Babies R Us: $25 off Pampers

Babies R Us: $25 off Pampers

Babies R Us is having a good deal on Pampers Diapers on Saturday, 3/17 only! You can get $25 off when you buy 2 boxes of Pampers Diapers 88 ct or higher! Plus there is a coupon to go with this deal!

Here is the deal:


Thanks SpringsBargains & Larisha!

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  • theresa n.

    Anyone know how many in a box?!?!? Curious to know what it’d be for size 33 diapers….thanks! 🙂

  • theresa n.

    *size 3!!!!

  • amy

    Where the heck can you get a value box of diapers from babies r us for 39.98??? LOL!! must be nice 🙂

    • Dave

      You can get 222 size 3 value pack from Amazon for $37 with their subscription program (which you can just order then immediately cancel)

  • Yah i would like to see how. Many cents per diaper it turns out to be myself for size 4?

  • Brigit

    If you ladies go to the pampers website, they have all their products and the counts listed. Sorry I don’t know off the too of my head but that’s a good way to get them!

  • i have bags of diapers left from the 3.49 shoprite deal.. and i usually stock up when they are $5 a jumbo pack at cvs,riteaide, and walgreens.. is this deal really worth it? should i just wait for one of the other stores to have a sale?

  • Andrea

    There are 174 in the Size 3 Cruisers box, and 148 in the Size 4 box. To be honest, you are better off calculating this based on a price of $45.99 per box, as that is what they were priced at on my most recent trip to Babies R Us (Tuesday night 3/13). For Size 4’s that is roughly .21 cents diaper. I don’t know if that is a good deal or not…….

  • Jenn

    Just a random note..
    If you are like me and are expecting, if you go to babys r us and do a registy there They give you an $8 off One Value Pack coupon for these diapers…

    So estimating $40 a box X2 -$8.00 coupon -$1.50 coupon comes to 22.75 a box… thats good to me (but what do I know I have not yet had to get them lol)

    • Susie Stern

      Do you think you can register if it is your second child- just to get the coupon?

      • Jenn

        I dont see why not .. even second time mommys need a registry

        • wendy

          i received the $8 coupon thru registry in nov/dec, it states save $8 when u buy a value box of diapers and 360+ count of wipes which is priced at 12.49.

  • Dave

    How many diapers are in the box for $25.98 after the savings?

    Amazon has 222 size 3’s for $0.16/ea with their Mom’s subscription. Does this beat the amazon deal?

  • Anonymous

    Couple of weeks ago the had where if you bought two boxes of diapers and one box of wipes you got a $25 giftcard so this deal is better than their last one but I think the riteaid, cvs deals are much better since one box is approx four jumbo bags @5.00 =$20.00 (at least that’s how I look at it). My BRUs sells them for $45.99 x 2 = approx. $92 – $25.00 = $67 – $3.00 coupons = $64.00 instead of $40. Buying individual with the coupons definately much cheaper.

    • Nicole

      I am wondering how you get the jumbo packs for $5.00 each?

  • jenny

    i havent seen a stock up sale price at bru in, well, forever! cvs and rite aid are far cheaper. i buy size 4 cruisers…and wont pay more than 14 cents a diaper, this deal is only 21 cents, a joke if you ask me. value boxes arent really a value! you can do better if your baby is in a smaller size bc those boxes have higher counts.

  • Vanessa

    Like jenn said I have a baby registry with bru and also have that $8 off coupon. Would I be able to use that along with the (2) $1.50 off coupons?

    • Jenn

      i dont think you can use it with BOTH 1.50 coupons … since it is a manufacture coupon.

  • obama

    need to know after 25.98 ea how much ea it will cost me per diaper…. please help

    Baby Dry Value Box, Size 3 i guess 204 diapers per box = 25.98 + tax = 29.00 approx…. 00.14 cents each

    Please check my math and see if I am right…

  • Maggie

    Man, times are so hard we’re calculating diapers down to the cents. LOL! Funny when you think about it but true just the same.