FREE McCormick Recipe Inspiration Herbs at A&P

mccormick coupon

McCormick Coupon

Use the $0.75/1 McCormick Coupon to get a great deal at A&P. They have the McCormick Recipe Inspirations on an unadvertised sale for $1.00 each.  In the 3/3 Red Plum there is a coupon for $0.75 off any McCormick Spice, Herb or food coloring making the item free after coupon! Stock Up!

Here is your deal:


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  • Laura D.

    Hi Cindy! These are also on sale at Shoprite for $1.49 = free if your SR fully doubles! 🙂

    • Rocky

      Hey, Laura, thanks for pointing this out, I want to pick up a few, and, although I am planning a trip to A&P this week, I know I will always be in SR should I not make it to A&P, after all!

      I do have a couple left from last time I got them free, but, so far, have only tried the Chicken Rosemary Herb (may not be the exact name) flavor and it was really very good! Pleased with my, ummm, purchase of this, if you can call ‘free’ a purchase! Especially since I am soooo bad with spices and knowing which to use for which meat. I think these should probably be called…Spices for Dummies (like me!) – thank, McCormick!!

      • Laura D.

        LOL, I have the same problem. We also really liked the rosemary herb package. We also tried one that had the main spice as Thyme, and we found out no one here likes the spice Thyme. That’s one of the great things about trying all the new products we get with coupons, if we don’t like them, it’s really no big loss! I also got the Koru yogurt for free at Shoprite withe the IP $0.75/1, so that helped with saving me some time.

        Happy Shopping!!

  • Bill

    That’s a big YMMV. My coupon was $1 off 2.

    • Rocky

      I know what you mean, Bill. I almost always get those, what I call, crappy coupons, in my inserts, also. That’s why I bought a bunch of the .75/1 from clipping services… I calculate the cost of them into my ‘cost of doing business’, though, many times I just use my PalPal bucks that I get from my Staples Easy Rebates, and, SavingStar deposits to cover the cost of them…

      • Bill

        I don’t think of the Staples money in my Paypal account as free money, given that I could have gotten a check instead (and paid to get the items). But I agree it can be worth buying the coupons in some circumstances.

        • Rocky

          Ha! Yep, kinda like the chicken or the egg, thing. Or….does one count a catalina when they first get it, or, after they use it? Or, both? I just figure I’m rolling it in some manner!!

    • Laura D.

      Bill, I also have that same $1/2 in my inserts. 🙁

  • Niki

    They wouldn’t double mine at ShopRite. They told me it wasn’t included. Pffffttt

  • Anonymous

    They doubled mine at my shoprite… The better deal is McCormick Grill Creations at Acme is only $1.00 this week. They saw and gave me the overage as well… 1.00 is beyond stock up especially with coupon.

    The Inspirations are fine as free but a waste really as you get a about a tablespoon of spices and you can get a recipe off the net that is just as good…or better.

  • Alan

    My Shoprite doubled on these…and let me use my .75 but I am glad I only got 4 as Acme this week has the McCormick Grill Mates for $1.00…which is a great sale.

    So free after .75/1. I got 17 of them.

  • BIll

    What wasn’t included? I can see them not accepting it if they think it doesn’t match the item (although based on the wording it certainly does) but why accept it and not double it unless there’s some wording on the coupon saying not to double?