ShopRite Giftcard Deal Update

ShopRite Gift Card Deal

ShopRite Gift Card Deal Update

I know a lot of you have been asking if the ShopRite Gift Card deal that runs from 11/23 – 11/24 will include anything other then store cards.  Well, from the ad on the ShopRite 2 Day Sale, it appears that American Express Cards are also included.  There is always a possibility that other cards (maybe gas cards?)  could be included as well and they just don’t have them added to the list.

If you haven’t seen the deal, its Buy $100 in participating gift cards between 11/23 – 11/24 and $20 will be applied to your next shopping order from 11/26 – 12/1.  You must use your Price Plus Card when making the purchase of the card and getting the deduction off your order.  There is a limit of 1 per household.  The $20 can not be used on future Gift Card purchases.

For those of you that are new to doing Gift Card deals, these are a great way to score free money for groceries.  Having an American Express card included in the offer makes it even better for those of us that don’t really have use for the store cards.  Since the American Express Card can be used almost anywhere, you can take money from your grocery budget, gas budget or any budgeted item and then use the card in it’s place.  You can even use it to simply pay some of your bills.  Plus you walk away with an extra $20 (less activation fee for some cards) to use at ShopRite on your groceries.  This is a great way to stock up on meat for free!

The activation fee on the Amex Giftcard, as well as Visa or Mastercard (if they happen to be included) do require an activation fee.  That fee is usually around $4.95 – $5.95.  There is no activation fee on gas cards if they happen to be included (NOT CONFIRMED).


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  • Michelle

    Oh, wow, I didn’t know there were dates that this could only be done. I went to customer service this past Sunday and was talking to the lady about it. I bought the gift cards and didn’t get my $20 confirmation thing. She couldn’t figure out why either, even went to the office with it, and they just gave me 4 $5 Cats instead. And now I know why!!

  • I received a catalina the other day at SR that said next week when you spend $25.00 you will get a $10.00 gift card and I did see one of them is a SR card. It said 1 per manufactuer per customer per day so not sure if you can do it multiple times. Can’t wait to find out!!!

    • Donna

      Danielle… I also got that catalina on Sunday… cannot WAIT to find out the details on that one!

      • Jody

        I got the same catalina yesterday. You can either get a $10 ShopRite gift card or $10 off a future gift card purchase of $10 or more. It says 1 per manufacturer per customer per transaction-so that implies you can do more than one transaction, but for different manufacturers? This seems like a great deal. The cat states that complete details are on pages 2&3 of 11/25 ad.

        • Cindy

          It’s actually a catalina deal where you buy $25 in select products and get a $10 ShopRite Gift Card or $10 off any gift cards

    • Meli

      i got that cat today also!

  • Liz

    Does anyone know if the store cards, like Lowes or Longhorn, have activation fees?

    • Elaine

      No, they dont. Just the Visa, MC and AMEX do.

      • Liz

        thought so, thanks 🙂

  • Nichole H

    Do you know if this deal works on gas gift cards?

  • Can you use Shoprite Gift Cards to purchase other Gift Cards?

    We get tuition credit for purchasing them at our daughter’s school. If we can purchase $100 in Shoprite cards from school and turn around and buy an Amex/Visa or even Disney gift card (for vacation next year) and get the $20 credit, that would work twice as good for us.

    • Elaine

      Great Idea Lillian! We get them too!

      • Anonymous

        Yes I did and it worked

    • taryn

      Yes, I’ve done it before 🙂

  • CC

    Acme is doing the same deal with different gift card till 11/28. I did it yesterday.

    • Cindy

      Did it include Amex? I tried it for gas cards and a visa card but neither of them worked.

  • CC

    I bought sears and Macy’s cards for Black Friday. The sign in the store don’t show Amex or visa.

  • Pamela

    Is it a total of $100 in cards or just (1) $100 gift card.

  • Steph S.


  • lisa

    If you live in NJ you won’t be able to get the Amex card. I went to 2 stores today and it is not part of the offer. There was a lawsuit in NJ and Amex is NOT allowed to sell gift cards in the state per Shoprite customer service rep.

    • jennifer
      • Jenn

        That’s an interesting story.

      • ND

        Jen, now I the the story… why they kept on giving us money to buy the gift cards…… 79 million profit because we loose our gift cards!!!

        but, Cindi…. this gift cards are just awesome… I still have few gas cards left from 2011…., but, saves me a lot

    • kelly

      I just bought an Amex at shoprite in Dover NJ but the cat did not print.

      • kelly

        I just got off the phone with customer service and they said the amex card is included and it should post to my price plus card in 24-48hrs

      • Anonymous

        Dover Morris county?

  • Michelle

    Not sure if anyone else has posted this yet, but…the picture shows an Amex card, so I would say that American Express would work. Also the details state the following cards: American Express, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Red Lobster, Long Horn, Lowe’s, iTunes, Lord & Taylor, Marriott, or Cabela’s. (And then there’s a Gift Card Mall icon)

  • Lisa

    I was told the ad is for all the areas shoprite is in. The Amex cards are available in places other than NJ. Just what was explained to me. Has anyone in NJ seen the Amex cards in their stores?

  • KitKat

    Has anyone tried this deal today? I wonder whether a CAT will print, or if it is loaded onto our price plus card.. Wording in the ad kinda makes it sound like they’re loading it.
    Also wondering if anyone has tried the gas cards or amex in NJ?

    • jennifer

      I’m planning on heading over around 11:30, and trying it with some gas cards. Will let you know how I make out!

      • Patty

        Did it work with gas cards? Was hoping to get BP cards.

    • louise

      i sent my husband and there was no amex so the manager let him get a mastercard instead and gave him a $20 giftcard. I told him to try to get the gas cards so I wouldn’t have to pay for $6 fee but of course he didn’t listen to me. So I wonder if they will let you use the gas cards instead of the amex

  • KitKat

    Just came back from my SR in Ewing, NJ. Store specific ad did have a picture of an amex or gas card, and fine print read only applicable for Macy’s, Lowe’s etc. Manager confirmed amex not working 🙁 Not sure about the gas cards, but was too afraid to try.

  • Jen

    I guess I was I didn’t read the full post in detail (my fault..too much in a rush) and didn’t get a cat or anything on my receipt saying I got $20 off my future order. I brought 2 iTunes gift cards -$15 each, 2- $25 Barnes and Noble and 1- $25 P.S. gift card. I will go back tomorrow and try only the ones above. I can only use these gift cards, so not a waste of money for me. Did anyone have luck with any other cards? Just curious.

    • Jen

      Wow- Still in a rush. Sorry for the typos. My mind has been going crazy since midnight shopping in the stores and online!

  • Jennifer

    Bought a $100 Lowes card. No CAT or indication on my receipt that $20 was loaded on price plus card. Will keep my receipt just in case!

    • Danielle

      I was hoping to do the same deal today, but I’m a little concerned about the $20 not loading onto my card either. I’d prefer to just get a $20 catalina at the time of purchase. Has anyone ever had a problem with the money being applied to their Price Plus card? Thanks.

  • Janet

    Just came back from Shoprite. Wanted to inform anyone still curious about my experience. The shoprite manager had a list of participating cards and indeed it is limited to specific ones….check the picture ad above (so no gas cards included). Secondly, there is no indication or CAT that will print during this transaction. Just use that same price plus card from the 26th to the 1st and it should show up. Hope to help!

  • blanca barcia

    I purchased the $100 in gift cards. How do I find out if the $20 is on my shoprite card?

    • Kris

      I was wondering the same thing. I logged onto my shoprite account, checked my digital coupons, shopping list and family points – nothing is reflected anywhere. I hope this works. I did the one at ACME 8 times (it rolled) as we needed tons of Lowe’s cards for something we (now) just bought. Good timing anyway…

    • Kris

      I was wondering the same thing. I logged onto my shoprite account, checked my digital coupons, shopping list and family points – nothing is reflected anywhere. I hope this works. I did the one at ACME 8 times (it rolled) as we needed tons of Lowe’s cards for something we (now) just bought. Good timing anyway…

      • Laura D.

        I don’t think we’ll be able to see it until 11/26, that’s the first day it can be redeemed.

  • Lisa

    I used the $20 today for the TRESemme deal. I was SO excited to see the $20 magically come off at the end, and the cashier was really puzzled and impressed. Then I got three $2 cats and a $10 coupon for a $10 SR gift card, so I basically rolled this gift card deal with the TRESemme/Unilever-ShopRite gift card deal (spent $11 and still have $10 in gift card). Now I’m wondering how I can best do this week’s (11/25-12/1) ‘Buy $100 in any gift card, get $10 put on your Price Plus club card’ deal… The picture on SR’s website doesn’t show Lowe’s; does anyone know if it’s only the cards on the picture that are part of the deal? LOVE these gift card deals! We shop at Lowe’s all the time, so free food for money we would spend at Lowe’s anyway. Also, my husband is National Guard, so we get 10% off for that too!

  • blanca barcia

    Just wanted to let others know that my $20 did not come off I had to go to customer service and have the manager fix the problem. I had the receipts with me. He said he added it to my card and that by tomorrow it should come off if not then come back and see him.