New Beer Rebate: $20 on Groceries!

New Heineken Beer Rebate: $20 on Groceries

Here is another Beer Rebate! I thought this would be a good one to be on the lookout for. I don’t have much luck finding these but I know some of you have been able to find them.

It’s a $20 Rebate from Heineken with the purchase of at least $80.00 worth of groceries (excluding sales tax).   All you need to do is find the rebate form and if you live in the states listed below you don’t even need to purchase the beer.  The hardest part is finding the rebate form.  The items must be purchased between 11/1/11 and 1/3/12, postmarked by 1/17/12 and received by 1/31/12.  The items may be purchased on multiple receipts but they must be purchased on the same day.  You must submit the original cash register receipts with the prices circled, UPC codes if appropriate,  and the original rebate form.

Save $20 after Mail-In Rebate when you purchase at least $20 worth of groceries:

  • No Beer Purchase required in AL, AR, CT, HI, KY,ME, MO, NC, NJ, NY, UT and WV
  • Purchase of (2) 12-pack of Heineken, Heineken Light or Amstel Light or (1) Heineken Light DraughtKeg in other states
  • Expires 1/3/12
  • Purchase must exceed $80

Thanks Healthy Life Deals!

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  • EG

    How does this work that you don’t have to buy the beer in the certain states? I am not sure I understand how that works? I live in NY= so does that mean I just submit a grocery receipt for more than $80 (even without purchasing the items it says to buy) and I will get a $20 rebate? Thanks for clarifying!

    • Sonya

      Yes. I live in KY and that’s exactly what you do. Just be sure the purchase amount EXCEEDS the necessary spending amount. The fine print will usually say something “spend $80.01 or more in groceries if you live in KY, HI, …”.

  • Anonymous

    I found similar rebate Heineken $15 MIR for Holiday Decorations in CVS.

    Some Details:

    Get Up To $15 by mail with the purchase of at least $20.01 worth (bulbs, lights, trees) of Holiday Decoration

    AL, AR, CT, HI, KY, ME, MO, NC, NJ, NY, UT, and WV
    AK, AZ, CA, CO, DC, DE, FL, GA, IA, ID, IL, KS, LA, MA, MD, MI, MN, MS, MT, ND, NE, NH, NM, NV, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD ,TN, VA, VT, WA, WI and WY
    Get $15 when you purchase $20.01 worth of Holiday Decoration (bulbs,lights, trees) and One (1) 12-packs (or the equivalent or larger) of Heineken or Heineken Light, Amstel Light

    Does anybody know if other decorations than lights, bulbs, trees can be purchased?

    Thank you.

    • Anonymous

      I am also interested, do you think it is just an example- bulbs, trees and any decorations would qualify? Thanks.

    • Sonya

      Try calling the company. They can usually answer those questions.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you,
        Do you happen to know the number? Do I just Google Heineken phone #?

  • Mary

    Where do you find these, I went to all the big liquor stores and no one has them.

    • Chia


      • Sonya

        That’s why noone can ever find them in the store – tear pad theives.

        • Katie Coupon

          It’s actually because 99% of Liquor Stores in the ‘no beer purchase required’ states would never display a rebate like that. They are only in the business of displaying the rebates that you need to buy the beer for. If you live in a NBPR state, you will be hard pressed to find that rebate for free in a store.

        • user


    • Anonymous

      I got mine in CVS near beer, there was a stand made out of paper.

    • Melissa

      Like Chia said, they are on eBay. I just bought 2 for $2.49 with shipping – not bad for $40 back on groceries I already bought!

      • Jenn

        I also bought 2/$2 on Ebay a few days ago. Rebate is limited to one per household/address so will send one to a relative’s home.

  • So this is $80 WORTH of groceries, or $80 spent OOP? If it’s before coupons, I can pull it off, but I never spend $80 OOP on groceries anymore.

    • Cindy

      $80 before coupons. At least that is what I have done in the past. You just circle the items on your receipt

      • Thank you! Off to eBay!

      • Jenn

        I’m in NJ and I’m going to try just circling them. The details on the form are not that clear so I’m not sure what is required. If I have to send all the UPC’s with the rebate, forget it.

    • Lady J

      I bought 2 huge boxes of diapers (economy size) the other day and a cart full of groceries and my whole bill didn’t even come to $80 when the retail price of the diapers alone was more than $80.

  • Eileen

    You know, I saw this in the store tonight & breezed by it because I assumed it was a rebate for beer. I guess I will be going back tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up!
    (You know what they say about assume. . .)

  • Katie Coupon

    When doing these style rebates, please be sure to read all the fine print. I had one in the summer (from Hieneken) that stated you had to submit all the UPC codes of all the products you bought along with the original cash register receipt and all $80 worth of groceries had to be purchased on the same day. Most do not say that, but some do.

  • crystal c

    I found tear pads in walgreens and riteaid on the frozen food freezers. upstate NY

    • crystal c

      For the holiday decor rebate.

      • Anonymous

        What Are you getting just trees and lights? Thank you.

      • Cat

        Crystal did you notice on the rebate the remit address states Walgreens rebate offer. This is on a rebate found at Walgreens for the holiday decor. Did the one at Riteaid state this. I bought a ton of lights at Kmart and was hoping to use the rebate but now I am thinking I had to buy the decorations from Walgreens. I live in NY and don’t have to buy the beer.

  • Anonymous

    does the total of the groceries need to be more than $80 after all discounts. I had a bill for almost $200 yesterday, but the final outcome wasn’t over $80. Do you think that would count?

    • chris

      It will be after discounts and exclude certain items. Lottery,Gas,Cig’s,ect. I’m looking for one now and will try to post all the restrictions. Some of the
      E-bay sellers are listing the restrictions. Total purchase price $80.01 Not valid on the above mentioned items.

  • Lori

    Assuming they all weren’t taken already, where could I find this? (I already know about ebay) Are they usually found in liquor stores? I live in NJ. TIA

  • Leah Harwell

    Could you please post a copy of the back of the rebate form or post the rebate address and requiremnets?

    Thank you!

  • Rose

    I live in Connecticut and found a rebate but is is for $2.00 when you buy a 12 pack. It was in Stop and Shop. Haven’t found the $20.00 rebate yet.

  • Cat

    I found a rebate tonight at stop n shop. It is for a 10 dollar rebate with the purchase of 50 dollars or more in gift cards between 11/1/11 and 1/8/12. It says right on the front of rebate no beer purchase required must be 21 years or older to participate. It is from Coors beer products. On the back it says valid only in AL, AR, HI, KY, ME, MN, MO, NC, NY, UT, VA, or WV. I am using this with all the great gift certificate deals that have been going on. It is one per address/household.

  • chris

    Some Pathmarks (Middlesex NJ) and Shoprites (Hamilton NJ) have liquor stores attached or nearby. Try to google them. If you find them please let me know. I’m not opposed to buying them from E-bay but don’t like the fact that someone would take the whole tear off to sell. I will check my local PA. stores that sell beer and update a list if I find them.

  • chris

    This Heineken rebate is being called a Budweiser rebate, Is this a typo ? I don’t want to look for and try to use both Bud and Heineken rebates if it will cause an issue. Has anyone done this yet ?

  • RC

    I’d love to know if anyone in hartford, ct has done this. im assuming its $80 pre coupons? Thanks

  • Saphira

    I am trying to figure out if i need to send ALL upc from all the products i purchased. what about all the produce? there are no upc on produce of course. I am totally lost and wonder if there is a phone number to call and ask a question. anyone?

  • McG

    FOUND lots of rebate forms, got mine! Go to ebay and put in this number: 160700028782

    Yes ONLY food purchase required in some states!


  • Jenn

    I sent mine in December and just received a $20 rebate. All I did was fill out the rebate form and attached it to the cash register receipt. I got the rebate from Ebay for $1.

    • Cocoa Who

      What store did you put where you obtained the rebate? It asks for retailer name.

      • Laura C.

        I really want to know this answer too. Do you put “E-bay” and still receive the rebate? Has anyone tried that?

  • Harry

    I know this post is old, but this rebate is back again (15 Jan 2017) and I posted in SR weekly thread as well. Hope the link gets picked up and published.