Walgreens: Gillette Double Dip

Walgreens: Gillette Double Dip

There is a double dip on the Gillette Buy $30 Get $10 Register Reward and the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor. The razor is working on both Register Reward deals. Here is a deal you can do to take advantage of both:

Buy 1 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor $9.89
Buy 2 Gillette Deodorant $5.49 each
Buy 2 Gillette Body Wash $4.99 each
Total: $30.85
-(1)$4/1 Gillette Fusion ProGlide from the 6/5 PG Insert
-(1)BOGO Free Gillette Deodorant from the 5/15 RP Insert (only $4.99 will deduct)**
-(1)BOGO Free Gilette Body Wash from the 6/5 PG Insert
Pay: $16.78
Get a $10 RR (Gillette)
Get a $5 RR (Razor)
$1.78 for all after coupons & RRs

Note: You can not use a dollar off coupon with the BOGO coupons as the BOGO coupons are coded with a “14” which means they will attach to both for the items and any additional coupons will beep. You can read more about how How to use BOGO Coupons.

**Thanks Pam & Ueen for the heads up on this coupon max!

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  • ueen

    Lol. I thought I am done with Wags for the day. I guess not. 🙂 Heading back for this awesome double dip 🙂

  • Carley

    I wish I could take advantage of this but my wags is totally out of everything!

  • Corianna Simon

    Went to Walgreen’s at 8:10 am this morning (they open at 8) especially excited about this Gillette double dip and the shelves were bare. There wasn’t a single body wash or razor left and only two deodorants. I suspect most of it was gone from the last Gillette deal but that was at least 2 weeks ago. The cashiers at my store have told me that the manager is terrible at keeping the shelves stocked and when I looked in my basket today with only 3 cans of tuna I noticed a set of keys. When I brought them to the front my cashier told me that they were in fact the manager’s key. Guess he’s got a lot on his plate.

    • jill b

      lol, OMG wow. I think you should find a new wags or call the number on your receipt. It does sound like hes got a lot on his plate but he should put his job first, or find a new one.

    • H

      Corianna I would had call the manager and gave him a piece of my mind if I was in your shoes. I would had also call the 800 number. Tired of management not doing there job and then we pay for it. It is the same way in my local Pathmark until I call there 800 number.

  • lisa

    I have to wonder if the managers pull items from the shelves. If you get there when they open there should be some stock. It is crazy that corporate wouldn’t want them to have the items in the ad on the starting date.

  • C

    Thank you for your scenario on how to correctly use coupons in the Gillette deal! I appreciate that your blog follows the rules for the coupons and still finds great deals!

  • Keith Malloy

    Am I understanding correctly that the ECB print based on the pre-coupon prices?

    • ueen

      Yes. The RR prints based on the pre-coupon prices.

      • angie

        just started couponing…. so i’m a novice ! i had a all the coupons and was so excited about this deal!
        well theres was a problem at the register because the cashier said RR was applied after the total and coupons were applied??? long story short~ manager comes & says the same thing that it had to be the total after my coupon savings…. what a letdown

        • Cindy

          Angie, sorry to tell you that they gave you the wrong info. I’m not sure why that even came up. Did it print and they took it away from you? If you had done the deal, and your prices were exactly what I had posted, your register reward would print automatically. The cashier does not have to do anything but ring you up and take your coupons and your money. The machine will just automatically print it out.

          • April

            The lady in front of me at Walgreen’s today tried this deal. Her total was just less than $31.00 before coupons. After the coupons were applied, her total was substantially less than $30.00. The $10 RRs did not print. The cashier called the Manager. He explained the RRs would only print if the total AFTER coupons and RRs was $30.00. Even the cashier disagreed with the Manager, but he stated this was the policy and the reason the RRs did not print. He also stated this was corporate wide. So, I’m confused as how some people are getting this to work and not others. I was glad I wasn’t planning to do this deal today. This is not something specifically stated in their Coupon Policy – at least, not that I recall.

            • Krista

              My RR didn’t print either! I was very upset and am going to make a trip back to another walgreens to return and try and re-purchase, problem is, now I don’t have my B1G1 coupons! Ugh! What a let down!
              Not to mention that I purchased 2 All laundry detergents for the 2/$7 deal and used a .75 coupon, they charged me full price of 4.99 each instead of 2/$7.
              I was not a happy Walgreens shopper today!

              • ueen

                Krista, look at Pam’s posting. Could it be because your store had the deodorant for 4.99 and not 5.49?

                • Eileen

                  My register rewards didn’t print either. I asked to see the manager and she returned everything and did it again, entered something (not sure) into the computer…maybe a price adjustment….but then the rewards printed out. She was very nice and accomadating. She too said sometimes the computer won’t print out the RR if the total after coupons doesn’t meet the requirement.

                  • florence b

                    Hi,I know that the price doesn’t have to be $30.00 after coupons because I did the tide deal this the ad said spend 10.00 worth of tide and get $3.00 RR. Well I got 3 tide stain release ,on sale $3.99 each
                    used 3 $3/1 tide stain release which left me at $2.97 after coupons and still got the $3.00 RR and got them free.

            • Yes, it happened the same to me and manager said the same thing.

  • Pam

    Be careful!! Well I was so excited as soon as I read this deal that I ran to my Walgreens. I bought exactly what is listed above but I didn’t realize that my Wags had the deodorant on sale for $4.99!! I meaning that I had $29.84 for purchases so I didn’t get the $10 RR. The poor manager had to void the whole thing and I bought an extra shaving gel for $3.50 (didn’t have the coupon for the gel with me!) so then I did get both deals.
    After lunch I was still so excited about this deal that I went to the other Walgreens near me and did the deal the right way so it came out to $32.35 before coupons and $17.37 oop with $15 in RR. Still a very good deal for everything I got. There might be a better combination…

    FYI, both my Walgreens were stocked OK. I grabbed the last 2 body wash from the first one but it had plenty of deodorants left and the other one had a handful left of each and a good number of razors too.

    • Ueen

      The better combo is what Cindy posted. We will just have to look for a gilette deodorant that is priced at 5.49. The gillette gel are 5.49 and gillette odor shield is priced at 4.99 at my walgreens.

      The Gilette Fusion Proglide Smooth Comfort Pack also produced the $5.00 RR. The comfort pack has the following:
      1 razor

      • ueen

        1 cartridge
        1 battery
        1 shave gel net wt 2.5 oz
        1 cooling lotion 0.5 fl oz
        1 thermal scrub 0.7 fl oz

      • Pam

        True but the B1G1 is up to $4.99 so it won’t cover the last $.50, still better tho.

        • Ueen

          Ohh, I actually modified Cindy’s deal just a lil bit. I did the following:
          1 pro glide combo pack – 9.89
          2 body wash – 4.99 each
          2 deodorant – 4.99 and 5.49
          Total 30.35
          Less : body wash q 4.99
          Less : deodorant q 4.99
          Less : razor q 4.00
          Probably Cindy just didnt notice that the deodorant q is only up to 4.99.

          • Pam

            True!!! I’m stopping at yet another Walgreens tomorrow after work and hopefully they have the $5.49 deodorant. Thankfully I have 3 different Walgreens that are very convenient for me so I can do a deal several times without clearing any shelves!
            Thanks for the description of your deal!

  • angie

    i’m a newbie and tried this deal at my walgreens today, only to be told by the cashier (and then the manager) that i could not get the RR because of my savings after the coupons were applied???? how disappointing!

  • Ueen

    Did you do the deal and the cashier kept the $10RR that the machine printed?

  • Amber

    I did the deal this afternoon at my WAGS. Plenty of stock for everything. The only difference was my deoderants were 4.99 so I bought a trial size Gillette shave gel. The cashier thought that both should have printed but the $10 RR didn’t. She called the manager over and he couldn’t figure it out either so he just printed one for me.

  • VAI

    Thanks cindy for your scenario …..I did the trax the way u putted out but my store had deodorants @ 5.79 each and i gave all the coupons to the manager and he ringed it up without saying anything to me …………i am so happy for this transaction ………..below is my scenario

    Buy 1 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor $9.89
    Buy 2 Gillette Deodorant $5.79 each
    Buy 2 Gillette Body Wash $4.99 each
    Total: $31.45

    I used 5 coupons :

    1 – $4.00/1 ProGlide Razor coupon from the 6/5PG
    1 – B1G1F Gillette Body Wash coupon from the 6/5PG(4.99)
    1 – $2.00/1 Gillette Body Wash coupon from the 5/15RP
    1 – B1G1F Gillette APDO coupon from the 5/15RP(5.79)
    1 – $1.00/1 Gillette APDO coupon from the 6/5PG

    Pay: $13.67
    Get a $10 RR (Gillette)
    Get a $5 RR (Razor)
    At the end of the receipt i did see


    Final after RR: $1.33 Moneymaker!

  • Lisa C

    1). Is going to discontinue the Gillette so having to work off of what is in their ware house as to the bodywash.

    2). The deod. even the one’s that are marked $5.49 (I checked sku’s) ringing up at 4.99. I bought the Shave gel 4.79 used $1/1 Q it uped the deal just a little but it produced both register rewards the $5 & $10 this is the gel n the orange can.

    3). Some sites are advertising that the way the Q is coded cannot use the $ off on deod. or bodywash u r buying. Did cashier push it thru or did it set off the bells & whistles??

    4). RAISIN BRAN Crunchy variety at CVS ringing up as $1.00 use .70/1 internet q = .30

  • Renee

    I didn’t get the $5 RR for the razor. I bought the razor @ $9.99 less $4.00 coupon, 2 body wash @ $4.99 each and 3 deodorants @ $4.99 each. Had BOGO for the body wash and the deodorant plus $1.00 coupon for the deodorant and a $1.00 off 2 bodywash. I did get the $10 RR but the cashier did not know why I didn’t get the $5. She said she will have the day manager call me.

    • Krista

      I didn’t get the $5 RR either and bought the same razor (manual) for 9.99. I also didn’t get the $10 RR for all the Gilette products I bought. Maybe one of my deodorants wasn’t the right one? either way – not happy with my wags shop today!

    • Kristi

      I to did this deal and left unhappy! I bought razor, 2 deodorants, 2 body washes, and 2 full size shave cream total before coupons $34.50 and received neither of the register rewards 🙁

  • Lisa H.

    Are the Cats rolling?

    • 0246

      no rolling with RRs. you need to look up the specific rules for RRs, they’re different than normal cats/ECB/+UPs.

  • Pots

    I am a newbie as well and tried this deal. Both the cashier and manager told me that it had to be $30 after coupons. I had even added another shave gel just in case. Then I heard the manager telling an employee afterwards that we customers dont understand the RR and that is causing confusion.
    From what was posted I thought I understood that it was the pre coupon price.

    • Ueen

      Ohhhh….I can’t help but share this. Last week when I purchased the Illy coffee I handed my $2 RR from my Ritz purchase. Before the cashier scanned my items, she told me this. “You are not getting the RR because you are using RR for this transaction.” My reply was, if the machine will print the RR, I am entitled to it, correct? She said, yes but it will not print. So I just said, that’s fine, we’ll just wait and see I guess.
      Of course the $2RR for Illy coffee printed because I used an RR from a different manufacturer. The cashier gave me the RR and said. Hmnnn, I know it doesn’t work every time. I just smiled and left.
      I hope that the manager who told his employee that we customers don’t understand is reading this. 🙂

  • Nahney

    Awesome deal can u take the $15 in RR and do the deal over again or is ther a limit on how many times u can do it?

  • Billie

    I also didn’t get the $10.00 RR manager at my store hates coupons and is not very helpful she said that the $30.00 is after the coupons are taken off . I told her that at other wags they are getting the $30.00 after using coupons and she said that its impossible there is no way they are getting the $10.00 RR after the coupons are taken off and walked away. not very happy with my wags…

  • I went to the local Wags today and tried to purchase 1 gillette proglide razor and 5 gillette body washes. I was looking to get the $10 RR for spending $30 in gillette products and $5 RR for the razor. I had 1 $4 off coupon for the razor and 2 BOGO body wash coupons. The total purchase was over $30, but the manager said that the razor was NOT part of the $30 RR reward program. She said that was a SEPERATE deal with just a $5 RR. BOO! I only got the razor, got my $5 RR, but did not purchase the body washes…

  • Obama

    Can i use register rewards to buy milk or other dairy product or there are limitations?