Reader Shopping Trips: Target

Kelli made a great trip to Target spending just under $29 OOP! That’s a great deal for pet supplies and more! Here is what she had to say:

Here are some purchases I made today at Target! Having pets can sometimes be expensive, but way less expensive when you coupon! Woohoo! Even my cat, Puma, is anxious to take a look at the goods! 🙂 I did this in 2 transactions. The first I only bought the Q-Tips, that way I could get the $10 in gift cards to go toward my second half.

Transaction 1

  • 8- Q-Tips (375 count)- 2.69 ea

Coupons Used:

  • (8) $0.60/1 Q-Tip coupon

Paid: $17.57 (after tax)
Recieved: 2 $5 Gift Cards

Transaction 2

  • 2- 17.5 lb (grabbed the 10% more free bags at the same price) Friskies Cat Food- $9.99 ea
  • 4- Friskies Part Mix Treats- $1.34 ea
  • 5- UP2U Gum- $1.27 ea
  • 6- Knorr Rice Packets- $0.96 ea

Coupons Used:

  • (2) $0.50/1 Friskies Dry Cat Food
  • (2) Free Friskies Party Mix Treats with the purchase of Friskies Cat Food Target Coupon (got the other 2 bags free with the Buy Friskies Get One Part Mix free promotion)
  • (5) $1/1 UP2U Gum packs
  • (5) $0.55/1 UP2U Target Coupon
  • (3) $0.50/2 Knorr Side Dishes
  • (3) $0.50/2 Knorr Side Dishes Target Coupon
  • (2) $5 Gift cards from transaction 1

Total Paid: $11.28

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  • Arkie

    How did you use 8 identical coupons in 1 transaction?

    • Jen

      arkie even though were getting a lot of restrictions lately no one seems to care. when i first seen it i asked the one manager at CVS that i almost always deal with. he said as long as it goes through they will allow it. theyre not going to make someone do extra transactions if they don’t have to. and that seems to be most peoples opinion…but always ask first 🙂

  • Mark


  • Linda

    Wow!! My Target is getting very picky about coupon usage.


    Great Job! I used to loved only now I LOVE couponing and clearance!!!How many Target web coupons can you print from home to use at the store?Do I need to print from 2 different computers? I’m just learning Target rules

    • Jen

      you can print 2 per computer for the target coupons and most others as well.

  • kelli

    Honestly, I was pretty nervous using 8 coupons! But it works because I am buying 8 products. I ended up printing 4 Q-Tips coupons off Recyclebank and I didn’t want the coupons to go to waste (didn’t even cross my mind that I could just hit the back button and only buy 2 of the coupons).. So I figured I’d get 8 boxes total (don’t worry, there were a TON on the shelves) to give to my parents and sister. I’ve yet to encounter any resistance using coupons, so I hope it stays that way (knock on wood)!!