Giveaway: IHOP Gift Cards!

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IHOP Gift Cards

IHOP has a new 7 for $7 promotion where they are offering 7 different meals all for $7!  You can choose from new meals and a few classic favorites.  The 7 for $7 meals include:  Nutella®Crepes & Eggs, Chicken & Waffles, Simple & Fit Veggie Omelette, Hash-Brown Crusted™ Chicken, Cheesy Western Omelette & Biscuit & Bacon-Wrapped Sirloin Steak & Eggs.  I’m getting hungry!!

IHOP realizes that with tax time very near on 4/17 (another 7!) that families can use the savings of the 7 for $7 deal. They have shared some “7-themed” tax-related articles as we all make that final push for tax day.

And as a great bonus, IHOP is offering (you guessed it) 7 of our readers a $25 gift card!  Whoo Hoo!!

Here are the Official Giveaway Rules:

How to Enter:

  1. Leave a comment below letting us know if you are an early bird, last minute filer or somewhere in-between when you send in your tax returns.  Entries are now closed.  Winners will be posted on Monday, 4/16.

You must supply a valid email address. Email addresses should be put in the private field and not in the public comment box.

  • All entries must be left in the comments of this site only. Facebook comments or emails will not count as a giveaway entry.
  • The giveaway ends on Saturday, April 14th at 10pm EST.  No entries will be counted after that time frame.
  • All entrants must be at least 18 years old and reside in the United States.
  • Winners will be chosen at random. Winners will be notified of the giveaway via email on Monday, April 16th. Winners must respond with mailing address within 36 hours or another winner will be chosen.
  • Be sure to add ([email protected]) to your contacts or check your spam folders at the end of the giveaway.

A big thank you to IHOP for providing this giveaway. 

716 thoughts on “Giveaway: IHOP Gift Cards!”

  1. brittany says:

    early bird!

  2. Beth C says:

    I’m totally an early bird. My refund was spent in February 🙂

  3. Ed says:

    We always start out early but file last minute.

  4. Sheri Clark says:

    early bird 🙂

  5. ria says:

    I am an early bird, I have to be organized and get these things out of the way.

  6. Shirley says:

    I’m some where in the middle. I sent out three weeks ago and waiting for refund.

  7. 0704 says:

    Early Bird! I already got my refund! 🙂

  8. Rebecca says:

    Early bird. We did ours in Feb.

  9. Indra says:

    I am an early bird.

  10. Meredith says:

    We are in between filers.

  11. Heather Gibson says:

    I am definitely an early bird. I get mine done as soon as I have all the paperwork. It kinda stinks because my money may be spent by the time other people start getting theirs !!

  12. Teresa F says:

    Always late 🙂

  13. Sandy says:


  14. Jolene says:

    For sure an early bird!!!!!!!!!!! : )

  15. Karen Sisco says:

    Im usually an early bird but I was a last minute flyer this year!!

  16. Amy says:

    Early bird (for refunds). Right on time (when I owe).

  17. Dawn S. says:

    Hmm…well I would be a early bird, but since the hubby is the accountant and procrastinates with ours I guess that makes me a last minute filer!!! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  18. Melissa says:

    Somewhere in the middle. We do ours mid-March.

  19. Andrea says:

    Last min. I’m getting them done tommrow or saturday.

  20. Linda Egoavil says:

    I usually file somewhere in between.

  21. cherrie marshall says:

    I am a last minute filer always got errand to run among other things

  22. Karron says:

    Early bird 🙂

  23. June Flanders says:

    Definetly a early bird don’t want goverment to have m money any longer then possible.

  24. Anita says:

    I am a very last-minute person when it comes to filing my taxes, but I always have everything laid out and accessible in the months leading upto April and therefore its very easy for me to get it done. Plus, I tend to function better this way!

  25. Sandra Lobban says:

    Definitely a Early Bird! I want my refund as soon as possible, the IRS keeps my money long enough.

  26. Peggy says:

    We try and be early birds most years.

  27. Michelle says:

    Definitely an ‘early bird’…needed my refund as soon as possible !

  28. Haleigh says:

    I’m somewhere in the middle. It usually just depends on how busy I am when getting them.

  29. Diane says:

    Early brid, the faster I get them out the sooner I get my refund 🙂

  30. Sherri says:

    Definitely an early bird 🙂

  31. Jenn says:

    We are often last minute, but this year we were early birds 🙂

  32. Tiffany says:

    I file the minute I get my W2’s..No sense in waiting!

  33. Nikki says:

    Early bird…my husband filed as soon as we possibly could.

  34. Laura H says:

    Early bird with taxes!

  35. April says:

    Early bird! Unfortunately, it is already spent as well.

  36. Suehaidi says:

    Super early bird taxes were done day after I got our forms in the mail.

  37. Rachael Connell says:

    Im somewhere in between 🙂

  38. Kelly says:

    Last minute filer. That way I don’t spend it to fast

  39. Anonymous says:

    EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM- Early bird here, why wait, i want my money….

  40. Steph S. says:

    I’m an early bird! I love to get back that extra $$ as fast as possible 🙂

  41. sha says:

    Most def an early bird

  42. Akku says:

    We filed already!

  43. margaret says:

    Early bird

  44. sherry says:

    Hey I is still have 5 days left 🙂

  45. Kristi says:

    Filed in February as soon as the w2s came in!! Early bird!

  46. Felice D. says:

    early bird!

  47. Michelle T. says:

    Early bird, we file as soon as we can, we want that refund 🙂

  48. Carla says:

    Early bird!!! I dont’ want the government holding my $$$ any longer than they have too!!! LOL

  49. sherry says:

    Hey I still have 5 more days. I think 🙂

  50. Cristin says:

    If it was up to me we would be early birds – but my husband does them and he is a last minute kind of person.

  51. Patti J says:

    early riser

  52. jodie churchill says:

    Earlybird here, had it all back and spent in February!

  53. autumn dimarco says:

    Last minute!

  54. Deb says:

    If I’m getting $ back, def an early bird. If I owe, then totally last minute. Thanks IHOP!!!!

  55. Anonymous says:

    Early bird gets the worm- why wait…..

  56. Liz Hart says:

    Early Bird

  57. Deborah Bartle says:

    Totally a last minute-er. Too busy having fun ‘couponing’ so filing taxes keeps getting set aside til it’s crunch time, lol

  58. anna says:

    I’m always an early bird– once I get all my paperwork I go to my accountant right away!

  59. Lois Evans says:

    EARLY BIRD. Nice to know its done.

  60. Jennifer C. says:

    Early-bird filer! We filed the first week in February…always file as soon as we have all of our papers; I get the receipts and everything else ready in December!

  61. Amy says:

    We are early birds…as soon as we have all our W-2’s we head for the accountant’s office!

  62. Erica says:

    We’re early birds, love to receive that refund (when there is one).

  63. Erin says:

    Definitely an April 17th-er. I know, it’s awful! I dont procrastinated everything, just awful jobs!!

  64. Emily D says:

    I was an early bird!

  65. Janet Lugo says:

    i always go for the early bird special.

  66. Kelly says:

    Early bird!

  67. Valerie C. says:

    I am usually an early bird but this year I actually filed in March so sometimes in between!

  68. Jessie A says:

    We are early birds, already spent 🙂

  69. liz says:

    I am an early bird.

  70. Jill says:

    somewhere in the middle – I always have plans to be an early bird, but life gets in the way! 🙂

  71. Mary says:

    Early bird…..filed in February!

  72. Ja'Net G says:

    I am somewhere in the middle, but more on the early bird side. I like to get my taxes done and out the way.

  73. Cheri says:

    I guess I’m an in beteener

  74. Molly says:

    Early bird! And its so easy when you use Turbo Tax online. Also gives me enough time to save if I owe. Thank you!

  75. Kim F says:

    I’m a middle of the road person for taxes – not the earliest, but not the latest either

  76. Tina C. says:

    Usually I am an extremely early filer (usually looking forward to get back money from my ‘lil deductions’ lol But this year I’m on both ends of the fence. I filed the taxes that I knew we would get back on early but now, at the last minute, I have to file the state taxes…which are usually the ones we owe. So I definitely need to save money now to pay the taxes (thank you couponing!)

  77. Colleen says:

    Early bird filer only because I thought I was getting soemthing back. Since I have to pay $500 I am mailing check today 🙁

  78. Isha Patel says:

    I am an Early Bird, for sure!!!!!!!

  79. cheryl faust says:

    Earlybird, but my hubby is a last minuter!

  80. ethel says:

    early bird!! I look forward for it every year lol

  81. liz says:

    A total last minute filer.

  82. Kelly says:

    I TRY to be an early bird!!!

  83. Jennifer Mileham Pena says:

    Most definetely an Early Bird.. Those things were done first of February…. 🙂

  84. Amalia says:

    Always last minute. Refund lasts longer 😉

  85. alexis garay says:

    We are somwehere in between filers. Refund was definitely not what we expected but something is always better than nothing.

  86. Mara says:

    Final Push with an extension ;o

  87. Nadine says:

    I guess a somewhat early bird…they just got filed!

  88. Julie B says:

    An early bird for sure! I file them as soon as my husband and I receive are forms!

  89. Katie Grace Smalling says:

    I’m a major early bird!! The second I get my w2 in the mail I file!

  90. Peg says:

    We waited until last week because we owed 🙁

  91. Lori says:

    early bird! they get the worm…lol

  92. Sarah Clark says:

    Last minute flier … unfortunately (ugh)

  93. Nicole M says:

    Somewhere in the middle. Filed last month and the refund is now sitting in savings.

  94. Amber says:

    Definitely an early bird!!

  95. leslie havens says:

    late filer…….in no rush to pay!, in fact filing for extension lol

  96. All4Savings says:

    Early Bird these last two years but we usually tend to wait till the end.

  97. anju says:

    Very early bird

  98. Rebecca S. says:

    I’m an early bird. As soon as I have everything I need to file, it’s off to the accountant 🙂

  99. James says:

    We are definitely early birds. This year we filed January 31st and had our return spent (paying off credit cards, planning a vacation and getting ahead on other bills) all before Feb. 21st.

  100. Cynthia says:

    We are early birds! File the week right after we have our w-2’s! Got our refund weeks ago! Thanks for the giveaway!

  101. Ashley C says:

    Definitely an early bird. I filed at the beginning of February, as soon as our last forms arrived


  102. Jen says:

    Early bird for me! Feels so good to not have to worry about doing taxes so I can get on with focusing on my weekly deals!:)

  103. Marsha says:

    last minuter!!!!

  104. Christine says:

    Early bird. Already got a refund!

  105. Valerie Post says:

    Early Bird:) As soon as I get them, I file them:)

  106. Liz Harwood says:

    In the middle.

  107. Shannon says:

    I’m an early bird! As soon as all my tax documents are in, I prepare and file! However, no refund this year, so maybe I should have waited! 🙁

  108. Anonymous says:

    Early Bird….Every year. Stacy

  109. dana says:

    somewhere in the middle…i try to get an early start…but never do!!

  110. Pam says:

    Last-minute filer. How des thus weekend sound?!

  111. kat says:

    In betweener here !!

  112. Amy Robinson says:

    Early bird! We got our refund at the end of February 🙂

  113. Natasha says:

    In between for us.

  114. Dana W says:

    Early Early Early BIRD! (I work for an accounting firm) 😉

  115. jocelyn alvarez says:

    I have always been an early bird!

  116. Stacy says:

    Early Bird…every year.

  117. Melissa says:

    Last Minute…scared I was going to have to pay 🙁

  118. Melissa B. says:

    Early Bird!!!

  119. Jody says:

    Early birds! My daughter is now an early bird too-she had her refunds by early February. 🙂

  120. Dawn Holgersen says:

    We’re early birds over here. As soon as all our W-2’s are in, we head right over to H&R Block. Our refund has been here and gone!

  121. Deirdre says:

    Early bird most of the time.

  122. aileen says:

    I’m an early bird. I want to get it over with. Hope I win!

  123. Linda A says:

    I am definitely an early bird, and I prefer IHOP over worms. 🙂

  124. fran says:

    Have to be a Early Bird

  125. Adrienne says:

    Early Bird! We were done the first week of Feb.

  126. Lauren says:

    I’m an early bird! Mine were filed in February! If only I could be an early bird with my laundry!

  127. femi says:

    Last minute filer this year

  128. biana says:

    WE are always a last minute filler because my husband do does it himself usually does everyone else’s before he gets to do our own taxes.

  129. erika says:

    last minute filer

  130. Amanda says:

    I had an appointment to file my taxes on March 10th, so somewhere in-between, I guess!

  131. Shirley t says:

    Last minute for me.

  132. Michele says:

    In betweener!

  133. Kasey says:

    Usually early 🙂 thank you ihop for the spinach idea for green eggs and ham, i was using food coloring!

  134. Gail R says:

    We always file early but this year… life has gotten in the way so off to the races!

  135. Debbie says:

    My accountant had a delay. First time I ever had to wait till april 15th ever!!

  136. Beth says:

    We end up filing somewhere in the middle. I try to start early, but then I realize I still need (blank)! I keep trying to become an early bird…maybe next year…

  137. Brian says:

    I’m an early bird, as long as I’m getting money back. If not and I have to pay, I’m definitely a last minute filer! 🙂

  138. Christopher says:

    I’m an Early Bird

  139. Ashley Taylor says:

    Always an early bird! (Mom works for a CPA) =]

  140. carmen says:

    early bird

  141. Mark says:

    100% early bird

  142. Melissa says:

    last minute if I owe, early if i will receive!

  143. denise says:

    I am so late, I was planning on doing it mon morning on my way to the post office!

  144. Betty says:

    Early bird. Being that I get money back, the sooner the better. Of course I try to keep the refund or payment as close to zero as I can get it. 🙂

  145. Nalani says:

    I have to be an early bird, with a family of 9!!! I actually used part of our refund to get a few IHOP gift cards, but another sure will come in handy 🙂

  146. Liz says:

    Early bird 🙂

  147. kathy says:


  148. abby says:

    last minute filer.. almost forgot to file..

  149. Anja says:

    I get it done as soon as I have everything because I want it off my To-Do list!

  150. Aileen C says:

    I filed early this year.

  151. Mary says:

    Early bird here. Have had my return already for a few weeks!

  152. CK says:

    My DH files our taxes. He tries to be an early bird, but in ten years the payroll dept. at his job has NEVER gotten his W-2 correct the first time, so we usually have to wait… and wait… and WAIT for them to get their act together before we can file! 😛

  153. Emily says:

    Definitely an early bird…the sooner I get my money, the better!

  154. Beth says:

    We’re in the early bird category – no sense putting off the inevitable!

  155. Clover says:

    Usually an early bird, but always by the end of March.

  156. Amy says:

    Definitely early bird 🙂

  157. Diane says:

    Somewhere in between. Just depends what the family schedule is.

  158. Erin says:

    We are always early birds when it comes to filing :0)

  159. Maryann savage says:

    We always file early.

  160. Lori says:

    Early bird

  161. Rebecca says:

    I am a last minute filer!

  162. jenn says:

    somewhere in the middle

  163. Marj says:

    Definately an Early Bird!

  164. Misally says:

    Definitely early bird! Its the only time I am early! Lol

  165. Toni V says:

    Oh I’m as early as I can be. As soon as I get the W-2, I’m filed otherwise I will lose it, forget about it destroy it before the deadline comes…

  166. Erika M says:

    I’m definetly an Early Bird.

  167. debbie b says:

    i always try to file by the middle to end of march. i dont want to be 1st or last!

  168. Karen Thomas says:

    Definitely a last minute flyer:)

  169. Stu says:

    Normally file in February/March but this year (for the 1st time) I am last minute.

  170. Melissa says:

    Always early!!!!

  171. sameen says:

    last minute filer…thtz me ! 😐

  172. Kristy says:

    I’m an early bird, we usually get a refund so I’m always ready to spend it… bad this year we got a whole $99….thanks Cindy for your coupon match ups so I can save big $$$$$. You’re much better than Uncle Sam!

  173. Jen says:

    We’re somewhere in the middle!

  174. Laura sanders says:

    We had our taxes filed the first week in February!!

  175. Tanya says:

    Early-bird!!!! 🙂

  176. Jennifer says:

    Definitely an Early Bird…I need to get things done ASAP otherwise I forget 🙂

  177. Anonymous says:

    I am a early bird!!

  178. Alison Calise says:

    Early Bird! Faster you get it done, the faster you can go shopping!

  179. Giovanna says:


  180. Michelle says:

    Somewhere in the middle, depending if we need the money right away or not.

  181. Meg says:

    Early Bird!!

  182. josie says:

    early bird…hubbie is an accountant!

  183. Cheri C. says:

    Earlybird on the federal, in-between to last minute with the state. thanks!

  184. Sara Serna says:

    Always an early bird!

  185. Jennifer J says:

    Def an early bird!! I like to go shopping and plan vacations EARLY!

  186. Becky says:

    early bird 😉

  187. mands says:

    i am an early filer! that way we can use the $$ for home improvements!

  188. Melissa says:

    Last minute filer

  189. Shannon says:

    We are a family of earlybirds!!

  190. Nita says:

    I am always a last minute filer. It’s almost like getting up in the morning from a nice warm bed. You know you have to do it but for the moment you can’t think of anything better than doing nothing. Maybe noone will notice you’re not around. But then again if they do you’re just out of luck in the worse way.

  191. Suzanne says:

    My husband files for an extention on the 14th every year ;-D

  192. Diona says:

    Me and my hubby are definitely early birds when it comes to tax time!! 😉

  193. Laurie says:

    We will be late this year. Own our own business and that makes thing complicated.

  194. Susan says:

    Early Bird! Got our tax returns a month or so ago.

  195. Nikki says:

    I’m somewhere in between. I usually file in March.

  196. Arleen says:

    Very last minute, will probly have to file for an extension

  197. Kristina says:

    I’m an early bird! 😉

  198. Joanne Johnston says:

    I am a late bird.

  199. Joanne Johnston says:

    Late late late bird.

  200. Bonnie Needleman says:

    I’m definitely an early bird, I already got my refund 🙂

  201. IK says:

    usually get it filed a week before dead-line…

  202. Anna Robinson says:

    Last minute, last day. It is a bad habit, cant seem to part with those funds.

  203. Jen says:

    I tell myself every year that I will do it early – but it never fails that I do it last minute.

  204. Son says:

    We have not filed yet! 🙁


  205. Josh says:

    Last minute…at least I still get it done!

  206. Jen says:

    Early just so I can get it over with!

  207. Eileen says:

    We file an extension every year 🙁 . It is like the shoemakers kids who have no shoes, he files for everyone else, we go on extension. Hope I win this, nice treat for the kids and me!

  208. Olga says:

    All done. Today actually.

  209. Molly says:

    Despite how hard I try, we always get it in right before the deadline.. With everything, last minute for life! thanks!

  210. Robert says:

    Last minute filer !!

  211. Liz says:

    Early only because my husband is compulsive about it. If left to me it would probably be done a week before.

  212. bobbi says:

    early bird filer

  213. BeckyC says:

    We already have our refund!

  214. Melissa says:

    I usually put them off till late March but I filed a lot earlier this year because I knew I’d be getting a big refund. I just had a baby and that child tax credit is SWEET!

  215. Allison says:

    Last minute filer… even when I try on a weekly basis to get them completed before then, I always manage to wait until the pressure is really on!

  216. Linda says:

    Typically, an early bird 🙂

  217. valerie says:

    Its early for me and get it over with!

  218. Christina says:

    If I was the one in charge, I would probably take it to the service as soon as all the paperwork is in, but my husband does it when we are on spring break, meaning absolute last minute. In fact, he’s doing them now!

  219. Nicole says:

    Early bird! They get the worm!

  220. April Riley says:

    I am an early bird, as soon as my w-2 is available, I file.

  221. Bettina S says:

    We always file an extention.

  222. maria d says:

    We filed early – we knew we were getting a refund. Why wait……

  223. Tina Hasson says:

    Love IHop
    Love living rich with coupons

  224. Angela says:

    I actually finished mine early but waiting because I owe:(

  225. Cristine says:

    Definitely Early Bird- I want to know how much I am getting back!

  226. Barb says:

    We are early birds. I want it done and off my to do list.
    Thank you IHOP!

  227. Marie says:

    I am an early bird, filed and received refund the beginning of Feb. I work for an accounting firm and people are still coming in as of today 🙁

  228. Elizabeth says:

    Early bird! Filed back in Jan.!

  229. michelle says:

    Early bird always, its my money and I need it now! Lol

  230. Shaunie says:

    Early bird here! I hate when it’s hanging over my head and having to think about it. I just get it done!

  231. Renae says:

    late filers this year.

  232. Nicole V says:

    Filed the same day I got my W-2! I waste NO time!

  233. Michelle O. says:

    Definitely an early bird, got our refund a month ago!

  234. Isabel says:

    Early Bird. My tax guy already has me scheduled for next year. The earlier the better and the faster I get my refund. 🙂

  235. Patty says:

    We always get our taxes done early, but we never send them out until the 15th, being that we always owe.

  236. Patricia Fox says:

    Earlybird!!!! 🙂

  237. Amanda says:

    Some where in the middle, closer to the last minute! even though we always say we will file early the next year!!

  238. Kyle says:

    I usually file late Feb to early March. Not organized enough to get it done sooner, but I want my money, so I don’t wait until the last minute.

  239. Jennifer Carone says:

    Always an early bird, as soon as the last paperwork arrives I get it out of the way

  240. Danielle Sidarous says:

    We file early!

  241. michelleb says:

    We file the second they let us! We want that refund and don’t want the burden of not having the taxes done on our shoulders.

  242. mike b says:

    I owe,,,,so last minute……

  243. Kathie says:

    I wait until the very last minute before I file.

  244. Tonya Morris says:

    Early bird! 🙂

  245. Tom says:

    In between…late Feb/early March usually.

  246. Kelly says:

    Somewhere in between… I always mean to file early but it never happens!

  247. T Williamson says:

    I submit my taxes early usually, but this year I was pretty late 🙁

  248. marilyn z says:

    I am an early bird! Refund has been received.

  249. Lisa says:

    We file as soon as all the neccessary paperwork arrives in the mail, usually the first week in February. Need any extra cash to help with our 5 boys, college is expensive!!

  250. Evan says:

    I’m an early-bird tax filer all the way! My taxes were filed in early February, and my tax refund was spent the next week! LOL!

  251. Marilyn says:

    Not quite last minute, but never before mid march!

  252. Kim says:

    Um, I LOVE doing my taxes. I think it goes along with the idea of saving money and hopefully watching it grow 🙂 Kind of like a COUPON!

  253. Desiree D says:

    Early bird! I file online as soon as I get everything in

  254. Judy says:

    I try to get them prepared early so I have a chance to figure out how to come up with the money I usually owe! LOL

  255. J says:

    Last year I waited until the last minute….this year I did them nice and early!

  256. Kelley Kurtz says:

    I am a early bird, I love tax time, and I get so much done with that money!!

  257. Melanie says:

    I am an early bird tax filer! I usually have all my taxes sent out by mid February. The best part about being an early bird is that I get my tax return a lot quicker!!!:) I already received my tax refund about a month ago!! Yippeee!!

  258. Jacqueline says:

    Is it tax time already? I’ll get to it in …..

  259. Michele S says:

    We usually file last minute but this year my hubby was great and did it a month in advance!! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  260. Linda says:

    last minute…just filed today

  261. Liz Hart says:

    Early Bird 🙂

  262. Jenny says:

    We ate last minute filers

  263. Stacia Grizzle says:

    I always file ASAP! I have my refund spent way before it gets there! 🙂

  264. sylvia nieves says:

    I file my taxes at the last minute because I pay every year.

  265. Bea Adler says:

    Always late…late…late.

  266. Matt says:

    Early Bird

  267. Sarah says:

    Early bird!

  268. Casey B says:

    Hello! We always do our returns early so we know what the damage is LOL! But we mail in our check to the IRS only a day or two before it is due!

  269. Gen says:

    Late all the way! I’d file early if I was getting something back. 🙁

  270. Yinka says:

    Early bird. I like to get my refund asap.

  271. Dawn says:

    Definitely an early bird! I have 2 kids, if I didn’t do it right away I would forget. LOL! 😀

  272. Alice says:

    My husband is an early bird riser since he retired and gets me up early!!!

  273. Liana says:

    definitely early bird…the sooner you get it in…the sooner you get it back!!

  274. Carrie says:

    This year I am a procrastinator. I know I owe, so why should I pay them early??

  275. Theresa B. says:

    Early bird! Can’t wait to get my $$$ :~)

  276. Heather says:

    I am an early bird. Have had my refund back for a few weeks now.

  277. Maria says:

    We filed early but then had to send an amended return for an income we forgot! So we are early, right-on-timers!

  278. Kristina says:

    Early bird here

  279. Rachel says:

    I always plan to be an early-bird, but usually end up being somewhere in between. Ive been wanting to go to IHOP! I think this gift card just might win my hubby over to my side of restaurant choices!

  280. Jen says:

    Well I am an early bird, set up the meeting nice and early…however by the time everything is done and completed and passed back to me it seems like I am more of the last minute type!!!

  281. Stacy says:

    Since we always have to pay we are last minute fliers

  282. Jessie C. says:

    I’m an early bird filer

  283. lala r says:

    early bird
    amramazon280 at yahoo dot com

  284. Regina says:

    Early bird 🙂 want it done and over with asap!

  285. Jude says:

    I am usually an early filer but this year is a different story…………. still havnt filed AND I am getting a refund………….go figure!!!

  286. Karen says:

    I file as soon as our W9s come in the mail
    ….our money has already been direct deposited in our account!

  287. Ali says:

    My husband I are always somewhere in the middle. Hes very organized and ready to go, and Im unorganized and it takes me a little while to get everything together.

  288. Nancy says:

    Usually file late February to early March. Have to have the taxes done before we can complete the FAFSA for our son’s college aid!

  289. Kelly says:

    I’m an early bird or else I’ll forget to do them!

  290. Naz says:

    Part of it early part of it late

  291. Shell says:

    An early bird – less stressful than waiting until the last day!

  292. Annabelle says:

    Im somewhere in between. I used to work for the CPA who does my taxes for free and I wait for him to tell me he has the time to do mine.

  293. Dave says:

    Early bird! Got my refund and saving it for a rainy day. 🙂

  294. Valerie C. says:

    I usually file in February but this year I didn’t file till March so I guess I’m in between!

  295. sonya says:

    Early Bird.. like to have it done.

  296. pascale hanna says:

    In this economy? I am way early 🙂

  297. Erin S. says:

    Early bird filer here! 🙂

  298. sandra says:

    Early bird right here! =)

  299. Stephanie says:

    A late filer! Hopefully Uncle Sam is good to me this year!

  300. Allison says:

    We are filing an extension this year. So definitely late.

    1. Paula says:

      When we owe, we always file at the last minute as we all this year.

  301. Joy says:

    Early bird filer, and early with most other things!

  302. Spunks says:

    We’re neither too early nor too late — right in the “sweet spot”!

  303. Jenn says:

    Early bird! 🙂

  304. Jennifer S. says:

    I’m a last minute filer…still haven’t even started to get my paperwork together yet. Yikes!

  305. Francesca says:

    We submitted the federal form early because we had a refund, but paid the state at the last minute since we owed.

  306. Vicki says:

    Early Bird!

  307. jamie bobel says:

    I am an EARLY BIRD with everything. This year I actually OWED the government (due to the car I won last year that I had to claim)…filed my taxes in February but did not mail my payment in until a couple weeks ago. I would rather just get it done and over with. Since I owed the government I could use some help with my next IHOP bill – especially since I plan to try the new RED VELVET PANCAKES!!! YUM!!!

    1. Anonymous says:

      I’ll take the car and only pay the taxes for you! LOL 🙂 Congrats on the car btw.

  308. tess says:

    in between- i did mine about 3 weeks ago
    tcogbill at live dot com

  309. Brooke H. says:

    Early bird!!!

  310. MC says:

    can’t believe it, but we actually filed earlier than later this year….and by early, I mean the beginning of April =)

  311. Jennifer says:

    Early bird! I file as soon as we get the W-2!

  312. carolyn august says:

    i am a late bird this year

  313. Cathy says:


  314. Colleen says:

    Early bird!

  315. Grandma Bird says:

    early bird for sure…used it to stock up on couponed items!

  316. Alli says:

    Early bird every year!

  317. Leana says:

    I try to file as early as possible so I know what I’m dealing with.

  318. LK says:

    Usually last-minute or late, this year 2 weeks early!

  319. shana says:

    Early Bird here!

  320. DHM says:

    last minute filer

  321. Dana V says:

    Early Bird for sure!!

    danav27 at gmail dot com

  322. anita m says:

    earlybird…get it out of the way!

  323. Megan says:

    Last minute filer here – still haven’t done it!

  324. Monica says:

    In between We owed the state money this year ……BOO!

  325. NICOLE F says:

    we were super duper early this year. so definitely early bird!!

  326. marie says:

    Havent filed yet… Oops so last minute!

  327. Lorraine says:

    We are somewhere in between…. sent them in about a week ago!

  328. Shannon says:

    early bird baby!

  329. aleta says:

    early bird bc i always need the money!

  330. Allie says:

    Early bird! Gotta love getting a check! And gotta love ihop’s 7 for $7! LOVE IHOP!!!

  331. Ana says:

    An early bird filer and our refund has been received…feels good not to be stressed out trying to get everything done last minute!

  332. Jen says:

    early bird 🙂

  333. Donna YS says:

    inbetween flier, but this yr more like a last minute down & around the last stretch corner, LOL, crossing my fingers and toes to hope to win a card! Tks!

  334. shannon says:

    Very early bird!

  335. patti says:

    definitely an early bird!

  336. Heather says:

    Somewhere in between! Love I-Hop and so does my 4 year old!!

  337. An says:

    really last minute….that reminds me that I have to file my extension…

  338. Sandy Jordan says:

    I am a early bird!!

  339. Lmakowski says:

    Early bird!!!!!! And I love ihop

  340. Roslyn says:

    I am an early bird filer!!

  341. keisha says:


  342. rena says:

    i am an early bird i like to get it back as soon as i can

  343. chung says:

    I’m a last minute filer.

  344. Renee says:

    Usually a last minute filier 🙁

  345. mary says:

    we file as early as we can

  346. Laura says:

    I file as soon as I can get all of W2s. I hate waiting until the last minute and I already made my appointment for next year.

  347. Ruth says:

    Always early bird!!! Thanks IHOP!!!

  348. Mami2jcn says:

    I’m somewhere in between. I’d like to be an early bird but the tax documents never seen to arrive early.

  349. Lady J says:

    I would do it on January 2nd if I could, but you always have to wait for all those W-2’s to roll in. They finally came in and I’ve already gotten my refunds back.

  350. MAITTE says:

    not 2 early and not 2 late somewhere in the middle 🙂 Thanks Cindy & Ihop

  351. Angie says:

    I’m definitely an early bird filer. I filed at the beginning of February this year.

  352. Pat says:

    Definitely an early bird and the refund is already spent!

  353. Marie says:

    I am an early bird when it comes to doing my taxes. I love to go do it yearly the same week that, it comes in the mail. Why not? I love being responsible! Getting my tax return on time is also wonderful! 🙂

  354. Melanie says:

    Always on time because someone else prepares it.

  355. Thabal says:

    Hubby is an early bird, so done with tax in Feb 🙂

  356. Melissa says:

    I am somewhere in-between.

  357. Meghann says:

    Somewhere in between, although to some it might be considered early bird!

  358. Kim says:

    If it wasn’t for last minute, my taxes would never get done!

  359. Dominique says:

    Early bird….I like my REFUND!

  360. Maureen says:

    We tend to be a last minute filer.

  361. AA says:

    Usually a late filer, have had to file extensions in the last couple of years BUT this year we are all done. Filed without getting an extension. I started couponing last year, so saving money. So why not on our tax returns, right. Finally with the program!!!!

  362. Annie says:

    Early bird…i need my money 🙂

  363. Julie R says:

    I always file early.

  364. Linda says:

    Early bird!

  365. Betsy says:

    Very Very last minute… how late is the post office open…. 🙂

  366. Chrissy says:

    Normally we file somewhere in between…This year, we are filing last minute (the 15th to be exact)…having our accountant 1.5 hours away and 2 different schedules for me and the hubby doesn’t help…..But our accountant is fantastic, so it’s worth it in the end!

  367. Val says:

    I’m an early bird when it comes to going for breakfast at Ihop. When it comes to taxes I file late.

  368. Rocky says:

    Last minute filer. Not usually, but, things got away from us this year! Looking forward to the Chicken and Waffles for my daughter and Cheesy Western Omelette (yum!) for me and mom. My son will just have to decide when we get there!!!

  369. Sarah A. says:

    I use to be an early bird filer, but my hubby is a last minute filer. Drives me crazy!

  370. yazmin says:

    I am an ealry bird… love the extra money to get rid of bills 🙂

  371. amy carollo says:

    I am an early bird filer. I like to get it done right away or I might forget and scramble around last minute!!!

  372. Cat says:

    In between…..I usually am last minute on everything!

  373. Cathy says:

    Early bird filer here, have to be since my husbands LOVES doing taxes for anybody that asks him to. We get ours done and over with first then he files for all our friends and family…He’s a nice guy =)

  374. lisa kubinski says:

    Late Late Late, because I owe owe owe. Which is why i could really use a gift card today.

  375. Ativa says:

    When it comes to taxes I am an early bird. I need the extra money to pay off bills or get caught up on stuff so I do it as soon as I get my W2’s. I cant afford to sit around and wait. Lol

  376. Jenny says:

    Usually I’m last minute, but I’ve already received my refund. Had to file an extension for my dad though, he’s showing some signs of dementia and couldn’t navigate his return by himself–he’s almost 88…Aging is not for sissies!

  377. Leila says:

    In the past we have been early birds…this year, definitely LATE!!!!!

  378. tammi says:

    last minute this year..usually early bird.. : )

  379. Kathy says:

    Early. Always hoping, never getting, a decent return.

  380. Lisaanne says:

    Totally an early bird! Almost as soon as we get our forms we do it on line and get the return very quickly!!

  381. Cathy says:

    Last minute filer. Every year I start early but ……

  382. Michelle G says:

    Being an accountant, I like to file my returns as soon as I get them especially when a Refund is coming back to me 🙂

  383. Margarett Fraser says:

    I have always been an early bird filer. It sure has become alot easier to file early with e-filing. Guess that just shows my age.

  384. the original rosanne says:

    The same as when I do my Christmas shopping-last minute.

  385. Val says:

    I am usually in between, but this year I was an early bird!

  386. Mark says:

    early bird!

  387. Brian E. says:

    Last minute.

  388. Sarah R says:

    Last minute, especially when I had to pay quarterly (estimated tax).

  389. neolla says:

    we are early bird filers, definitely..

  390. michelle Z says:

    Early bird

  391. Erik says:

    A week before the deadline.

  392. lisa says:

    Last minute…always say we are going to submit earlier!

  393. Ernest says:

    Last Minute filer not by choice

  394. Liz says:

    Early Bird , Can’t wait to spend it !!!!!

  395. mary says:

    Early Bird – always have bills to pay off!!!

  396. Rachel C. says:

    Early Bird – especially since I get a refund!

  397. Heather says:

    Early bird 🙂

  398. Beth says:

    I am an early filer. I work for an accountant and can get them done as soon as I get all my documents.

  399. ERIN says:

    early bird for sure!

    1. Christina says:

      Usually an early bird but this year I took my good old time!!

  400. Galyl Gonzalez says:

    Im an early Bird

  401. Chris says:

    In between, we’d love an IHOP dinner!

  402. linda says:

    early bird filer

  403. Kristen says:

    Definitely an early bird. As soon as all of my paperwork is in, I do mine!

  404. Jennifer says:

    Somewhere in between…

  405. Siobhan says:

    Early bird filer!

  406. Yessenia O. says:

    I am an early bird. I need my monayyy lol! 🙂

  407. TM says:

    definitely an early bird….

  408. Laurie A says:

    I was a lot later this year than I wanted to be and gave it to my accountant last week.

  409. laurie says:

    In betweener, wish I could be early.

  410. Jennifer Black says:

    Early Bird! Can’t help it, it’s always better to be early rather than late!

  411. Sebsa says:

    Definitely a last minute filer…I hold onto my money as long as I can!! : )

  412. Laura says:

    Hey, love your site! I seem to procrastinate every year, and then tell myself that next year will be different. 🙁

  413. Tink says:

    I’m somewhere in between…. definitely not an early bird though 😉

    1. Tink says:

      Email address is with this post lol

  414. kevin says:

    definitely an early bird

  415. Mike D. says:

    I’m a slow poke….. did filed the other day…. I’m surprised I did them this soon LOL

  416. Linda says:

    I am an early bird.

  417. Barbara A. says:

    Last minute filer….the paperwork is all ready to go at least the day before but I won’t write the checks and mail them until the very last minute.

  418. Ebony says:

    We are earlie Birds but last minute payers 🙂

  419. katie says:


  420. Kerry says:

    Early bird filer!

    1. Kerry says:

      what does that mean ~”comment is awaiting moderation”?

  421. Elise says:

    Not an early bird–but since I have a balance I will wait to last minute to send!

  422. natalia says:

    Early bird!!

  423. April says:

    somewhere in-between

  424. Sandra says:

    Definitely an early bird always need my money ASAP 🙂

  425. Jackie says:

    I’m an early bird…I like to get it done because I have to fill out the FAFSA for my daughter.

  426. Lori says:

    Procrastinator at heart, every year I say I’ll do it early and every year I file on or about the last day.

  427. Michelle says:

    We were early birds this tax season. And, we love IHOP. 🙂

  428. Rubiela says:

    Well I guess this year makes me an in-betweener…because I waited till the last week before they were due. Usually, I have them done as soon as possible.

  429. michelle says:

    depends on how i feel. last yr i was last min, this yr i was an early bird…we have a kitchen to pay for o we needed it asap lol

  430. Traci says:

    I’m actually procrastinating doing my taxes right now… no joke!

  431. ruchi says:

    taxes filed, returns come and spent!! now broke, so hoping for an i-hop gc.

  432. Tiffany Salvia says:

    I just filed today so that would make me a last minute filer. lol!

  433. Brandi says:

    Last minute!

  434. meghan o says:

    Last minute as With everything else in my life!!!!

  435. LWong says:

    somewhere in-between, wish I could be sooner, but with a newborn it’s hard.

  436. Karen says:

    Early Bird!! 🙂

  437. Marjorie Shaw says:

    late late filer!!!!

  438. joanne R says:

    total last min filer

  439. Laura Jacobson says:

    Im a last minute filer. 🙁 I always say I am going to do it early…..but always ending up doing at the end! Yep…I procrastinate!

  440. kate says:

    we are such late filers… we just drag our feet about it. =]

  441. Lori T says:

    Early Bird. As soon as we receive the W2’s

  442. Anneliese says:

    Last minute…I hate doing my taxes!

  443. A. Edwards says:

    Last Minute Filer

  444. Vanessa says:

    Definately the early bird—I am always watchin the mailbox for the 1099’s! <3 IHOP

  445. Dee S says:

    Last minute filer!

  446. Ger says:

    I’m an early bird filer.

  447. Cat says:

    last minute this year! My family loves IHOP!

  448. Lauren says:

    Early! I start getting excited for my refund around Christmas time!

  449. Erika g says:

    Early bird and make our appointment a year in advance

  450. LMHutch says:

    Early bird for sure…don’t like to have it hanging over my head

  451. Anna T says:

    Definitely an early bird filer. I like to get it out of the way. I hate having it hang over my head.

  452. Katie Alfano says:

    Definitely a last minute filer!

  453. Jessica says:

    I am an early bird! And we all love IHOP.

  454. RoseP says:

    i’m a somewhere in-between.. love ihop!

  455. Darcie B. says:

    We are early bird filers. So we can plan our vacation with the refund sooner!

  456. Robin S says:

    I am an early bird! I file on the first day of tax season!!

  457. CJ says:

    I do my federal taxes in Jan or Feb because I always get a good sized refund. I leave the state return til last minute since I always have to pay.

  458. Carol says:

    Somewhere in between….

  459. JoAnn says:


  460. sherry s says:

    I am notoriously a tax return extender. Every year I file for a 6 month extension to delay the inevitable.

  461. B. Coleman says:

    Somewhere in between…we’re always waiting for one form to be delivered to us, so early is never an option.

  462. Elizabeth says:

    Last minute filer for sure…still havent done it. 🙁

  463. Mel says:

    Last minute flier!

  464. margaret says:

    definite early bird filed it rcvd it and spent it

  465. Kristy says:

    We’re early birds. As soon as the W-2 comes in, we’re off to H&R Block.

  466. vedahanks says:

    Early filer thanks to my mother-in-law who does them for us!!

  467. Andrea says:

    We are early birds. As soon as everything we need comes in I am on By the time Tax Day comes around our refund is already spent on bills lol

  468. Katlin Wolfert says:

    I’m a really really late filer…..

  469. Linda says:

    Early Bird Filer….fer sure. 🙂

  470. Patricia E. says:

    Early Bird!

  471. Chris V. says:

    I am for sure a early bird!

  472. Arianna says:

    late! we owe money!!!

  473. Tara says:

    I always want to get my taxes done early, but it seems to be last minute every year 🙁

  474. Hannah says:

    Definitely an early bird! I do ours as soon as we can every year!!

  475. Cynthia Palmatier says:

    LAST MINUTE….just e-filed them last week

  476. Macie says:

    The “Earlt Bird get the Worm” ( Thats me) 😀

  477. Rosa says:

    Early bird, definitely!!!

  478. Dijah4 says:

    We are early definitely early birds.

  479. Kathy says:

    File late every year because we owe 🙁 could sure use some help

  480. Bea Adler says:

    We file for an extension!!!

  481. Charlotte says:

    Anytime!! My daughter especially loves the Funny Face and Pumpkin Pancakes!!

  482. Jean says:

    We are early birds if we are getting a refund! This year we owe so we are waiting until the deadline to file & pay:)

  483. Tiffany says:

    Early Bird!!! As soon as all my documents are in…I’m filing.

  484. Vicki Berens says:

    Try to be an early bird but this year waiting til Tuesday to mail my HUGE check! Ugh! Sure could use that IHOP card.

  485. Renee says:

    We’re an early bird family that’s for sure. It was our Valentine’s day gift to ourselves!

  486. tyra green says:

    early bird for sure

  487. Jaime says:

    Early bird.. Next year i’ll be extra early bird cause i’ll get to claim the baby !

  488. Kim Lee says:

    I am an early bird, thanks!

  489. Carolyn McKttrick says:

    I am a PROcrastinator… I haven’t done them yet. I have always been like this with everything. Why, I am working on my report cards now that are due Monday. Something about that feeling working up to that moment at the last hour. It absolutely drives my mom crazy.

  490. sara says:

    Early Bird right here!

  491. Kristin H. says:

    Early bird!

  492. Julie says:

    Early bird for us! Thank you for this opportunity!

  493. Sherri says:

    I’m an early bird when they owe me and a last minute when I owe them! Lol

  494. haley gray says:

    Somewhere in the middle 😉

  495. Paulette says:

    Somewhere in between!

  496. nina says:

    Somewhere in the middle!!

  497. Stephanie komo says:

    I’m def a early filer. Thanks!

  498. Jacqui Gonzalez says:

    I am for sure an Early Bird tax filer. The earlier you get it filed then, the earlier you’ll get it back. Why put off what must be done anyways?! Get it done and over with!!! is how a feel.

    1. melissa grogan says:

      I am an early bird

  499. dawn says:

    Early bird so we can look forward to our vacation:)

  500. Tina says:

    Early Bird!!!!

  501. Karen B. says:

    Early bird if a refund is coming.

  502. dawn nunn says:

    we are usually a when i am hungry for something and the hunny and kiddo wants something different we go to IHOP

  503. Colleen H says:

    Early Bird .. already got my taxed back

  504. amanda says:

    early bird always… we use our money to take our 3 kids to the beach or some other family trip..we look forward to it every year

  505. kaileigh says:

    Somewhere in between. Depends if I have money to file or not

  506. christina says:

    Do them as early as possible!!

  507. Colleen H says:

    Early Bird .. already got my taxes back ! ( I should add Thanks to my husband )

  508. Becky says:

    A last minute filer this year. 🙁

  509. Terry says:

    somewhere in-between

  510. Jen says:

    well…im both 🙂 we always file our federal asap and then wait until the VERY last mintue to file our state and local. i have no idea why i don’t do them all at once…but thats how i’ve done it since i’ve been filing!

  511. JanMarie says:

    I’m and early bird, taxes filed and refund back and bills paid by mid February!

  512. Dana says:

    Somewhere in between but closer to an early bird!

  513. Wendy says:

    I am an early bird in my mind, but since I am a procrastinator I have to confess to being a last minute filer….

  514. Drew says:

    Early bird….. I do them the same day i get them in the mail from work….. And its usually spent the day i get em from the gov… This year im on disability so had to not spend it..

  515. Michelle says:

    I am a last minute filer. I am not sure why because I am due money back! Ugh!! I should be more on top of it.

  516. Hana Hu says:

    Early Bird!!

  517. Ken says:

    Definitely a last minute filer. We usually file for an extension to give us more time to get all our info together.

  518. stella says:

    Early bird.

  519. Cat says:

    Early bird for sure! As soon as I get those W-4s I’m on it!

  520. Kat says:

    Already done my taxes!! But I love IHOP!!

  521. Reet says:

    A last minute person this year….what can I say…….

  522. Marleen says:

    I’m definitely an early bird! Like to get thing done when I can.

  523. Stacy says:

    Dreadfully…. Last minute filer… (“,)

  524. stacy says:

    early bird

  525. belinda adey says:

    ooops,i’m bad.haven’t done mine yet

  526. I sent mine in at the begining of month, somewhere in the middle

  527. Suzane says:

    I am definitely an early bird. I just want it done and out of the way.

  528. megan says:

    Early bird for sure!

  529. Mari says:

    Early bird!

  530. marisa says:

    early bird!!

  531. Lindsay S. says:

    Im an early bird! I like to get it taken care of before I end up forgetting! 🙂

  532. Tonya Cotton says:

    Early Bird!!! I file my taxes on the very first day!!!

  533. Lauren G says:

    Last minute…still havent taken care of it!!

  534. Michaela spaulding says:

    I file my taxes as soon as the last bit of tax-related mail arrives. If I don’t, I’ll forget all about it

  535. Valerie post says:

    Early bird!!!

  536. Alexa Soto says:

    When I was little, we always filed on the very last day. My dad and I used to head to the post office at MIDNIGHT! There was always a party, with hotdogs being grilled and balloons. Now, that I am a grown up, we are a tad bit more responsible 🙂

  537. Elizabeth says:

    Last minute! Haven’t even started doing my taxes yet. When is that pesky deadline?

  538. Kristen Casella says:

    Not too early, but early enough. Usually no later than March 1. I received my refund already and applying it toward a down payment on a new car.

  539. Joanne Johnston says:

    I am an early bird

  540. abby says:

    use to be an early bird but now a last min..

  541. Darlene says:

    My hubby and I are early filers…we usually need the money for something anyway, and let’s face it…the gov’t held on to it long enough! lol

  542. rena says:

    im a early bird

  543. Kris says:

    October 15, the end of the last extension…going to go for last minute!

  544. Becky says:

    Early bird all the way

  545. mindy r says:

    Early bird!

  546. Wendy says:

    Always and Early Bird.

  547. Patty says:

    LATE! LATE! LATE! we owe this year so we haven’t filed yet lol

  548. Sandra K321 says:

    We had no choice this year; my son is starting college and we had to file early so he could apply for financial aid.

  549. Jenny C says:

    Im an early bird!

  550. Piera Arita says:

    I’m an early bird. We file as soon as the w-2 comes home 🙂

  551. sharon says:


  552. Traci says:

    Late filer, just completed Federal and state, still need to do local.

    Have been procrastinating for weeks, would rather spend my time couponing and checking out Living Rich for all the great deals.

  553. Victoria G says:

    Early bird to pay of the taxes that come yearly “(

  554. Tomas says:

    EARLY BIRD, everytime…………

  555. Sue says:

    We file early if we are getting a refund and if not we keep our money invested for ourselves until the last minute! This year we filed early……..! Yay!!

  556. John says:

    Mine/Kids Federal, Early as possible after reviving w2’s, State…..last minute.

  557. AKINO says:

    hubs is a last minute filer :p

  558. Nanda says:

    Earlt Bird! I like to get it over with.

  559. Solducky says:

    We always shoot for being an early bird, though probably end up closer to the middle. I just never want to be rushing to do it last minute!
    soluckyducky at gmail dot com

  560. Elena says:

    I am an early bird

  561. Christine R says:

    My husband makes us be early birds every year.. Good thing, because if it was up to me we’d be last- minute filers! (I’m such a procrastinator!)

  562. thomas k says:

    last minute, too

  563. Robin J says:

    Early Bird…(**)

  564. Rachel C. says:

    Somewhere in between – March for Federal this year (money back) and this past week for State (had to pay)!!!

  565. Jenn K. says:

    I’m a last minute filer even though I always do our taxes early. I procrastinated since we had to pay this year.

  566. Jennifer Marie says:

    We are somewhere in the middle not right when we get all our information, but not at the last minute either.

  567. Pat says:

    I’d say somewhere in between….earlier if we’re getting money back, later if we have to pay

  568. Julie says:

    Early Bird when we are getting money back 🙂

  569. Ali Watson says:

    Last minute filer!

  570. Tracey Lentz says:

    I’m usually an early bird but this year was somewhere in between.

  571. Lisa McBride says:

    I’m an early filer. I always file as soon as I get my W-2. Even though I owed this year. 🙁

  572. alicia beckham says:

    I am a some kind in between….we just got a NEW IHOP in my hometown have NOT been there yet…!

  573. Ellen B says:

    We are somewhere in the middle, but it has happened where we submitted right before the deadline.

  574. Melissa says:

    🙂 Definitely Early! The Earlier… The Better! Usually As Soon as We Get ALL Our W-2s Back Then As Quick As It Comes It Goes, Paying Bills and Putting Away For Savings!

  575. Nikki hatfield wilson says:

    We filed in February. I always sweat it so it is best to just bite the bullet and get it over with for me.

    Twilson 107 at cox dot net

  576. Karen Sheaffer says:

    We always file early.

  577. Cindy says:

    Early bird because I have to file my fafsa for school by Feb 15 and they need tax information.

  578. Dixie D says:

    Last minute. Because the only thing in my life that’s organized is my coupon book. My friends are still shocked at it. 🙂

  579. Melissa says:

    Usually we are early birds, but this year the hubby wanted to use turbo tax. I ave to say there was nothing turbo about it. It took forever. I don’t know who is at fault the hubby or turbo tax, lol

  580. Angie says:

    We are Early Birds! As soon as the paperwork comes in we get them done! (and of course before the return is in its already spent! LOL)

  581. Zahra says:

    Depends – an early bird if we are expecting money and later if we owe! LOL

  582. Kelly F says:

    I’m an Early Bird!

  583. Cheryl says:

    somewhere in between….if not last minute!

  584. chrissy says:

    As soon as we get them, we do them 🙂 it seems to take forever & a day to get it though. I could sure use a gift card 🙂

  585. Brenda says:

    Last Minute filer this year, as in I haven’t started yet! YIKES! I better get going… this could be a long night!

  586. Audrey says:

    Early bird definitely. I like to get my money back and not waste any time.

  587. Michelle says:

    Last minute flyer. Without a doubt.

    1. Michelle says:


  588. Tracy F says:

    Definitely an Early Bird !

  589. Erin says:

    Early..,, puts are filed, return received & spent. 🙂

  590. Nicole says:

    We are early birds!! Always get a jump on it!!

  591. Jill says:

    Somewhere in-between!

  592. Lydia Banegas says:


  593. Tammy Kreiss says:

    Depends how much money I owe that year… 🙁

  594. heather schwartz says:


  595. Marina says:

    Usually somewhere in between, though, this year, I was more of a last minute filer.

  596. Shauna says:

    Last minute…still haven’t filed yet!

  597. aimee says:

    Last minute filer.

  598. Anita says:

    somewhere in-between

  599. Tana says:

    Early-bird!! =)

  600. Shana says:

    We’re early birds!!

  601. Johnny says:

    Call me an early bird…I always get my worm!

  602. Kat H says:

    I am a early birder! When I get my last W2 or document needed to file, they are done that evening!

  603. Angie B says:

    Early if I’m getting a refund, last minute if I owe 😉

  604. Aimee says:

    I’m a last minute filer!

  605. Jodi Cooper says:

    Last minute! My taxes are going out in Monday’s mail!

  606. Jennifer says:

    Early bird

  607. mary blakely says:

    early bird

  608. Dawn says:

    I’m super early…as in I file the very first day I can. The earlier I can get my money back , the better 🙂

  609. Ann says:

    I’m a procrastinator when it comes to filing taxes, so I usually wind up filing at the last minute for the automatic extension. But I’m never late to IHOP! (Well, sometimes I go in the middle of the night, but that counts as being an early bird, I think.)

  610. Amanda says:

    We usually do our taxes as soon as we recieve our W2s; better to get it done & out of the way 🙂

  611. Kim says:

    I am definitely an early bird!

  612. Lydia Banegas says:

    Early Bird!!

  613. Becky Daniel says:

    Such an early bird. Taxes done, refund spent, LOL

  614. shana says:

    Usually I’m an early bird, this year not so much.

  615. Sue says:

    Definately an Early Bird!!! Love having the money back ASAP to pay off bills!!

  616. Lola Stevens says:

    We are definently early birds. The sooner we get the refund, the sooner bills can get paid off!

  617. Reesa Lewandowski says:

    Somewhere in between! Although more on the later side that I usually do them. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  618. Chris says:

    We always file early.

  619. kat says:

    Usually in between but we are last minute this year…. Not a fan!

  620. Randi says:

    Last minute — I am definitely a procrastinator when it comes to taxes!

  621. Amanda West says:

    Earlybird… You get the money quickly!

  622. Esma says:

    An Early bird!

  623. Sadie says:

    I am an early bird!

  624. Deanna Allen says:

    My husband is an early bird; therefore, our taxes have been done since early February. Thank goodness for him, or I would probably be doing them tonight. 😉

  625. The early bird gets the worm…So, get-r-done as soon as possible after all info is collected, then head out for a nice cozy breakfast at I hop

  626. Lauren H. says:

    I have a small business so my accountant likes my stuff sooner rather than later. I end up falling somewhere in between early bird and last minute.

  627. Michelle Zito says:

    We are early birds. We like to try and get our refund as quickly as possible and love to use our refund at Ihop!!!

  628. samantha y says:

    Last minute every year

  629. Amy Becerra says:

    I am an absolute eary bird!!!

  630. Kami says:

    Usually an early bird but this year we are last minute!

  631. Gail says:

    Last minute, have to pay this year.

  632. Donna says:

    Absolutely, I am a Early bird, no need to wait. Just like I am a early bird at IHop, beat the crowd!!!

  633. wintergreen ting says:

    Somewhere in between!!

  634. Denise Hart says:

    I’m an early bird for sure! I need to know ASAP because I’m a planner 🙂

  635. Jennifer says:

    Early Bird now because we get money back but will probably put it off if we ever have to pay.

  636. Evelyn says:

    Last minute …

  637. Diane Martin says:

    I am a very early flier! Usuallynhave return back by 1st week of feb!

  638. Rose Mary P says:

    I’m an early bird, but my hubby is a procrastinator so we meet in the middle to keep the peace.

  639. Cassie Turner says:

    I am an early bird for sure! As soon as our W2’s are in, we get everything processed. Don’t want to have to worry about it any longer than necessary.

  640. lori williams says:

    Early bird….needed the money then…but need it more now.

  641. Jaclyn Glover says:

    Early bird filer definitely! We look forward to our returns. It is our second Christmas to pay off the first.

  642. Holly says:

    I always file early! Like to use the extra cash to pay for vacations!!

  643. cara says:

    always an early bird! especially if there’s a refund coming my way! xoxo i-hop!

  644. Brenda says:

    I am sort of in the middle type filer…Usually the first of March…

  645. Jamie says:

    definitely earlybird! Already got our refund back

  646. Melanie Crawford says:

    Somewhere in between! Gotta wait for all the docs to come in!

  647. Julie says:

    I was always early because I got a nice refund. We planned and paid for our vacations with the refund. But I lost my job and spent a very long time without work. So we ended up owing and that was really hard with no job. So we became late filers. I have a good job now, so I hope this is the last year if waiting until the last minute.

  648. Pat says:

    We were definite early birds this year!

  649. Eimi M. says:

    I am doing mine right now. Lol. So I am VERY late.

  650. Elisa says:

    Somewhere in-between…wish I had waited longer this year since I have to pay…

  651. christine says:

    I’m an early bird! 🙂

  652. VASHTI says:


  653. debbiefabiano says:

    We file early because we are expecting a refund!

  654. Danielle says:

    Somewhere in between. 🙂 This year, we filed later than usual, just two weeks ago.

    [email protected]

  655. Donnella Bruno says:

    I am an early bird I love to smell the morning dew and hear the birds singing as life wakes up.

  656. Last minute most certainly!!!

  657. Jamie S says:

    EARLY BIRD!!!!

  658. candi schaedel says:

    I live to be early…that I’m always so early!

  659. colleen says:

    Early riser here! why wait? :)It feels good to have it done as soon as possinle.

  660. Kathryn says:

    Definitely a last minute flier this year! With baby #1 due in 3 months, we are doing so many things to get ready, and the taxes were running behind; but luckily done in time, because we can use that money!!

  661. Jennifer M. says:

    Early bird…I want my tax money back as soon as I can get it!

  662. Kelly juanengo says:

    EArly bird!

  663. Cynthia says:

    Last minute…no refund 🙁

  664. Carolyn J. says:

    I’m an early bird. Got my refund back and spent it already, so an IHOP gift card would definitely come in handy! 🙂

  665. kim kortisses says:

    Always an early bird

  666. Amy B says:

    We are total early birds! Filed and already got our return – plus we are already working to fix the mistake the state made to get some more cash back. Even when we had to pay we filed earlier, just didn’t send the check in until the last minute – love e-filing.

  667. erica chao says:

    last minute filer!

  668. sharon says:

    try to be an early bird but usually somewhere in-between ;D

  669. Judy Cole says:

    Early bird!!! Ready to get MY money back!!!

  670. Bonnie says:

    I’m a super early bird! File as soon as I get my w2! I don’t like the lines after February 1!

  671. gabby says:

    We are always early birds with filing our taxes, so we can get our refund faster 😉 we live IHOP!!

  672. Vicki says:

    Last minute filer

  673. katherine says:

    early bird it’s done and received

  674. Melina says:

    Early bird! Daughter going to college, don’t have a choice. Have to get the FASFA in!

  675. Jessica says:

    Early bird!

  676. Lynn Muller says:

    early bird

  677. Jill says:

    Usually in between but this year just filed this week!

  678. Sandi says:

    Usually inbetween but this year VERY early!

  679. Anne-Marie Coleman says:

    Somewhere in-between, but usually by early March

  680. Amy says:

    Early bird. We like to file as soon as possible.

  681. Carol m says:

    Early bird, unless I have to pay then I wait it out.

  682. Bonnie says:

    Early bird

  683. Rebecca says:

    Early bird when we send in our tax returns.

  684. Lori says:

    we wait until the last minute, not my choice and we fight about it every year, LOL.

  685. Nina says:

    We try to file as early as possible, but usually fall in the middle somewhere.

  686. Jesyca says:

    We are earlybirds…just got our returns today actually! Thank god!

  687. trisha says:

    Very Early filer, I would rather get it out of the way. This mommy doesn’t need one more thing to worry about on her list!

  688. Danielle says:

    Early bird – its already gone!! Daughter’s bday in march so i try to get refund in time for gifts – although if I keep couponing like this I should be in better shape for next year!

  689. jen mayer says:

    Early bird!

  690. Kim Boon says:

    in between

  691. anthony w says:

    Late every year.

  692. Definitely an early bird, as soon as I get w-2’s always in need of the return!!!!!

  693. Lorraine says:

    I’m an early filer!

  694. Susan S says:

    Early, usually get a refund, so want my money asap!

  695. Jennifer says:

    We just filed today; so we are definitely not early birds… on the plus side of it, this is the first time in 4 years we will be getting a little bit back.

  696. June Ebinger says:


  697. Melanie L says:

    I’m an early bird

  698. Kelly says:

    Always late filer……

  699. Lydia Moreno says:

    early birds!!

  700. Nathaniel says:

    Early bird.

  701. erin says:

    we got our taxes done months ago! we were super early birds!

  702. Jenny C says:

    Soooo last minute, and down to the wire!

  703. Anonymous says:

    early bird!

  704. Beth says:

    Definitely an early bird! I love doing them myself. I save my last paycheck for the year, log into my tax program, and add my W-2’s and other tax docs as they arrive in the mail! It’s great to watch the amount of the return increase!

  705. Alejandra says:

    early bird!

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