Extreme Couponing Tip: Mail in Rebate Offers

Extreme Couponing Tip: Submit for Rebate Offers

This week’s Extreme Couponing Tip is on submitting Rebates.  For me, this is probably one of my least favorite ways to save money, however it really can be a huge source of savings so I’m preaching to myself here too 🙂  Here are just a few reasons why Mail in Rebates (MIR) or any Rebate Offers are worth your time:

  • Often rebate offers allow for awesome Double Dip Deals!  We can often get products so cheap with coupons, then by submitting the MIR we are scoring a Money Maker!
  • Many rebates are becoming much easier to complete.  Staples Easy Rebates are so simple to complete right online!
  • Rebates are sometimes sent back on pre-paid gift cards instead of just by check, which is convenient to use at the store and saves a trip to the bank!
  • It’s FREE money back, and we love FREE!

I think I have always lacked interest in rebates, specifically MIRs because I thought they were too time consuming for just a “few bucks.”  As I’ve grown to learn over the years and I hope you will too, is that these “few bucks” really add up!  I often had a hard time with putting out the money up front.  Even though I know I would get the money back once the rebate came, it was still hard to fork over the money initially.  It was hard for me to consider the item “free” if I paid money out of my pocket for it.  Now that I have a grocery budget and know exactly how much money I’m spending and where it’s going, it doesn’t stress me out anymore because I know it will end right back in my envelope.

Tips to Remember:

  • When buying a product, look for hang tabs or stickies on the item that say “Try Me Free” or “Mail in Rebate” on them to maximize your savings!
  • Always be sure to save your receipts.  Consider asking the store for a duplicate receipt if you have multiple rebates to submit for.
  • Complete the rebate form immediately when you get home.  If you put it off you probably won’t end up doing it!
  • Keep a record, including copies if possible, of the rebates you submitted for so you can track them or follow up on one should not receive your rebate.
  • If there’s a product you are looking to buy that you know has a rebate offer, look for a coupon for the product to save even more!  Here are some examples of current/recent ways to maximize your savings using coupons and rebate offers:

Example of Rebate Offers.  Please note that these are not current rebate offers and being used for examples only.

Buy 1 Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist Starter Kit with Try Me Free Hangtag, $3.29
-(1) $3/1 Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist Printable (NLA)
Pay: $0.29
Get: $1.00 Glade Catalina (through 9/2)
Submit for FREE Glade Expressions Mail in Rebate Offer
as low as FREE + $4.00 Money Maker!

Buy 1 World’s Best Cat Litter 8-lb, $6.99 sale price
-(1) $5/1 World’s Best Cat Litter Printable
Pay: $1.99
Submit for FREE Bag Mail in Rebate Offer
as low as FREE + $5.00 Money Maker!


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  • Patty

    I’ve been keeping a rebate ‘journal’ for almost 20 years now, gee I feel old all of a sudden;-)
    I use 1 line per rebate with date mailed, address mailed to and if its included, a phone number, who the rebate is for (me or my husband), how much
    and then when I get it back, I just put a check next to it with date rec’d. For the big ticket rebates, say over $10 I make a copy or scan all the associated paperwork.
    What does cause me some fretting is examples like above with Glade Expressions where you only paid .29 cents. Can you really circle the price BEFORE coupon? I never do, maybe I’m cheating myself out of money and usually skip those rebates all together.

  • Jill

    Cindy, I have been hesitant to do these MIR that are “money makers” Don’t they usually say the rebate is for “up to …..$” So if they see you paid less because you used a coupon and got it on sale, aren’t they just going to give you back what you paid? Thanks for the clarification!

  • Mary

    Jill, it depends on the store. Pathmark receipts only show that a coupon was used, not what not. I did do the Worlds best cat litter using a coupon and they sent me the full amount 🙂

    • Jill

      Thank you, that’s the one I actually wanted to do!

  • Jennifer

    If you use a coupon, and submit for full mail in rebate amount, isn’t the company reimbursing the store and still rebating the full amount to me?? I’m confused.

  • susan

    I copy all the rebate information and put them in a binder so as the checks come in I can keep track of what money I should be getting.

    You are correct. Most of the time they send the complete amount evne though I used a coupon.

    Thanks for always giving us hints.

  • CJ

    The Pfizer rebate that was in last Sunday’s coupon insert is an easy one. I found 16 ct boxes of Advil PM at my grocery store yesterday for $4.27 each, bought the required 3, used a $1 coupon on each and will get $10 back – 3 boxes for free! Might even be a money maker if they are cheaper at Walmart or other stores.

  • Betty

    I don’t see the cat litter coupon on savingstar. Any help?

    • Laura D.

      Hi Betty, the cat litter $5 coupon is in the SmartSource website not Savingstar. I don’t know why the link above takes us to Savingstar. If you need a zip put in 07521. HTH!

  • Erika

    Hi Cindy and fellow couponers

    My question is about P&G spend $25 get $5 MIR. Is the $25 total after all the coupons have been applied or pre-coupon price? TIA

    • Ladydub

      The fine print states you have to spend $25, AFTER discounts, coupons, sales prices, etc are deducted. Also the $25 spent can not be reached by purchasing tobacco, gift cards, and some other obscure, but obvious, purchases. The products are usually specified by images of qualifying items and/or a semi-detailed list of products to be accounted for the P&G $5 back on $25 spent.

      Hope that helps!

  • Sara

    Hi. I just wanted to remind everyone that you should always read the details of the rebate before you purchase the item because sometimes if you use a coupon they will not issue the rebate. There is currently an MIR offer for Casade and in the details it states if a coupon is used you will not receive the rebate. I was on another coupon site i saw that alot of people didnt read the offer before purchase they used a coupon and unfortunately will not be getting their rebate. Hope this is helpful!!!