)$1/2 Oikos Coupon

    It actually comes out to $.50, not free, but still an AMAZING deal!!

  • Jennifer

    Also, FYI, the (2) 8th Continent Soymilk coupons wouldn’t scan at first, so the cashier asked the manger, and he said they’re copied coupons when I would never even do something like that! I told the manager that I just printed them from my computer, and he hesitantly punched in the #’s at the register for the coupon to go through. Not sure why they wouldn’t scan, but the Oikos yogurt one did.

    Anyway, this was a GREAT shopping trip despite the coupon confusion.

  • juli



    • Cindy

      Check your receipt. The $5 is an instant savings. You do not get a $5 catalina. This comes off right away at checkout. Also, you can look right on the back of your circular, it’s listed there.

      • juliA




        • nataliya

          Hi i had the same problem but customer service give me 5 dollars back

  • Margaret

    I went to my local stop & shop and did the same exact deal and the $5 instant savings did not come off my receipt. I went to the courtesy counter and they just handed me $5 when I showed them the circular. strange.

    • IK

      I wonder if anybody here uses ave Y in Brooklyn Stop and Shop . Today was my 3rd visit in as many days to that store – never once did they have the item for the dairy deal… I saw the same measly 2 (!) cups of Oikos yogurt on the shelf as I did yesterday… And of course they would not give you a raincheck for the $5 off the 7 items…Anybody here had a similar experience? or uses the same location?

  • Victoria

    Nice work!!!!

  • mom

    I bought one 8th continent and 2 smart balance with 4 yogurt.
    Did self checkout but all coupon worked no problem and deducted $5.00 from total.

    My S& S does Italian Bread sale $0.99 for every Friday (rest of the time is $1.99), so I picked one and re usable bag deduction of $0.05 brought total of $1.44!

    I think I got last smart balance milk and yogurt tonight. I was surprised
    to see empty shelf there.

  • esma

    A lot of these coupons you can’t print unless you have multiple computers in your house that are attached to a printer. So I tried to do this deal and started printing coupons but it didn’t work out 🙁

  • kristen

    i did this deal today had no problems at all. i did the self check-out and paid 50 cents 🙂 Am also curious if we’ll be able to do this deal more than once this week, since the expiration dates on the milk are the end of july i’d like to do it 1 or 2 more times.

    • Anita

      I did the deal twice already and plan to do it as many times as I can. Love the Smart Balance Milk as it has a longer shelf.

      • Kristen

        AWESOME! Thank you 🙂 My husband pointed out that since I did self check out I should have just done all my transactions while I was already there…oh well. I’ll go back during the week, they were low on the smart balance milk so hopefully they get more in!

  • Rachel

    I did the dairy deal but the 5.00 instant savings didn’t come off…I went to Customer service and she gave me 5.00$ back.

  • Carrie

    I LOVE this deal!! I have a ton of the Smart Balance coupons and Sargento coupons (ricotta cheese and mozz are included in the special deal too). Does anyone know if the mozzarella cheese can freeze? I love making homemade pizza on the grill during the summer months and this would be a great score for the cheese!!!

    • Cindy

      Yep it freezes. I freeze it all the time

      • Carrie

        That is fantastic!! I have a bunch of $1/1 for the block mozz cheese and several $1/1 for the fresh mozz cheese!!! It’ll be pizza night every friday for a while!!

      • Patricia

        Hi Cindy,
        thanks for the match ups!! I never try stop and shop until now!!
        got a question of the q’ I print from the smart balance website read .75 off of any grocery smart balance item..and had the picture of oil and peannut butter…if it said any an I get more milk?
        thank you in advance and happy shopping everyone 🙂

        • Anita

          I used this same coupon for the milk…at first the cashier was questioning me, but once I showed her it said ANY, she was fine. I think too many times the cashiers go by the pictures and not the actual print. I have, however, noticed in our area the cashiers are beginning to inspect every coupon BEFORE the transaction happens. The one told me they check the price, expiration, the quantities, the source (web site), as well as the limitations. I am thinking this strict scrutiny may be due to the popularity of the TLC show.

          • Anonymous

            thank you Anita 🙂
            now hopefully they will have plenty stock up! and I heard you about the scrutiny of the q’s Im being a couponning for a year now and I still feel all nervous and sweet everytime im going to the register 😉 but lately some of them make me feel like I really doing something wrong 🙁 but I just let it go!! smiling and being polite!! 😀

            • Alicia

              Anita, did the grocery coupon beep for the milk? Just curious since I want to do self checkout!

              • Pam

                I was wondering exactly the same thing!
                I’m taking another trip to S&S today and was hoping to use those grocery coupons.

              • Anita

                No beeping involved…I listen carefully…:-)
                I have about 4 more coupons I want to use again…my hubby is already laughing at me because we have 4 gallons worth of Smart Balance already in fridge. But because the shelf life is long, its a shame not to stock up.
                I am tempted to freeze some, but not sure how they freeze/thaw…any thoughts from anyone?

            • Anita

              I, too, get nervous alot, but I try to pick the cashier who seems friendly with the current customer or one that I have had previously…then I make friendly small talk…hubby says I am good at that. But with each successful transaction, I feel more confident. I try not to let an unfriendly cashier or a botched sale ruin my day. When I encounter that, I just think of all the money I save otherwise and that seems to get me back on track. Twice this week, I had cashiers compliment me on my savings and it’s ONLY Tuesday afternoon.

  • Lisa

    I did this deal twice because I had a bunch of coupons. Each time I purchased 3 Milks and 4 yogurts and paid $1! I felt like I just won the lottery.

    FYI – The Living Rich coupon book at shoprite has a coupon for $1 off of 2 of the greek yogurts if you need more coupons (they are manufacturer coupons so they can be used at any store). The Shoprite in Ramsey has them at the door.

  • Alicia

    Not sure if someone mentioned this already but the 6/5 SS or RP (can’t remember) in CT has 1.50 off Smart balance milk in it!

  • Meredith

    Can you get 7 of the same item?

    • Alicia

      Yes, but you have to have different coupons since it’s a limit of 4 like coupons (at least at my store).

  • Meredith

    anyone know if this one is still on?

    • Donna

      I have been going over and over again this week to stock up on this sale at Stop and Shop. I believe that the sale is on until 6/23 by the signs listed. I did freeze the milk, not sure how it will be, but it was only 28 cents each, so I thought I would chance it. It may work in well in milkshakes this summer 🙂

  • Nicole

    I just tried this in CT and it did not work for me. 🙁 I bought 4 smart balance milk, 1 soy milk, and 2 Oikos.

    • Cindy

      This ended on Thursday

      • melanie

        Quick question re: doubling q’s at Stop and Shop? I read in their store policy that they do this, however when I took all of my MF coupons from sunday paper to the store…only one doubled? None of the coupons said that they could not be doubled? When I asked about it, the cashier said that the register does it automatically and there was nothing she could do about it not doubling. Any ideas?