Rite Aid: JR Watkins Products Only $0.50

Rite Aid: JR Watkins Only $0.50

You may be able to score an awesome deal on JR Watkins products at Rite Aid.  They are usually priced at $4.99 and up but Rite Aid has them on sale this week for only $1.50.  Plus, many, many people have said that they have found $1 peelies on them making them only $0.50 each.

And, if you love finding tearpads, you might want to check your coupon stash.  I found $1.50/1 JR Watkins coupons in mine but I have no idea where I found them.

Here is your deal if you can find the peelies:

Buy JR Watkins Products $1.50 each
use $1/1 JR Watkins Coupon Peelies
$0.50 each after coupon

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Thanks southerncalisaver & Cindy (not me, different cindy 🙂 )

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  • Kerry

    Oooh! This is my favorite soap brand! Now I have to go back out to Rite Aid! Thanks! 🙂

  • Jamie

    I did this deal on Monday – the lotions are amazing! What a great deal, too!

  • Kerry

    I just got back from 2 different Rite Aids and neither one had any. I didn’t even see a spot for it. May I ask what aisle you found yours in? Maybe I was looking in the wrong place? 🙁

    • Victoria

      They have them where all the lotion and bodywashes are. Near “say yes to carrots” brand stuff and the fancier types of washes. HTH

  • Kerry

    Nevermind! Found them!!! Thanks for the deal alert!! 🙂

  • Jennifer K.

    I stopped at each of the 6 (that’s right – S I X) Rite Aids that are on my way to Target today. Got four products at each one. A-mazing deal! I now have a big chunk of my Christmas shopping done! All of the stores had TONS to choose from!

  • Jessica

    Kerry- I just checked 2 and couldn’t find it either- what aisle did you find it in?

    • Kerry

      It was by the Burts Bees stuff in the store I went to. I decided to call before I went back out and was lucky enough to find a very nice woman that worked there and she told me they had them so I zoomed over there. There were about 8 left. I took half so I didn’t clear the shelf! The lotions all had the peelies on them. The soaps didn’t, but that was fine by me. I threw in an UR that I had left. 🙂

  • Jennifer K.

    They were in the aisle with the bath stuff in my store. Not with the lotions. Hope that helps!

  • Jules

    I checked the closest Rite Aid and could not find the soap. I even asked the girl stocking product in that section and she said she had never heard of it. She said to check other stores. I plan to do fun little gift bags of products for my sisters for xmas…if I can find these they will be a perfect addition. 🙂

  • amyjk

    will rite aid give rainchecks for this deal? or can i price match the 2/$3 price at target? none of the rite aids around me have any left 🙁

    • Jody

      amyjk-My local Target will not price match anything that is priced using a store loyalty card. In the flyer this says “with wellness card.” I have heard others say their Targets do match these types of sale prices. I may try another RiteAid today and if they are out see if that Target will price match. I forgot to ask about a raincheck at RiteAid today!

  • tj

    I was so surprised to find tons if these at my Riteaid!

  • Anita M

    I just got back from 2 different riteaids and scored 10 hand soaps and 2 lotions. They had PLENTY there, so I did not make myself a shelf clearer. I, too, make up gift bags for christmas. These will be perfect. Thanks so much for the heads up!!

  • Wendy

    Thanks for the deal! Found 3 of them at my local Rite Aid with the peelies.

  • Sherri Stanzi

    I just found a heck of a deal atwalgreens on JR Watkins! If you buy either a vapor rub or a relief mist you get a FREE lip balm!