Giveaway: TurboTax Software

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TurboTax “Home & Business” Software

Tax time is approaching and to help ease the process, Office Depot is offering to one of our readers a copy of TurboTax “Home & Business” software– the perfect solution for filing personal and business taxes.  This software offers step by step guidance for maximizing refunds and filing accurately.

TurboTax “Home & Business” software can be used on both a PC or a Mac.   Office Depot gives their customers the option of “Software Your Way,” which will also allow our giveaway winner the choice of having the software shipped or downloaded directly from the Office Depot website.

Here are the Official Giveaway Rules:

How to Enter:

  1. Leave a comment below letting us know if you are an early bird, last minute filer or somewhere in-between when you send in your tax returns.

You must supply a valid email address. Email addresses should be put in the private field and not in the public comment box.

  • All entries must be left in the comments of this site only. Facebook comments or emails will not count as a giveaway entry.
  • The giveaway ends on Saturday, January 28th at 10pm EST.  No entries will be counted after that time frame.
  • All entrants must be at least 18 years old and reside in the United States.
  • Winners will be chosen at random. Winners will be notified of the giveaway via email. Winners must respond with mailing address within 36 hours or another winner will be chosen.
  • Be sure to add ([email protected]) to your contacts or check your spam folders at the end of the giveaway.

A big thank you to Office Depot for providing this giveaway. 

346 thoughts on “Giveaway: TurboTax Software”

  1. Alison says:

    I try to be an early bird but am usually somwhere in the middle!!!

  2. Jenn says:

    I’m usually an early bird so I can plan the refund money sooner!

  3. Steph S. says:

    I’m an early bird! I’m always excited to get some money back 🙂

  4. Joe says:

    I’m an early bird. The sooner they are done, the sooner the refund comes back to plan the summer vacation. It’s a shame we can’t use coupon savings on our taxes. 🙂

  5. We are typically late filers because my husband co-owns a big band and we have to wait for some paper from the other co-owner, but this year we are going to file early and then amend once that other co-owners is done.

  6. Kimberly Attridge says:

    Want to be an early bird but have to wait for papers

  7. Jill Duellman says:

    We file as soon as we have all the paperwork!

  8. John Allison says:

    I am definitely an early bird! the sooner i get my money, the better! always waiting for those W-2 s haha!

  9. Michelle Eveland says:

    EARLY BIRD!!!! <3

  10. Elizabeth says:

    early bird!

  11. THERESA says:


  12. WJ says:

    Usually a last minute filer, but going to try to be an early bird this year

  13. Lynn says:

    Last minute, but a win would speed me up!

  14. Ann says:

    Always late! LOL

  15. Kristen says:

    Im kind of end between, I try to get it done early but then I never do!

  16. Charla says:

    I am an early bird…use the refund to pay real estate taxes, yippee.

  17. Josh says:

    I try to file early but that never seems to work with our schedules. So I end up filing during the last week.

  18. jennypenny says:

    I’m an early bird, but if I owe I wait until April to file 🙂

  19. Brittani says:

    I REALLY NEED THE BUSINESS PORTION! I started my business this year and will need all the help I can get! 😉 Help me out LRWC!

  20. Tina says:

    I usually am an early bird, but with the very long list of medical expenses for the kids and filing as a direct seller, I am not as early as I would like to be! 🙂

  21. glenda worst says:

    I am an in between filer.

  22. Kelly Allison says:

    early bird!!!!!

  23. DENISE says:

    My husband and I usually file as early as possible and make a “special” plan for the money BEFORE we get it so it doesn’t get spent frivolously. This year, because I lost my job during the holidays it will be more needed then fun-money so we will be filing immediately after we get the last of our documents.

  24. Terry says:

    Definitely an early bird!

  25. Ronnie says:

    I am an early bird and I still do them the old fashioned way.

  26. IvI says:

    Definitely an early bird because I tend to plan out what I want to buy with the money I get way before I am able to file the taxes 🙂

  27. Ted says:

    Definitely a late filer here.

  28. sherry says:

    I am always a late filer because I end up owining in. 🙁

  29. Leanne says:

    How awesome would it be to get back money iIdidn’t expect! Nice giveaway!

  30. jeanne gruver says:

    Definitely an early filer… I want to get my money back as soon as possible. 🙂

  31. Nancy says:

    Every year I try to be an early bird, but usually wind up somewhere in the middle!

  32. Diane says:

    Always barely on time. My nickname at work was “59, 59” since I was due at 8 am and I got in my seat at 7:59 and 59 seconds …. “but I’m not late” LOL…

  33. J Cantrell says:

    We are definitely early birds!

  34. staton angel says:

    I am sonewhere in between. I have my W2 but I havent recieved nearly all my tax documents and with kids it will take me a week at least to get it done!

  35. Doug says:

    Early bird!

  36. deidra says:

    I am somewhere in between with early bird intentions!

  37. Allison says:

    I am an early bird… I want to get back my return as quickly as possible!

  38. Allie says:

    Try to be early…usually in the middle. Last year we were barely on time1

  39. Leah says:

    I am the middle of the road-still waiting on paperwork as of today though! 🙂

  40. emily says:

    Definitely an early bird…the sooner I get my money, the better!!

  41. Michelle says:

    Last minute filer! We own a small business and have 2 kids so getting everything together for tax time takes every minute.

  42. Jenn says:

    I try to be an early bird but always seem to end up being a last minute filer.

  43. Julia says:

    def an early bird!!! please please please pick me!!!

  44. Gina Herberg says:

    always try to be an early bird, but end up last minute. then only because of my best friend (the accountant) is on my butt!

  45. carmen says:

    definetely a late filer. every year i saw this is the year i will do it early.

  46. Barb says:

    I am an early bird. The sooner I file, the sooner I get my refund!

  47. mm says:

    early bird…since my birthday is April 15!

  48. Alice says:

    I try to be an early bird, but always end up in the middle.

  49. Jessica says:

    We’re early preparers but since we usually owe $, we wait to the last minute to actually file so we keep the money in our hands longer 🙂

  50. Kathy Vetro says:

    I am going to be a late filer this year. We are going to owe so I am sending my return and $$$ as late as possible!

  51. Kellyann says:

    I’m an early bird!

  52. Aimee says:

    I am definitely an 11:59pm last day/minute tax filer.. Lol

  53. Maritza says:

    I’m a late filer. Hope to get a refund this year, as spring approaches and I can go out and buy flowers to plant in my garden.

  54. Rebecca S. says:

    I’m an early bird 🙂

  55. Karen says:

    I’m probably in the middle. It feels like forever until all of the paperwork comes!

    I think I should start doing my taxes by myself though so that I can save a few more dollars. I hear that these programs are really great! I would LOVE to win one!

  56. Be says:

    I am usually a last minute filer even if the returns are ready to go and I don’t owe any money. It’s a commitment thing.

  57. Marie says:

    I am an early bird. I work for an accounting firm and I get so angry at people that come flying in on April 14th and expect us to get it done! Not to vent but these are the same people that just throw all their stuff in a bag and bring it in. OK I am venting…..sorry! LOL

  58. Diane K. says:

    We are in betweener’s…. Cant quite get organized soon enough to get to the tax lady sooner. I would love not to have a “tax lady”

  59. Niki Zimmerman says:

    Should be a pretty early bird! Just waiting for 1 more form so I can file! I have used Turbo Tax for the past 5 years, and I love it!

  60. Yessenia Ortega says:

    I am a late bird but that does not mean I dont like Mon-ayyy!!! LOL 🙂

  61. michelle says:

    Eary bird!! That’s theone that catches the worm 😉
    LOVE Turbo Tax!! Awesome giveaway!!

  62. Joe says:

    Taxes are a forced savings account and I want my money ASAP; definitely an early bird!

  63. Rebecca says:

    Early tax filer here!

  64. courtney says:

    My family submits as soon as all the forms come in. Most of the time we get our refund back by mid Feb.

  65. stella says:

    i’m usually an early bird but this year, my w2 is late!

  66. Annie says:

    I’m a last minute filer because I’m always waiting on some forms that I don’t get until it’s close to the deadline.

  67. tracey says:

    I’m an early bird. As soon as I have all my tax forms it’s done.

  68. Jacqueline says:

    So last minute that we often file an extension

  69. Mike says:

    last-minute is my hyphenated middle name

  70. Deb says:

    Early bird for sure!

  71. bobbi says:

    i file as early as possible and send my payment in the first week of april.

  72. Paula says:

    Usually I am the last one filing midnight at the post office. Trying to turn over a new leaf this year – winning this giveaway would help – ALOT!!

  73. Jen D says:

    I am such an early bird! The quicker I get money back, the better!!

  74. Ana says:

    Early bird!!! I love Turbo Tax, I have been using them for the last 5 years or so.

  75. Mami2jcn says:

    I’d prefer to be an early bird but it’s usually not up to me. I’m still waiting for my bank to send tax statements!

  76. aleta says:

    I am a procrastinator so I usually wait till the very last minute!

  77. lori cooper says:

    we usually wait until the local college does taxes 4 free. we haven’t received our papers in the mail yet

  78. Kristin says:

    Definitely an early bird – I love the extra cash.

  79. Kim says:

    We are usually somewhere in the middle.

  80. Leila says:

    early bird…give me that refund! LOL

  81. Scott says:

    The first week of April is still early, right??!! With this software I would definately be a last week of March filer!

  82. An says:

    I am a last minute filer. But I always seem to do the taxes for the rest of the family first – so I may have a valid excuse!

  83. D.T says:

    interesting. can use.

  84. Lisa says:

    Late filer here! I procrastinate until the last minute – and do my taxes manually. Would love to try this!

  85. Robin says:

    somewhere in between – a rock and a hard place that it! ☺

  86. Laura says:

    I usually try to file early so we don’t have to wait so long for a refund.

  87. chris says:

    Early bird.

  88. Cathryn says:

    I am a somewhere-in-between filer. I try to remember to get my money back from the government.

  89. heather ballengee chandler says:

    Early bird, thank you.

  90. Jamie L says:

    I try to be a Early Bird!!!

  91. Liz says:

    Early Bird. As soon as I get all the paperwork, I file.

  92. Arianny says:

    We are always early birdies!!!

  93. Jennifer says:

    Try to be an early bird to see if I broke even. If I didn’t break even then I change my W-4.

  94. Geeta says:

    I’m a late filer…mainly because I have to wait until mid-March for my K-1 forms.

  95. Dee says:

    I always aim to be an early bird, but usually end up filing sometime in the middle of tax time.

  96. MK says:

    I’m usually in the middle, it’s generally dependent on when my get all of my paperwork (investments are slow to send them). Either way it’s always done before the due date although my husband stated that he wants his refund early this year 🙂

  97. Cheryl says:

    I am normally last minute, but would like to be an “Early Bird”

  98. Stacy says:

    We’re early birds!

  99. Mike Corbo says:

    I try and file as early as possible if I am getting a refund, as late as possible if I have to pay! Please enter me!

  100. Mike Corbo says:

    I try and file as early as possible if I am getting a refund, as late as possible if I have to pay! Please enter me!

  101. stacy says:

    We are in between my poor husband does all this while I just sign lol

  102. Lori says:

    Another early bird here!


  103. carol says:

    always a late filer, may get it prepared sooner but never file til last minute

  104. Karan says:

    Such an early bird, I’m ready now!!!

  105. Amy says:

    Normally an early bird, but I’ve been too busy to think about taxes.

  106. stephanie says:

    every year i try to be early and every year mine some how getting done in the middle, but i do my mothers and boyfriends aswell

  107. Cynthia Mack says:

    It all depends if I’m getting a refund then I’m a quick filer. If I have to pay then it’s down to the wire.

  108. Jeff Clark says:

    I am using somewhere in the middle

  109. Melanie says:

    I’m an early bird! Waiting for 1 more thing and I’m ready to get started! Can’t wait for the check to arrive so we can book our vacation to Disney!

  110. Dana F. says:

    I am an early bird! As soon as all the forms arrive in the mail we get it done.

  111. Lisa says:

    early bird here

  112. Chris says:

    In-between. Would love to be an early bird though.

  113. Sheila says:

    I like to do it as soon as I receive all necessary forms, so early bird.

  114. terri says:

    I try to be as early as possible but I always have to wait for my husband’s business accountant to get the company taxes done first.

  115. tanya rodrigues says:

    Always like to get it done ASAP.

  116. Melissa says:

    Always a late filer =) Haven’t even received my W2 yet……

  117. Farid says:

    last minute as always.

  118. Terry says:

    We are always late filers – maybe because we always have to pay!!!!!!

  119. Cyang says:

    Usually a late filer. :/

  120. Daniella says:

    I always find a way to get it done early, although I don’t stress over it too much. Probably because Turbo makes it so easy, and I usually want to see how much my return will be!

  121. katrina wachob says:

    We are usually a late filer but would love to become an early one! All of a sudden its April!

  122. Natalie says:

    I try to be an early bird when it comes to taxes, but this year I really have to be! I’m expecting a baby on the 11th of April!! 🙂

  123. Karen C says:

    I am usually somwhere in the middle by the time I get all of the paperwork in and organized : )

  124. Michelle says:

    Last-minute, but every year I say we will be early 🙂

  125. Nancy says:

    Usually a late filer because of my husband!

  126. Alice says:

    By March it’s ready but doesn’t get filed till last minute!

  127. Dana says:

    I am an early bird . . . just waiting on all of the tax papers from various sources.

  128. Barbara says:

    Late filer, but I do manage to make the April 15th deadline!

  129. Evelyn says:

    We’re in-between. 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  130. supercarrot says:

    yep! another early bird here. (why wait when you overpay, and always get money back?)

    however, this is the first year since my husband had changed his witholding to be correct, so we’ll see.

  131. PK says:

    Always filing an extension. We own a small business and have to wait for someone to do our business taxes to file the personal ones. It would be great to have the Turbo Tax business software so we could do our own and be an “Early Bird”!

  132. Holly Le Berth says:

    I like to get them done and over with!

  133. Jenny says:

    somewhere in between

  134. Stu says:

    In between mostly but sometimes an early bird.

  135. Jennifer says:

    I file as soon as possible(early bird)!!! I love getting money back….so I can get more shelving for my stockpile… Lol

  136. Laura says:

    As early as possible! 🙂

  137. Kim says:

    Definitely an early bird. As soon as we get all our stuff together I get them done!

  138. Melissa R says:

    Last minute filer but this year will be an early bird.

  139. Kelly N says:

    I am definitely an early bird tax filer. I can’t stand to wait! Thank you for the chance to win this.

  140. Anne T says:

    Thanks to Turbo Tax I can run the numbers early and file hours before the deadline!

  141. Mary says:

    We are on the late side generally, although we’ve gotten better in that we no longer file on the deadline. 🙂

  142. dottie says:

    I am usually an early bird- we usually have plans for the return!

  143. LN says:

    I am an earlier filer. I’m looking forward to the extra cash this year so I can expand my stockpile.

  144. Jen says:

    early bird – get that refund back asap!

  145. Kristy S. says:

    if you are an early bird, last minute filer or somewhere in-between when you send in your tax returns.
    I guess I’d be the somewhere in-between area. I always start out with the intention of getting them done early but never do 😉

  146. William Muth says:

    I am a late filer. I use my tax return as a built in savings account for my vacation. If I file it early, it will get spent before I need it.

  147. Beth says:

    usually toward the end but I’m going to get it done early this year…darn it!!

  148. Rachel B. says:

    I like to file mine as early as possible. As soon as my husband and I received our tax documents in the mail, I will file.

  149. Gege says:

    Early Bird! Just waiting on my darn W2!!!!

  150. Val says:

    Definitely an early bird!

  151. sue says:

    last minute

  152. karen says:

    early filer!

  153. Elizabeth says:

    Somewhere in between

  154. Erin says:

    Early bird. Thank you for a great contest :0)

  155. Susan Ensor says:

    Early bird! We usually get a refund and I would rather get it sooner than later!

  156. June says:

    Every year try to be an early bird but always end up at last minutes.

  157. Christina Mathers says:

    I am an early bird for sure! I hope to get a refund this year and save money by filing our own taxes!!!

  158. We are somewhere in between.

  159. Karen says:

    We usually have to pay something, so absolutely the last minute!

  160. Siri says:

    Get it over with as early as possible. Feb. 1 but try to start entering info earlier if we can!

  161. Lauren says:

    Last minute but made a promise to have it out before end of February this year!! Fingers crossed!

  162. Julie says:

    We to to file as early as possible if we are getting a refund, and as late as possible if we have to pay! Thanks for another great giveaway!!

  163. Bonnie says:

    Last minute because I usually owe, so I wait as long as I can to pay it…,

  164. Helen says:

    We try to be an early bird but always seem to end up filing at the last minute. Go figure. Maybe getting the program early will get me moving!

  165. Kellie C says:

    Early Bird! Thanks!

  166. Briana M says:

    I’ve been getting better! I used to file extensions. Now I guess I’m a mid-flier. 🙂

  167. Carole Spring says:

    I usually file somewhere in the middle of the time frame.
    blondie_31971 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  168. Erin says:

    I try to be an early filer, but usually am late!! I think spring fever gets to me and I forget to mail it until the last minute!!

  169. Judany says:

    I’m an early bird…as soon as I get all my paperwork I file right away.

  170. Maureen says:

    I am an early bird filer. I have been using TurboTax for years! Need to do early for my son’s college FAFSA. Thanks for the contest.

  171. Orlin says:

    I am the ultimate procrastinator, unless I am due a refund!

  172. Jennifer S. says:

    I usually make a conscious effort to file early, but always end up being a last minute filer.

  173. Maura says:

    We always file late, like the week of the deadline. This year I’m aiming for March at the latest though!

  174. sharon says:

    always early bird for me

  175. Ana says:

    We are somewhere in between…would love to be an early bird and just get it all done and over with as soon as possible!

  176. Melissa says:

    Very early bird!!

  177. Leanna says:

    I file my Federal return on the early side & the State return at the last possible minute (seems I always owe something to the lovely State of NJ!!!!)
    Great giveaway, by the way!!!

  178. Mom in NJ says:

    We usually have it ready about a month in advance and then forget to mail it until the day before!

  179. Sharon B says:

    We are pretty early, usually early February.

  180. Connie S. says:

    Procrastinator! …..I once had to drive to a different city to get mine postmarked by midnight!

  181. Stacey says:

    I always prepare my return early and wait to file if I have to pay!

  182. Ryan says:

    I File As Soon As I Get All My Paperwork Together Usually Early Why Should They Get Any More Interest Off My Money Than They Already Have!!

  183. Lori says:

    Somewhere in between. Once I get all my documents together I make the tax appointment. That return check helps, even if the amount is not that great.

  184. kim says:

    Somewhere in between

  185. Nancy says:

    Every year we say we are going to just get them over with and every year it’s the same thing…..Ahhhh! Gotta get the taxes done!!!!!

  186. Evan says:

    I would be more of an early-bird, if one of my three W-2’s would hurry up and get here! 🙂

  187. Shondra says:

    I think we are somewhere in between. There is that waiting period for all documents to arrive or be available to view online before starting the process.

  188. Susann says:

    We are somewhere in between.

  189. Kami says:

    I am usually somewhere in between when I file

  190. Michele says:

    i like to file once i have all my forms. This year is really special because i got a new job last year and bought a house so i’m wondering what changes this will bring.

  191. alice young says:

    Always last minute filers. This year we will try to file may be by mid March.

  192. Michelle says:

    We usually file early. We’re ready to file now and we need the software so I’m excited about this giveaway!

  193. terri says:

    We are about in-between. We usually do it around the month of March.

  194. Chris Trant says:

    I try to be an early filer, but usually end up in between. I seem to always be waiting for one tax paper to come in.
    Thanks for the give away.

  195. sa says:

    We file early!

  196. Carole says:

    Ooo…what a great prize! I am definitely somewhere in between when filing my taxes.

  197. Amy says:

    I am an early bird! I need to know if I’m getting money back or if we are going to owe. Hope we win this would be awesome!!

  198. Stephanie says:

    Wish I could say I was an early bird, but I always end up a last minute flier.

  199. Rebecca says:

    Early bird for us if we’re getting money back!

  200. Michele S says:

    We are so last minute…..I use to be better but I so hate doing taxes. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  201. rosanne says:

    i am guilty of being a last-minute filer!

  202. jelena says:

    I always try to get it done as soon as we get our w2’s. Love direct deposit…

  203. Sandy Jordan says:

    Hubby and I are early birds!

  204. All4Savings says:

    I was an Early Bird, but now that I have a 12 month old I seem to have lost the Early Bird quality.

  205. Grandma Bird says:

    I am an early bird as well as doing the taxes of family for free. I would love this!

  206. Shannon says:

    We’re usually somewhere in between, but always striving for early!

  207. kelbeland4 says:

    I start out as an early bird and get all my papers organized, get Turbotax and import my information from last year. Then, I wait for the missing papers from the one slow company and then I end up being a last minute filer. Oh, well, maybe this year…

  208. Heather says:

    I try to be early, but the last few years, we’ve waited for the last minute!

  209. Bonnie says:

    I’m so bad, I usually have to file for an extension

  210. Nancy addezio says:

    I am an early filer.Already have all paperwork ready waiting for my husband’s W2

  211. michelle mendell says:

    I am a somewhere-in-the middle filer. I love Turbo Tax!!!!!!

  212. kathy says:

    I have a hard time filling this thing up so I leave it up to my husband to do it. I mark his iphone calendar on paydays as a reminder starting in February so that he doesnt forget (always post Football season). This is one of those things I just simply give up in handling. I have tossed the white towel! It gets done, usually right before its due.

  213. Iris says:

    I start preparing them during the middle, but alwasys end up sending it few days before….

  214. Janelle S says:

    This is my first year having to file for taxes and I think that I will be a somewhat in-between because I love to procrastinate

  215. Karthikeyan says:

    I am planning to start my tax return i love to do early

  216. Charlene says:

    We always say we are going to be early birds, but it usually ends up being somewhere in the middle.

  217. Jen says:

    Definitely early bird. It’s a sickness, I have to do it as soon as I get my W2.

  218. Dana W says:

    Count me as an Early Bird! I want it done & over with! Send me my refund!

  219. Shana says:

    I’m an early bird.

  220. Carlene says:

    I am somewhere in the middle.

  221. Allison says:

    early bird..cant help it

  222. Anitra says:

    Hate to say that we normally file for an extension.

  223. Kristina says:

    Turbo Tax is my fave product!

  224. Stephanie says:

    We are early bird preparers, but run to the post office on April 15th filers. (Don’t know why since we are usually getting a refund anyway…??) Maybe we can actually prepare and file them early this year!!

  225. AA says:

    Last minute filer!!!

  226. Jenn says:

    Somewhere in the middle, later if we owe money.

  227. Jodi says:

    Middle of the road, I start out early bird but then stop when I don’t know an answer and then waste time till I go back to it so end up being last minute! So I guess I am a bit of each! lol

  228. Lisa says:

    We are early birdies so we get the worms!
    Love to file then go shopping!

  229. Jacki says:

    I file as soon as I get the last bit of info from the mortgage company. I have used TurboTax for years. It has always proved to be easy to use and since we have been able to file on line and get our refund direct deposited, it has made tax time a lot easier to deal with.

  230. Laura says:

    First time doing them on my own now that I moved out on my own after graduating college! I guess I should be an early bird so will try to do that!

  231. Danyelle says:

    We usually end up somewhere in the middle

  232. Sonila says:

    We are late filers. Usually I even paper file. Thanks.

  233. Jennifer says:

    Every year we say we are going to do our taxes as soon as we get all our papers together BUT we are always stay up late on 4/14, trying to get them done on time!!!

  234. Bea says:

    I file around April 1st. This will be my 1st attempt in using Turbo Tax or any kind of software. Thanks for the give-away.

  235. Tia M says:

    I do mine in mid Feb

  236. Mike M says:

    I am a early bird sender. Get it done as soon as possible. Thanks for the giveaway.

  237. wendy nastasi says:

    Always an early bird. Use Turbo tax for my Mom and my Grandma’s taxes. Love it.

  238. Dawn says:

    We are always the last minute kind of tax people. Maybe getting Turbo Tax Software would be a be help to getting them done earlier.

  239. Mary says:

    We are defenitely early birds!! Love getting it done nice and early.

  240. Tamika says:

    Definitely an early bird in calculating my liability. Last minute to file if money is owed.

  241. Allison says:

    Early bird, unless I owe…and then what is the hurry?

  242. Kristie says:

    We are early birds!! Why let the Gov. get the interest!

  243. Emily says:

    Early bird, unless we owe 🙂

  244. Krystal says:

    Early Birds for us! We can certainly use the extra cash!!

  245. Louis Williamson says:

    Normally I apply early, but don’t think I may get that much back this year 🙁 I think i’m going to file up to the deadline though, which will be a first.

  246. Purvi says:

    We are last minute filers since we usually owe a little bit.

  247. Wendy says:

    Early bird for Federal income taxes so I can get my refund fast, but I always owe NY state taxes, so I’m a last minute filer for my state income taxes.

  248. Raidel Lopez says:

    I’m trying Turbo tax for the first time this year. I can’t bear paying for having my taxes done anymore. It’s way more expensive.

  249. Alex says:

    This would seriously be awesome to win for the tax season. Personally we like to get them done a little ahead of time. Thank you!

  250. Jenn says:

    I try to have things organized and in order to start Turbo Tax early, but my husband is the procrastinator!!! This would be wonderful to win! thanks for the chance!

  251. Eric says:

    I am a terrible procrastinator!! Maybe this would help motivate me to begin earlier!

  252. Vicky says:

    By the time I get all my paperwork together I’m always a last minute filer 🙁

  253. Alamelu says:

    I start early but end up filing at the last minute.

  254. Glenn says:

    I do mine whenever my three year old lets me…

  255. Susan says:

    We are in the middle. We have to file a multi state tax return. Federal and one state is filed early (as we get refunds) and the other state and local is filed in April (we have to pay). It would be great to win this, as I use turbo tax every year to file my taxes!

  256. D Cantrell says:

    Early bird, for sure!

  257. Diane says:

    I am an early bird, my husband last minute, so we get it done right in the middle!

  258. Margie says:

    I don’t know why but for our 32 years of marriage we have always been last minute filing our taxes. We always get money back so I can’t explain why we procrastinate. Would love to win Turbo Tax.

  259. Stephanie says:

    An early bird of course!

  260. WKP says:

    Thanks and thanks to Office Depot for this great offer.
    We tend to start worrying early, work a bunch in the middle, and file at the end.
    We both live in one state and work in another, and prepare the Mother-in-law documents for another. Help!

  261. JennaRose says:

    This would make me happy! I am an early bird…

  262. Linda-PA says:

    I’m a early bird but our mortage company is tormenting me by waiting to send the interest paperwork until the last moment!

  263. Tom & Melissa says:

    We are middle of the roaders as we have to wait on documents from others. With college, we want to do as early as possible for FAFSA.

  264. Christine says:

    Definitely an EARLY BIRD! Plan on purchasing turbo tax this week!

  265. Rachel says:

    I am an early bird….we have 3 kids also known as deductions:)))

  266. Jackie says:

    I am a last minute filer!

  267. GrrGrr Grr says:

    Hi Cindy,
    Thanks for the giveaway.

    I have just received my W2 and Turbo tax would ease the tax filing for me.

    To be honest I’m not an early bird….not in middle but at the far

    It would be great if I could win this. Please count me in.


  268. Kim Eckard says:

    Earlybird for sure…Its my money and I need it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  269. Jackie says:

    I am so last minute! Wish I wasn’t but that’s how it goes 🙂

  270. Debbi Ratchford says:

    I am an early bird unless I have to pay…then I go right up until the last minute!!

  271. theresa giles says:

    we are in the middle since we own our own buisness i just picked this up at walmart and my husband said finances were not right rite now was hoping to save money instead of paying 300.00 for taxes done

  272. Brandy says:

    Just waiting for my w-2, then ready to file!! So, I am definitely an early bird!!!!

  273. Lisa Venuti says:

    We only file early if we are getting a return. If we owe money, we usually wait until April to file. Why pay before we have to?

  274. Christine says:

    Early bird! My hubby does the taxes every year as soon as we have all the documents. Would love to win!

  275. Deb Knapp says:

    As early a bird as possible. We always file as soon as we receive all our documents.

  276. Mariellen says:

    We are early birds if we are getting money back!

  277. Kim F says:

    I do a run through of my tax return early but if I owe money I wait til the last minute to send it

  278. Judy Cole says:

    I am hoping to be an early bird filer…if my 1099 forms would come!!

  279. Laura says:

    Early bird! I file as soon as I have all the documents!

  280. Dianne Ortiz says:

    Somewhere in between!!

  281. Amy Delgado says:

    As early as possible.

  282. Jenna J says:

    Early bird!!! The earlier the better!!!

  283. Debbie R. says:

    I’m an early bird, though sometimes I’m at the mercy of others who wait until the last minute to send out W2s or 1099s.

  284. Dawn says:

    I used to start first week in February, now with a business to get in order I am lucky I get them done on time. 🙂

  285. Dawn Wurtenberg says:

    Somewhere in between unless I owe money, then I wait until the last minute! 🙂

  286. Jean says:

    I usuall y wait to received all of the documents, to file. Last year we paid someone to do it , they got a big chunk of our refund. We sure needed every bit of it. Would love to be able to get our total refund using Turbo Tax.

  287. Danielle says:

    Early Bird! I love doing my taxes…I know – I’m a nerd!

  288. Patti Frost says:

    We always start talking about doing our taxes in December. We start gathering info in Jan. and usually file somewhere in Feb. So I guess we file somewhere in the middle.

  289. Patty Stepanian says:

    I file middle of the season, never get it done early but usually do not wait until the last day.

  290. Joseph Mack says:

    Hope I win.

  291. stef says:

    I get them done as soon as I can…lol!

  292. Donna L. says:

    Late filers : )

  293. Early bird…love my returns!

  294. D.T. says:

    could definitely use.

  295. Cheryl says:

    Early Bird, Like to get it over with.

  296. Golden Tradewell says:

    I am an in between filer…not too early and not too late!

  297. Stacy says:

    Early bird here! I want my money as quickly as possible lol!! thanks for the giveaway, this would be a great help!!

  298. Megan I. says:

    I file somewhere in between or towards the deadline.

  299. Branden D says:

    I will file once I have received all my W-2’s.

  300. Maryann barnable says:

    I am somewhere in between. I’m excited to file my taxes so I can get a refund.

  301. Tina says:

    Somewhere in between

  302. Margaret H. says:

    Early bird! I can’t wait for the docs to arrive!

  303. Iris Kahn says:

    it varies. when I’m getting money back……..I file early

    when I already spent the money I’m due………..I file extra early

  304. Jill Grossmann says:

    As soon as I possibly can

  305. sheryl says:

    I am an early Bird. Remember .. the early bird catches the worm

  306. Jennifer says:

    I do my taxes as soon as I get the forms. If I get a refund, I file, if I have to pay I wait until tax day to file.

  307. Maureen Moloney says:

    I am an in-betweener. Just need to wait for all the documents in the mail, or I’d be done by now 🙂

  308. ken lake says:

    I am an early bird. thanks for the giveaway!

  309. Dana says:

    Definitely somewhere-in-between. I get my W-2s early on, but need the time to get everything together!

  310. Every year I swear I’m going to file by feb. 15. Every year – not so much!

  311. Marjorie Coker says:

    I like filing my taxes as soon as possible. That way it’s out of the way for the year. 🙂

  312. Amy Elzer says:

    I get a lot of money back, so as soon as i get my forms i file

  313. Jen Bonk says:

    I file the day of receiving the last document required to file (W2 or any other item). Typically I’ll start the process the day I get the first item, and wrap it up the day I receive that one last form.

  314. erin curtis says:

    i am a last minute filer

  315. Ama says:

    I always file late because i always have to pay back the state!

  316. Iris C says:

    Definately an early bird since I usually depend on the refund.

  317. Kenline says:

    I will file when I receive everything in the mail. Love this time of year. 🙂 Thanks

  318. Mary Ellen Waddell says:

    I am somewhere in the middle for doing my tax forms. If I owe, I wait until the deadline to file.

  319. Catherine says:

    I’m an early filer! This will be my last year filing ‘single’ and my return is going to my honeymoon!

  320. roseann says:

    i file early or as soon as documents come, i really need this year, i sell on ebay and new tax laws this year…this would be perfect for me this year…

  321. vicki says:

    I file my taxes mid march

  322. Richard Morin says:

    I use Turbo Tax Home & Business software and have for quite a few years. My wife and I file a joint return and as a usual thing we file shortly after Feb. 1st.

  323. Ed Guerra says:

    If I have to write a check last minute but if I’m getting back ear;y bird filer. Usually have everything into TurboTax by mid-Feb.

  324. Tiff says:

    I file ASAP!!!! Once all my paperwork comes in then I buy TurboTax and file my taxes. I feel that Christmas is for the kids and income tax is our adult Christmas (for those who receive and not have to give). Now if I were to owe money then I’d be a last minute filier. lol

  325. Heidi says:

    Early bird. Thanks for the giveaway

  326. Kim says:

    We always want to be early filers but somehow time gets away from us and we end up being late filers.

  327. Jeanna says:

    As soon as I get all the necessary paperwork in the mail I file. The sooner I can get my refund the better.

  328. Melina E. says:

    I guess I’d have to say we are somewhere in between. We usually have paperwork to wait on, otherwise, we’d TOTALLY be early birds, gettin’ that worm. I’d love to win this! (good luck to all)

  329. Amanda says:

    This year we want to file early to put our refund towards renovations!

  330. Anonymous says:

    I am a early bird when it’s time to filing my taxes. Even though we do not get a refund.

  331. Joann Rotz says:

    I am a procrastinator trying to get it all organized! Would love Turbo tax to help with that! 🙂

  332. Carolyn says:

    I’m an early bird, so I file as soon as I have all of my paperwork. There’s no sense in letting the government keep my money any longer than necessary!

  333. Kim Mignella says:

    I am an early filer, Id be doing them now if I had all the W2 forms I need.

  334. laura aiello says:

    I’m somewhere in the middle….hoping my refund will be enough for a getaway for me and the hubs!

  335. Shannon T says:

    I file as soon as we get all of our forms! I LOVE turbo tax!

  336. Larisha says:

    I am an early middler lol…..meaning I like to think I will file right away but some how it never gets done until the middle….

  337. rachael says:

    I’m a somewhere in between I try to get my taxes done as soon as i get my W-2’s since i want the money as soon as possible so I can start planning my vacation to see my sister in Cali.

  338. Sindy says:

    I am somewhere in between, usually my w2 takes its time to get to me :/…. But I get them done as soon as I have it.

  339. Aimee W says:

    I try and be an early bird, but I try to get it done in Feb/Mar! 🙂

  340. Beth says:

    I’m an early bird for sure. As soon as all forms are received I get them done and sent out.

  341. EileenF says:

    I am definitely an early bird. Just waiting for 2/1/2012

  342. Deb says:

    Early bird for actually doing taxes. Send them in early if getting $$$ back or 4/15 if we owe!!! Thanks!!!

  343. christy says:

    Early bird for sure! 🙂

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