Free Tai Pei Frozen Entrees Coupon – First 20,000 – 3pm EST

Free Tai Pei Frozen Entrees Coupon – First 20,000 – 3pm EST

Today, 10/2, at 3pm EST, you may be able to score a coupon for a Free Sngle Serve package of Tai Pei Frozen Entrees (up to $4.00).

Free  Tai Pei Frozen Entrees Coupon

Just a heads up…The site states that the coupon will be good through 11/30/11 and you will receive it in 6-8 weeks from today.  Hmm, well, I’m just hoping they are quicker then they think with the delivery of the coupon because you may not have many days to use it.

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  • Anonymous

    Never heard of this brand until you posted a coupon for the 24 oz 2 weeks ago, making a bag for only $1.50. They are so delicious!!I wish I had printed more q’s then. After that great sale, I noticed that my SR raised it’s price from $5.99 to $6.99 so if I can get this for free, that would be awesome. Thank you Cindy.

  • Anonymous

    Just got one! Thanx for the heads up!

  • Kristyn S

    keeps saying there’s a software error…boo 🙁

    • Laurie M.

      Same here. 🙁

    • Ana

      same thing happening over here..:(

    • Anonymous

      I’m having the same problem 🙁

      • aimee

        Just keep hitting refresh. I had to do it like 10 times and make sure you check the number they ask you to submit because they will keep changing each time you hit refresh, that’s how I got mine.

    • Anonymous

      same here

  • margaret peters

    Love to try Tai Pei

  • mine says software error too 🙁

  • Lori

    Try again now….I was getting same error & I kept clicking & it finally worked!:) Thank you, Cindy!:)

  • marie

    software error

  • Robin B

    keeps telling me im too early

  • woo hoo keep trying i just mine!

    • oppps mean got mine…toooo excited about free food!

  • Cindy G

    I just got one! I was getting that ‘software’ error msg but just kept clicking enter until I got one. Keep trying!

  • Sandra

    Woohoo! got one! i kept getting error but kept refreshing, it saved my info i had to change the numbers a few times. thought something was wrong with my computer but it’s just the server.

  • marie

    Got it! Can’t wait to try it. Try again to register!

  • Vanessa

    YAY! Got one… took a while, but YAY FOR FREE!!!! Thanks for the heads up!!

  • jay jay

    hit REFRESH when it goes to the “too early” screen

  • Mary Jane

    I keep getting I’m too early !

  • Jody

    Thanks Cindy! I got mine with no problems 🙂

  • Renee

    Keep trying! I got it after about 13 minutes of trying! Thank you!


    I had trouble, but just kept clicking register, and after about the 11th time, it went through!! Thank you for the heads up about free dinner 🙂 🙂

  • Mary Jane

    Thanks Jay Jay I got it after hitting refresh key.

  • Jenn

    🙁 all gone!

  • wanda

    I just went to the site and it says sorry.You can get a$1.00 coupon for entree or single serve. ShopRite has them for $1.24 this week.

    • Patty

      a freebie would have been nice but I’d rather have a coupon in hand and pay 24 cents for the appetizers this week at ShopRite then wait for a single freebie in the mail. I allready got 2 of each kind of the entrees last week when they were 1.49 on sale and after coupon. Its all good.