Understanding eCoupons

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Understanding eCoupons

I often see many LRWC readers confused about the use of eCoupons when looking through the various Store Match Ups, specifically ShopRite Coupon Match Ups.  Here are some tips to make the best use of various store eCoupons:

When do new eCoupons become available? ShopRite adds new eCoupons every Sunday morning.  If possible, try and load these to your card early Sunday morning, as sometimes certain eCoupons disappear quickly!

Do eCoupons Double? ShopRite eCoupons do not  double and can only be used once.

How many eCoupons can you load to your card? You can load 125 eCoupons to your card.

Can you remove an eCoupon that you changed your mind on?  At this time, ShopRite does not have an option to remove an eCoupon from your card.  It will be removed when you use it or when it expires.

Where is the Discount Shown on the Receipt? The discount from the eCoupon does not show up at the bottom of your receipt with your manufacturer’s coupons.  Look for the deduction directly under the product purchased on your receipt.

Why do you list eCoupons in the Match Ups if they are No Longer Available (NLA)?  We list eCoupons that are NLA in the match ups because some readers may have clipped the eCoupon when it first came out and would like to know when to use them before they expire.

Do eCoupons Expire? Yes eCoupons do expire!  Sometimes it’s easy to forget they expire, but they do, so always be sure to check before purchasing an item you have an eCoupon for to make sure it’s still in your account.

Are you allowed to stack a ShopRite eCoupons with a manufacturer coupon?  That’s a good question and one that has been asked many times, by me, to corporate.  The question has never been answered and the ShopRite Coupon Policy does not state that you can not.  Stores usually make it clear either way in their policy including Weis Markets that states you can not stack eCoupons with manufacturer coupons and Stop & Shop that, now states, with their new coupon policy, that you can. We, here at LRWC, make sure to follow each store’s written coupon policy and have gone out of our way to clarify any gray areas.  With that said, we go by the assumption that stacking the coupons is allowed and will continue to provide deals in that manner until we are informed otherwise.  However, please not, that each ShopRite is individually owned and operated and they can change their coupon policy as they see fit.  Please abide by your local store’s coupon policy.

What do you do if your eCoupon doesn’t come off on your receipt?  First be sure you purchased the right product and correct size, etc.  If you are certain you purchased the correct product, your best bet would be to contact the store’s corporate directly instead of having a discussion about ecoupons with store customer service or even the store manager. Upon calling corporate, you will most likely graciously receive a credit for the eCoupon.

Things you should do to be sure your ecoupons are loaded to your card correctly:

  1. Make sure that the Price Plus Card number that is loaded into your online AND app is the number that you are using at check out.
  2. Make sure that the phone number associated with your price plus number you have loaded into your online AND app is the right number.  This is important if you use your phone number to activate your card at checkout.  If you are loading your ecoupons onto a price plus card that is not associated with the phone number you are giving them at checkout, then your ecoupons will not come off.  This mistake happens often so it’s best to check everything.
  3. Make sure you are buying the exact product for the ecoupons.  That includes the brand, flavor, scent, size etc.

Food for Thought:

Sometimes the best bet is to just let this it go or maybe return the product. Yes, you are entitled to receive the credit for the eCoupon you correctly purchased an item for, however sometimes these are the type of things we need to “let go” as couponers, in order to keep our sanity.  We save a TON of money each week using coupons, but every once in a while you have to expect that something won’t go according to plan.  That’s just life.  From time to time a coupon won’t double, a Catalina won’t print, an eCoupon won’t come off the bill.  If we spend hours trying to correct what went wrong, well then couponing begins to take over our lives, and this is not the intent of “Living a Rich Life With Coupons.”  We aren’t only living rich in a financial sense, but we want to live a rich, healthy life, free of as much stress as possible! Don’t let couponing over come you to the point you are spending hours on end each day caught up in the world of couponing.  You win some and you lose some…but we win more 😉