Understanding eCoupons


Understanding eCoupons

I often see many LRWC readers confused about the use of eCoupons when looking through the various Store Match Ups, specifically ShopRite Coupon Match Ups.  Here are some tips to make the best use of various store eCoupons:

When do new eCoupons become available? ShopRite adds new eCoupons every Sunday morning.  If possible, try and load these to your card early Sunday morning, as sometimes certain eCoupons disappear quickly!

Do eCoupons Double? ShopRite eCoupons do not  double and can only be used once.

How many eCoupons can you load to your card? You can load 125 eCoupons to your card.

Can you remove an eCoupon that you changed your mind on?  At this time, ShopRite does not have an option to remove an eCoupon from your card.  It will be removed when you use it or when it expires.

Where is the Discount Shown on the Receipt? The discount from the eCoupon does not show up at the bottom of your receipt with your manufacturer’s coupons.  Look for the deduction directly under the product purchased on your receipt.

Why do you list eCoupons in the Match Ups if they are No Longer Available (NLA)?  We list eCoupons that are NLA in the match ups because some readers may have clipped the eCoupon when it first came out and would like to know when to use them before they expire.

Do eCoupons Expire? Yes eCoupons do expire!  Sometimes it’s easy to forget they expire, but they do, so always be sure to check before purchasing an item you have an eCoupon for to make sure it’s still in your account.

Are you allowed to stack a ShopRite eCoupons with a manufacturer coupon?  That’s a good question and one that has been asked many times, by me, to corporate.  The question has never been answered and the ShopRite Coupon Policy does not state that you can not.  Stores usually make it clear either way in their policy including Weis Markets that states you can not stack eCoupons with manufacturer coupons and Stop & Shop that, now states, with their new coupon policy, that you can. We, here at LRWC, make sure to follow each store’s written coupon policy and have gone out of our way to clarify any gray areas.  With that said, we go by the assumption that stacking the coupons is allowed and will continue to provide deals in that manner until we are informed otherwise.  However, please not, that each ShopRite is individually owned and operated and they can change their coupon policy as they see fit.  Please abide by your local store’s coupon policy.

What do you do if your eCoupon doesn’t come off on your receipt?  First be sure you purchased the right product and correct size, etc.  If you are certain you purchased the correct product, your best bet would be to contact the store’s corporate directly instead of having a discussion about ecoupons with store customer service or even the store manager. Upon calling corporate, you will most likely graciously receive a credit for the eCoupon.

Things you should do to be sure your ecoupons are loaded to your card correctly:

  1. Make sure that the Price Plus Card number that is loaded into your online AND app is the number that you are using at check out.
  2. Make sure that the phone number associated with your price plus number you have loaded into your online AND app is the right number.  This is important if you use your phone number to activate your card at checkout.  If you are loading your ecoupons onto a price plus card that is not associated with the phone number you are giving them at checkout, then your ecoupons will not come off.  This mistake happens often so it’s best to check everything.
  3. Make sure you are buying the exact product for the ecoupons.  That includes the brand, flavor, scent, size etc.

Food for Thought:

Sometimes the best bet is to just let this it go or maybe return the product. Yes, you are entitled to receive the credit for the eCoupon you correctly purchased an item for, however sometimes these are the type of things we need to “let go” as couponers, in order to keep our sanity.  We save a TON of money each week using coupons, but every once in a while you have to expect that something won’t go according to plan.  That’s just life.  From time to time a coupon won’t double, a Catalina won’t print, an eCoupon won’t come off the bill.  If we spend hours trying to correct what went wrong, well then couponing begins to take over our lives, and this is not the intent of “Living a Rich Life With Coupons.”  We aren’t only living rich in a financial sense, but we want to live a rich, healthy life, free of as much stress as possible! Don’t let couponing over come you to the point you are spending hours on end each day caught up in the world of couponing.  You win some and you lose some…but we win more 😉



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  • Anonymous

    myae-cpns at Shoprite have not worked for months and I have not gotten Family rewards since April. I have all ready gotten a ne3w card and reregistered everything. Have contacted company many times and they still have not gotten back to me ” : (

    • Andrea

      Did you give them a call? They can’t really ignore you if you have them on the phone.

  • Winzelinie

    I would like to address the comments I keep readin where people seem to complain when a DND coupon doesn’t double. The cashier SHOULD catch it, it is their job. I do not want to be responsible in part or in whole with a hard working cashier being fired for entering coupons incorrectly.

    I think if it DOES double, then be happy you got something you were not actually entitled to. It just seems like people expect this when they shouldn’t! Don’t plan your shopping trips planning for a DND coupon to double.

  • Anonymous

    Love the last tip! I do the deals I can, when I can and build my stockpile from that. I don’t let it stress me out! I also only do certain stores (SR, CVS, PM) so that I am not driving all over town to many different stores. Couponing should be easy! Thanks!

  • KT

    “these are the type of things we need to “let go” as couponers, in order to keep our sanity” I love this Cindy!

  • Frances

    Great advice, thanks for all you do Cindy.

  • Denise

    Has anyone used the smartsource express app for iPad? I have loaded coupons to my shoprite card but they don’t always work.. And can you stack coupons using this app?

    • Suzanne

      I used the smartsource app for the iPad. I did have a problem with it in the sense that after I loaded the coupons to my shoprite card, it doesn’t show in your shopping list on the shoprite website.

      And also, with Shoprite, you can only have a maximum total of 88 ecoupons attached to your card. This was a problem that I had. I had to wait 2 weeks for some to either expire or use them immediately before I could add more. I missed out on a couple of good ones because of it.

      I had to contact Wakefern directly and spoke with a woman name Lori. She was very helpful and monitored my card and would email me a complete list until my issue was resolved.

      Just be careful that you don’t have the same problem.

    • Allyson

      I signed up for it about a month ago. I have never had one of the coupons come off. I original thought that maybe if I used a manf q then one on smart source app it wouldn’t work, but have tried even buying things and not using manf paper q…still not working. I’ve about given up on this one.

  • Cindy, I love how you write with such clarity,and get to the heart of how we should be couponing. I rarely post comments,but I am a faithful follower of your site,and appreciate all you do from the bottom of my heart. Your workshop was awesome too (saw you in Blairstown NJ),and just made simple and perfect sense.Keep up the GREAT work!!

  • Nancy

    I recently got involved in couponing and have to say if it weren’t for this site, I never would have saved as much as I have in last month and a half. Your tips, advice and posts have saved me in a month and half over 600 dollars. My cupboards are full and I will never have to worry about running out of the staples every cabinet needs. Going grocery shopping is no longer a depressing chore. I used to stand in front of the fridge and cupboards racking my brains on what would make a decent meal…Now, I stand in front of the cupboards and have a hard time deciding on what to make because I now have choices. THANK YOU CINDY AND THE REST OF TEAM, couldn’t have done it without you.

  • Joe S

    Any idea how to concisely print out the e-coupon list for Price Chopper. Sicne they revamped their website and rewrote their coupon policy “to make it better for the consumer” (yeah right – but another topic altogether) I haven’t been able to print out my e-coupon list. I have been able to do it the “long way” by cutting & pasting the list, but this is tedious and takes up way too many pages than it should. Shop Rite / Cellfire has an easy to read printable list format, and so does Savingstar, but PC has fallen down on the job in this respect.

  • e southard

    Thanks this is really helpful and explains a lot.

  • Tanisha

    I have had a problem with digital coupons. I have downloaded the coupon printer. When I hit print it says my coupons are printing but nothing comes out of my printer. Is there something I’m doing wrong? These would be very useful to my family. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Silvia

    I haven’t started couponing but I am pretty soon. My question is: can I use ecoupons, a store coupon PLUS a manufacturer coupon??

    • Sunil

      Depends on the store you’re shopping at:

      Shoprite – Yes

      Stop&Shop – Yes

      Pathmark – Yes, Store Coupon + Manufacture coupon, but No – Can’t combine ecoupon anymore

      Other stores – I wouldn’t know, maybe other will chime in.

      Hope this helps.

      • MisterBill

        I didn’t think that PM had e-coupons anymore since Zavers shut down.

        • Sunil

          Haven’t been there in a while. Didn’t realize Zavers shut down. Thanks for the info.

    • Tammi Kile

      While I know that LRWC states above that Weis will not let you use and e-coupon with a paper coupon, it has been experience that you can, and the e-coupon will double so long as it is under $1.00. Weis will allow you to use the store coupon, manufacturer coupon, and e-coupon.