*SOLD OUT* American Girl Doll – 60% off Special Collections

American Girl Doll DealAmerican Girl Doll Deal

There is an awesome and very rare deal available today brought to you by the Today Show.  Get 60% off Special American Girl Doll Collections.  Just use coupon code: JILLOFFER at checkout.  Prices start are regularly priced at $125 – $129 but drop to an all time low of $50.

American Girl Doll Deal

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  • susan

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

  • shannon olsen

    omg thank you just got one!!

  • Wendy

    Why am I not seeing the discount? I entered the code and went all the way through the payment process and I am not seeing the discount.

    • Wendy

      Got it thanks!!! I just got one on Monday in the mail:(, but she needs a friend:)

    • christine

      Discount not working for me either 🙁

  • Angela

    The offer says until 8:15 central time or while supplies last. Odds are by now it won’t be working. Sorry.

    • Layla

      It’s until 12/6 @ 0815

  • Ally

    Just got on..thank you so much for posting Cindy!

  • Cheryl:-)

    WOW Thanks!!

  • Angela

    Oh never mind.. I thought it was the 6th sorry..

    • Layla

      Whoops……I didn’t get a email verification yet to show the savings, did anyone else? The checkout reflected the regular price no savings……

      • Carie

        If you used the link and purchased a Marie Grace or Cecile doll it reflected the discounted price at checkout. HTH

  • Jenben

    Thank you so much. We’re done for Christmas but will be putting this away for my girls birthday!

  • Jenny

    Just snagged 3 of them. Thank you for the heads up!!

  • Ashley

    My order didn’t go through with the discount. I called customer service at 800-360-1861 and they fixed it. They said you can also use that number to order with the JILLOFFER code.

  • Stephanie S.

    Awesome Deal!!! Thank you!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Stephanie is this u myDear lol

  • Sherri

    Thank You for posting this deal. Just ordered one.

  • lisa

    Also includes the canopy bed. Half-Canopy Bed Special Offer Item# F8930
    is regularly $125 but also 60% off and $50.

  • Meli

    ahhhh its so slow…..

  • Denise

    grace doll sold out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elizabeth

    Marie- Grace is sold out! 🙁 Ive been trying to get through forever and they are gone!

  • Karen

    Worked for me! very excited to get a new doll for my girl!

  • Meli

    where do u put the code

  • Virgie

    Finally! I was able to snag 2 dolls ( 1 of each )! what a great, great deal. Please don’t judge me, but they will be for me. I planned on starting my own AG collection on my birthday, but now I have a head start. My aunt used to have a collection of dolls, so I guess I’m just continuing the family tradition! Merry Christmas to me …yahhhhhooooo!

    • Cindy

      Sounds like a good thing, definitely wouldn’t judge you. I think it’s neat how my daughter loves getting a new American girl doll and hopefully she will get Grace because she is already getting Cecile and since they are best friends it would be great to have Grace.

  • Cindy

    I was able to order Grace just now.

  • Jennifer

    Sold out while it was in my cart. UGGGH

  • Pecia

    Not working for me . help. Code didn’t work. They aren’t answering their phone.

  • Pecia

    How are you getting thru by phone? The recording says due to increase volume not taking calls and to use website. But code didn’t work at checkout. Really want Emily doll.

    • Carie

      This deal was only for Marie Grace or Cecile doll as shown through the link. They are both sold out now. HTH

      • lisa

        On the today show this morning it showed 4 dolls and the canopy bed under the special price. I am sure you can goggle it.

  • trish

    Nervous… I put my order in, it said placed, but no confirmation email? Did anyone get a confirmatin email?

    • Carie

      I did get a confirmation email immediately after placing my order; but I did my order around 9:30 before their system started running slow. HTH

      • trish

        ugg i didnt copy the order number!

        • Cindy

          Same here Trish, sure hope to get an email soon. Makes me nervous, having to check emails quite a lot.

  • ekakathy

    i got order number but not email yet

  • Same here. Ordered it about 10:15am after I finally got the order to flow through but no confirmation email yet. I did print the final page out with all of the order info so hopefully I’ll get the confirmation email shortly.

  • betony

    It now says the deal is sold out that’s crazy if you offer a discount it should remain. So once again my daughter misses out on getting one of these dolls

  • Melissa

    Website says sold out. I ordered one but never got an email only an order number…..

  • Sad for us west coast peeps we never had a chance 🙁

  • Cindy

    I haven’t gotten an email yet and of course I didn’t write or print the confirmation number. Sure hope I got it ordered before they were sold out. It didn’t say anything about Grace being sold out when I ordered around 10:39, but not getting an email confirmation yet makes me nervous. Guess we will see, if it did sell out then I hope they don’t charge my card.

    • trish

      Still haven’t gotten email but when i went online americangirl.com and check order status it was there and said would ship in 6 business days… but didnt come off card yet… Also, I hope the box is camoflaged because I wouldnt want my daughter to see it! Keeping fingers crossed.

  • audra

    I got two! One for each of my girls – of course I bought one earlier in November – so now Julie and McKenna will have new friends! Thanks!

  • Diana Hopson

    Really upset about this…. No time deadline was said…. Really wanted one for my daughter. But can’t afford full price!

    • Melissa

      Diana I must of clicked twice and placed two seperate orders, so I have an extra one 🙂 if u are interested I can give you my email to discuss.

      • Robyn

        Hi Melissa! I’m sure that you’ve already had a reply, but thought I’d try. I totally missed the deal due to my son having the flu yesterday. By any chance do you still have a duplicate (if Diana wasn’t interested)? Thanks for your time. 🙂

  • Melissa

    I got my email confirmation! Placed my order around 10:15.

    • trish

      Just got order confirmation and I ordered at like 1030!

  • lisa

    For those who missed out…Craigslist or garage sales are a good source for cheaper american girls dolls. I know they are not brand new so you certainly wouldn’t give it as a gift to someone else but my daughter loved them just the same and was thrilled. FYI – I picked up 2 w/ 4 outfits and a bed for $100 last year and they were in perfect condition! So there are some bargains if you look. Good Luck!

  • Jackie

    Oh man, I wish I would have known about this! The Cecile doll is one of the few things my daughter asked for this year but I cannot afford full price.