Brother HL-2270DW Laser Printer Only $89.99

Brother HL-2270DW Laser Printer Only $89.99

I haven’t seen this printer drop super low in a while but today there is a pretty good deal on the Brother HL-2270DW Wireless Laser Printer for only $89.99 with Free Shipping.  This is the exact printer that I have and I love it.  Since I’ve been using this printer, my printing costs have really been reduced quite a bit.  And,  installation was super easy as well.

Brother HL-2270DW Laser Printer Only $89.99

If you do not want or need the wireless feature, you can get the Brother HL-2240 for just $49.99.  Throw something into your car to score free shipping for $50 or more.

I get the Brother HL-2270DW replacement cartridges (high yield) through Amazon.  It’s a lot cheaper then Staples or Office Max.  Or,  you can always go with the Compatible Cartridges.  Don’t shy away from the price of the cartridges, you really won’t replace them that often.

Thanks Loretta & Josie!


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  • Nancy

    Funny… ordered the same item this morning from Amazon for $89. Just checked and the price has been lowered to $84.28, plus free shipping. Canceled the $89 one and reordered at the lower price. Thanks, Loretta and Josie. Nothing like saving $5 on an already good deal.

  • nick

    staples has same price if people have rewards, gift cards or coupons

    • Could you tell me where to get the Staples coupon or coupon code for $25 off $75? Thanks!

  • Nancy

    Nick, I show Staples having it for $149, with a refurbished model at $89.

    • nick

      your right they have the 2240 for the same price this one is more but so simple to pricematch. I shop at staples cause so many coupons out there I would pricematch this to 89.99 or amazons via staples chat apply 25 off 75 coupon and you have a printer for 65 plus tax plus 6% cashback at shopathome

      • Where do you get the Staples coupon, $25 off $75?

        • nick

          ebay, immediate delivery

          • Denise

            Thanks just bought staples coupon on eBay. Staples priced matched office max. To $89.99 then I used $25 off $75 coupon so it was $69 and change with tax shipped !!!

  • Ana

    Thank you for posting this I was looking to a new printer at work all day Fri. But choose not to buy one just yet until the price dropped. Here’s the price drop 🙂

  • Carolyn

    Does anyone know if you can print coupons from an I-phone? I know you can print documents from it but I wondered if the coupons are a problem being you have to download a program on a PC in order to print. Thanks for your help!

    • Loretta

      i believe there’s a app, however I think that you can only print them to an HP printer that offers “Air Print” technology (google it i could be wrong) i was looking into this around christmas time currently no options for Smart Source or Redplum, but def. but check the app store, i don’t own an i anything so i could be completely off base (but I think i’m right)

  • Jen From Philly

    I’ve been looking all day at this printer and a few others, trying to decide what to buy because my old printer broke this week… Your endorsement helped me pull the trigger! thanks cindy! So excited about wireless!

  • corinne

    no you have to have an hp printer to use app :(( i have this printer and i cant from my i pod but it is worth it the toner last forever :))

  • Jen

    Staples website has the same price for the not wireless one (Brother HL-2240 for 49.98) and free shipping on orders of 45$ or more!

  • mel

    Great deal!

  • Jim

    I have always used an inkjet and printed coupons in color + black in white… which of course costs more for ink. Do those of you who use laser printers or just black ink on an inkjet ever have problems with stores accepting black & white only coupons? Do they ever treat them like they are photo copies (because they are not in color) and give you a hard time?

  • Colleen

    Amazon has this now for $79.99 – great deal!

  • Denise

    This printer is also on sale for 89.99 at BestBuy this week.

  • Anonymous

    newegg has it for 72 bucks shipped

    • Vic

      Very cool. Just saw that deal in the New Egg Mardi Gras email this morning. The sale is until 2/27 and they even offer a combo deal of the Brother HL-2270DW and a TN450 High Yield Toner for a discounted price of $104.98.