Reader Question: Organizing Printable Coupons

This reader question comes from Blair. She was wondering if anyone had suggestions on organizing printable coupons!


I’m having trouble organizing my printable coupons.  I file my coupon inserts by date so I don’t use a coupon binder and my printable coupons are getting out of hand.  Any suggestions how I can organize them better.

Do you have any advice for Blair? How do you organize your printable coupons?

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  • Christine R

    Excellent question! I keep mine in a giant rubber band right now so I’m interested in hearing some ideas here as well.

    • Elizabeth Kelly

      I currently use an letter sized accordian style plastic folder and have them organized by category. This way if I am looking for a specific one when I am in the store, I only have to sort through a small stack.

      • Lisa

        Same at Elizabeth as far as coupons. Plus, I print only those that I think I am going to use. Usually it is because I have gone to a site for a coupon for my shopping this current week and instead of printing one coupon I will find 3 (assuming I think I will use them) so I don’t waste paper. I also use recycled paper (Paper I have used before, kids papers from school, etc).

      • Amber

        I use the same method but use one of those acordian coupon organizers. I got mine at the Dollar Tree for $1. They come with tabs in them so you can organize them by category. Also, I only print the coupons that I will use. If I read about an upcoming deal, I will print them. Or if I see a high value coupon, for example last month the $0.95/2 Hot Pockets, that I know will double, I will print those. Hope this helps!

  • Matthew

    I found that I’ve wasted soooo much ink, so I just print when there’s a deal idea or I know that the product is on sale for the upcoming week.

  • I actually don’t cut my printable coupons until I’m ready to use. I hole punch the full size sheet after it prints and file it in a binder with different tabs such as (Frozen, Dairy, Canned Goods, etc). If there are multiple coupons to a sheet I just cut in half (or thirds) and still file (even though the peice of paper sometime slides around since its smaller but works better than anything else I’ve tried.

  • Winzelinie

    I use a bill folder. It is a larger folder than one of the smaller coupon folders for your purse or travel bag, but it is big enough that it holds all of my printed coupons without having to fold them in half.

    it is about 4 inches tall by 10 inches long and has 10 inside pockets. check out any office supply store or dollar store. i think amazon will have them also, but i don’t have prime anymore so i woudl rather not pay for shipping.

  • Cortney

    I also organize by insert date now, but used to do the binder method. When I did, I had the 3-pocket plastic holders for my printables. Now that my binder is practically empty because I’m no longer clipping, I just use it for those printables (which I do clip to save space and put in the 3 pocket holders), any snail mail coupons, any coupons I clipped but didn’t end up using (usually the deal didn’t work out or I didn’t have time to go), etc.

    I also limit printing to coupons that I will be using (based on LRWC deals this week) or that I think will go fast, but I know I’d use the product if the right sale came along.

    This is just for organizing at home, I don’t bring all my coupons to the store, only the ones that I plan to use. That’s the one (minor) downfall I’ve found to dating the inserts rather than clipping, but I now get a lot more inserts than I could possibly clip.

  • bj

    I use a clear plastic shoebox with file cards as dividers. Cards are marked as to category. Then I make up my lists on a long–business size– envelope & put the coupons inside. This system would probably work using expiration dates on the cards, too.

    • Nadyme

      I use a box as well but instead of card dividers i cut manila folders in hald and then label them (like a file cabinet) easer to sort, i still dont understand how you can sort thru the coupons using the insert method, it was too confusing and if i had to look for one it would take me hours at the stores.
      with my method i can quicly search thru a small pile and i know what coupons i have (my husband laughs at me when we are at the store and we pass by somehting that is on sale , and i say “wait i think i have a coupon for that” and then i pull it out of the envelove

  • Dawn M

    I use an index box with file card dividers. I file them alphabetically by brand. the third week of each month I go through to pull out all the expiring ones. I carry that box where ever I go…lol

    • Colleen

      I think filing alphabetically is a great idea, since clipping + sorting into categories can get old fast. Thanks for sharing!

  • terry

    I purchased a mini photo Album.($1) at Walmart. I cut and put each one in a slot and toss it in my pocket book. That way I always have them with me. 🙂

  • jim

    I have the same problem but im also trying to figure out the best coupon sorting method now too. I hadthe accordion style folder and the binder. I like the binder idea cause I can flipthrough and see everything quickly….but its very tedious to keep up on..and I’ve been slacking:(

  • AA

    I use the small plastic drawers that you use to organize office supplies such as paper clips etc. I have 4 sets, each having 3 or 4 drawers. I have labeled each drawer like most people label their binders. I keep the printed coupons in their respective categories. Makes it much easier to find when needed. Sometimes I don’t even remember I printed, cut up and filed the coupons untill Cindy posts a deal/sale. I do my happy dance then!!! I also have the small mini albums for specific stores, eg CVS ECB’s on one side and Walgreens on the opposite side. So if the coupon is for CVS next week I put it in there because I know to take that with me to the store as that I where I keep my ECB. For ShopRite I use a one pocket binder as I have much more coupons each week. Whatever coupons don’t get used goes back into that category in my drawer. As organized as this may sound I still play catch up often with filing away so many coupons!!! But it helps to have a system that works.

  • Ashley

    I use the plastic currency pocket sheets and place them in the front of my binder sorted by expiration date. The currency sheets are the perfect size! I used to print so many internet coupons and found they go to waste. So now I only print ones that I know I am going to use, even if I don’t have a sale to pair it with so it helps me to organize by expiration.

  • Nancy

    I went to my shoprite (only grocery store I use) and got a printed listing of the store layout. It shows what is in each aisle. Then I use a normal coupon holder and labeled it 1, 2, etc for each aisle. When I cut them they go into the appropriate aisle. Then I made myself a grocery list the same way, aisle 1, 2 etc and make out my list. Then to really organize it, I take my list of things I am buying and put my coupons in order to my list. I also included a box that reads Meat (whatever I am getting goes in that box) and a box that reads Milk? Eggs? I circle them if I need them. So once I hit the store, it’s simple. I don’t even have to go down half the aisles anymore and spend so much less time and money grocery shopping. So if I am in an aisle and happen upon a manager’s special in aisle 5, I know I have a coupon, its so easy to find it. And one last thing I do before I leave the house, I always and I mean always check LWRC to see if I missed something. Thank you Cindy for everything you do 🙂

    • Nancy

      And one more thing I do is every Sunday after clipping from the inserts I go threw my coupon holder and check the dates. If expiring that week I check to see if its worth using…if so I put it on my list. If it isn’t I pull it out of my holder. I only cut coupons I know I am to use or may use. Coupons I don’t use or more than likely will not use get put in folders labled SS, Redplum, P&G. Every couple of weeks I go through them and discard the expired ones. Hope it helps. It has worked wonders for me.

  • Sylvia

    I use a makeup box. It’s soft and can squeeze into the spot for kids. I have dividers for each category (e.g., Health & Beauty, Frozen, Dairy, Baby, etc.) I paper clip common ones together like all toilet paper or all milk. I go through the coupons every Sunday and pull the ones that are going to expire.

  • Winzelinie

    the photo album is a GREAT idea, because it has large pockets! larger than a baseball card binder, and they are always on SALE!!!

  • Jen

    I tried to use the insert method like Cindy uses but after a month, it took me twice as long than my binder method. I was missing out on deals because I didn’t clip the coupon and it took me forever to locate the coupon from each insert and then have to cut them out. I only buy 4 newspapers every Sunday and dedicate one hour every week to clip and put them into my binder. As for the printables, I only print what I am going to use and once again, I clip and file according to the category. I use baseball card pages in my binder for the newspaper coupons and dollar bill holders for my printables. I love the dollar bill holders. No need to fold. It just goes straight into the opening. I don’t carry my binder to the stores, but I found getting ready for a shopping trip is a breeze once my coupons are organized. I carry a small folder in my purse with my list and coupons needed for that trip. Once I’m done with my shopping, the coupons go back into my binder. Different methods for different people. Good luck with whichever method you choose!

    • Cindy

      It is true, different methods for different people. I always say that in my workshops. The most important thing is to find a method that works for you and that keeps you organized. Organization is the key!

  • Colleen

    I have a letter sized plastic 3 drawer organizer. It’s about 12 inches high and is meant to sit on a desktop. The bottom drawer holds my whole inserts, in order by date. The second drawer currently has all my printables – in no order, ugh, just as they are printed. When I need to find one, I sift through them (gets time consuming). I need to get that in some sort of order. The top drawer I use for Target coupons and other store coupons. I also put little bins inside the drawers to help me “sort” by store within that one drawer. I might need to use that system for my printables too, still trying to figure what works best.

    Another tip I use (per other readers’ suggestion) is to write the insert date on the front of the insert and to take a moment to flip through and look at the latest expiration date of the coupons in that insert. Then I label on the front “Toss by xx/xx/xx”. This makes it easy to sort and toss through once I know all the coupons are expired.

    I used to use the binder, but I found that I would get behind in clipping and it got too hard to maintain because I wouldn’t go through it often enough to remove the expired. I’m a slacker like that LOL

  • kabby

    Concerning printables…I have a one inch binder and have coupon sheets purchased from Staples. The sheet holds three to a side…so each page holds six different coupons. Each pack comes with 10 sheets. I organize according to department of my supermarket.
    I use to use baseball card holders which worked well except alot of time spent cutting the coupon to fit and folding other coupons to fit. Which when short of time(always the case) I left my printables in a pile and it became out of control until time was found to perfectly clip and sort.
    My new coupon sheet pockets are large, can hold the catalina coupons as well and even small coupons that I clipped from the inserts that I did not end up using. I also place all other coupons that I find such as from product boxes, coupons I receive in the mail, magazine coupons and such.
    I purchased more of these coupon sheets just last week…they were amazingly located on a clearance section for only $1.00. I believe they were normally about $4.00 a pack. So I stocked up….LOVE THESE SHEETS.
    When I first started couponing I found I printed MANY coupons…I have come to ask myself “will I use it if NOT on sale?”..if NO I will not print it(if a deal pops up later then I try to print if still available)…if YES I print as many as allowed. I could not imaging filing by expiration date…but I buy by what I need not just a deal. It may work for others perfectly…a new coupon will pop up eventually.
    Good luck with YOUR couponing.