How To Keep Your Cool When Couponing

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Extreme Couponing Tip: How To Keep Your Cool

There is nothing worse than knowing you’re “right” about something in life, specifically coupon use, and being told by someone, who may not have as much couponing experience as you, that you’re wrong.

You know the drill…you’re all set to score awesome deals and have a huge shopping trip planned to your local store armed with your coupons in hand, just to be told at the end of your transaction that you “can’t use this coupon” or “we don’t allow this.”  I’ve had many frustrating experiences at the check out line while using coupons, often times while there are other customers waiting in line behind me, clearly annoyed that I’m slowing down the process by using coupons.  It is times like this that it is more important than ever to keep your cool, stay calm, and most importantly, stay polite…even if (when) you’re right!

::Reasons to Keep Your Cool

  • It’s important to maintain a positive working relationship with the staff and management at your local stores.  Allow them to get to know you, not just as the “crazy” couponer, but as an honest person with high integrity who isn’t out to rip the store off, just a smart shopper trying to save a buck in this tough economy.  Once you gain this positive working relationship with the staff and management, they will be more apt to work with you to correct the issue.  If you don’t keep your cool and immediately get upset and rude when a situation like this presents itself, you’re now not only hurting your reputation at that store, but you’re now creating a stigma for the rest of the coupon shoppers of that store.
  •  You don’t want to be a bad witness to other customers.  Let’s face it…we all hate stereotypes but we often are quick to be guilty of it.  While shopping and using your coupons, you’re going to interact and encounter other customers, the vast majority who don’t use coupons.  Don’t take the chance at creating another negative stereotype for couponers by forgetting to keep your cool when frustrating situations happen to you while trying to properly use coupons.  The outrage may seem worth it and justified at the time, however if we take into consideration the negative impression we’re making on other customers and store associates, it might not be worth it in the long run.
  • It isn’t worth the stress in your life!  Living “Rich” with Coupons means much more than just living rich financially…it also means living a rich and healthy lifestyle.  Couponing, especially when you’re a beginner and trying to get the hang of it, can be super stressful, however that’s not what it is intended to be!  Don’t bring the stress of a bad transaction home with you and go on and on to your poor husband or family members about how a deal didn’t work perfectly as you had planned.  Leave it at the door, or at the checkout line, as tough as it may be, and simply learn from it.

::Tips on What to Do in Order to Keep Your Cool

  • Never go shopping without your store’s coupon policy!  This will save you so much time and frustration if you can simply pull out your store’s policy when you are told something conflicting with what you know is right.  Always show the staff the policy in a polite manner and not with a condescending attitude because you’re right and they’re wrong.
  • When you’re having a problem with a coupon at the checkout line, consider completing the transaction and taking the issue to the customer service desk where a manager can help you without holding up the line.  This will give you a minute to regroup and take a deep breath before you head over to customer service with a calm voice and smile 🙂
  • Consider bringing a shopping buddy with you.  This always helps me stay organized for some reason.  When I don’t have to worry about pushing the cart and maneuvering down crowded aisles, I can just have my binder, coupons and check list in hand, making for less mistakes in quantities needed, less forgetting to get items altogether, etc.  Most importantly, having my husband with me while I shop allows me the ability to watch as each item and coupon is scanned while he bags.  This prevents mistakes and everything just seems to go much smoother when I’m focused and able to pay attention to the cashier, thus causing less mistakes and less issues overall, which ends in a calm and happy shopper!

What do you do in order to keep your cool?