Money Maker on Poligrip at Walmart & Possilbly ShopRite!

Poligrip Coupon

Poligrip Coupon

There is a great Poligrip Coupon available in the 4/7 RP as well as a Printable Coupon.  Both coupons are for $2.50/1 Poligrip .75 oz or larger.

Walmart has the Poligrip 0.75 oz for under $2 at most Walmart stores making this a small money maker.

Also, ShopRite shoppers will find a new $2.50/1 Poligrip eCoupon available this morning.  They have the Poligrip 0.75 oz priced at just $1.79 making this a possible money maker.  I’m not sure how this will come off at checkout.  Most likely you’ll have the coupon adjusted down to the price of the Poligrip and then still have the $2.50 come off for the eCoupon.  We’ll have to see how it works.

Here are your deals:


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  • Catherine

    I don’t see the eCoupon

    • Diana Lomuti

      I also don’t have the coupon in my red plum inserts.

  • njmom

    Does anyone know of any stores besides walmart in central or north n.j that allow overage to be used?

  • Niki

    I live in SE CT and ours allow overages. They paid me .25 to take the stuff last time!

  • bahar

    my mom said it is not offered for her SR card but i do see it for my card, so I guess not everyone was offered it.
    I loaded it in the morning and bought it ( .7 oz ) in the evening however SR ecoupon didnot come off. I don’t know if there is a specific one that we need to buy (I know the q says ANY .7 oz or larger) or if we need to wait for a certain time for the e-coupons to be activated? The same thing happened with the Met-rx bars too 🙁

  • Robin

    My coupon doesn’t say “ANY” it says:

    Poligrip Denture Adhesive (.75oz or larger)

    and the fine print says “as indicated” the photo is of the new Poligrip for Partials so it might only work for that product?

  • niki

    After seeing the potential of this deal I did a bit of research. I bought a bunch of q’s off eBay and robbed my Walmart! 185 L’Oreal travel shampoos, 40 Almay makeup removers and 20 Polident adhesives. I had 2/1q on the shampoo, 4/1q for the Almay and 2.50/1 for the Polident. Walmart paid me $443.75 to take it!! You should have seen their faces! BEST. TRIP. EVER!

    • rovi

      What websites did you purchase them from?

      • Anonymous

        I got them from eBay for $2.50

  • Ellie

    Ok! I am done wasting my time trying to get coupons from this site. I just don’t get what they are trying to accomplish by offering something they can’t deliver.

    • Cheri

      Wow if you checked the date of the post it is from 4/7/13 maybe you could be a little nicer this site works very hard to post awesome deals !