FREE Barilla Pasta Sauce at ShopRite! {5/12}

Barilla Pasta Sauce Deal

Barilla Pasta Sauce Deal

Whoohoo! Next week at ShopRite keeps getting better!  As mentioned in the ShopRite Preview Deals, Barilla Pasta Sauce will be on sale for $1.77 a jar plus there are two great coupons which were available in past inserts to make this a good price.  But the great news is, there is also a Barilla Pasta Sauce Catalina Deal that started 4/22 which combined with coupons, makes for FREE pasta sauce.  Score!

Here are the details on the Catalina:

Barilla Pasta Sauce
Buy 2, Get $1.00 Catalina
Buy 3, Get $2.00 Catalina

Here is your deal beginning 5/12 at ShopRite:

Buy 3 Barilla Pasta Sauce, $1.77 each
-(3) $0.55/1 Barilla Pasta Sauce, exp. 6/1/13 (SS 04/07/13 R)
Pay: $2.01
Get: $2.00 Catalina
as low as 3 FREE after coupons & Catalina!

Be sure to check out the rest of the ShopRite Preview Ad  as well as the ShopRite Preview Deals for next week!

Money Saving Tip: Check the Grocery Price Comparison Tool to find the best deals on this product at your local stores.

Thanks Cassie, Elaine & Nate!

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  • James

    Is there a limit?
    For example, if I buy 3 of them on Monday using my price plus card,
    I go in and buy 3 more on Tuesday, will I get the Catalina coupon twice?

    • Matthew


    • S

      I just called the store and spoke to a very unhelpful store employee according to who the limit is 1. Anyone know if that’s incorrect? I hope it’s more!

      • Cindy Livesey

        It’s usually a limit of 1 per transaction. But, just for future reference, the employees usually don’t know about them. We gather them up from all the great readers here and share them with all of you. They are not secrets but not easy to find all the time and most of the time the employees don’t even know about them or even how they work, for that matter.

        • Sharon

          A few times I have printed out my shopping list from here including deals that I expected to receive Cats for. When nothing printed I would bring my receipt to customer service. Almost every time they would look through their circular or their books or whatever it is they claim to reference and then tell me that there was no such Cat running. It is SO frustrating! And when they ask me where I heard their was a Cat for that product I usually just mumble something and slink away.. Do you know if there is a way I can prove that there is a Catalina on a particular item if my store is claiming there isn’t? thanks

          • Cindy Livesey

            The catalinas we post here are found from readers getting print out announcements or from the deals being posted on Coupon Network or from shelf tags found in the store. If it’s posted on Coupon Network or there is a shelf tag in the store, it’s easy to argue your case. If we found it from other readers, it’s hard to have something to show the store. However, with that said, it’s best, to always contact Catalina Marketing directly via phone or email. They are the ones that put out these deals and they have all the information in their system. They will be able to see from your receipt if you have made the required purchase and qualified for the catalina. If you did qualify, they will mail you the catalina.

            If we’ve posted it here, that means it is active in the catalina marketing system so you should have no problems getting your catalina from them expect for the following:

              –You purchased the incorrect products required (could be a different size or variety)
              –you purchased the incorrect amount of products required
              –a variety was omitted from the catalina. This one is a frustrating one because Catalina Marketing has been saying recently that the store did not want that product in the offer when in fact it probably was a data entry error. It turns into a he (catalina marketing) said, she (the store) said with you stuck in the middle. The best bet when you get that response is to just chalk it up to an offer that didn’t work out as planned (happens to all of us) or return your items.
      • Bill

        Rule #1 of grocery deals you find online is that the store employees rarely know anywhere near as much as the information that is being posted here. I’m not sure what you were expecting the employee to tell you.

  • S

    Is there a limit on the Catalinas?

    • John Deer

      According to the rule book, there always is a limit…but rarely it tracks.

  • Matthew

    Thank you! I didn’t get the .55/1 ones here in NW NJ, so I had to find elsewhere. We were running low, too! Thank you so much!

  • alicia

    it’s funny i have like 3 jars left but that is running low. perfect sale!!

  • Liz V

    i just ordered a bunch of $1/1 coupons from ebay so i hope to roll this a bunch of times.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know when this catalina coupon is printin out ’til? Thanks!:)

    • Bill

      From the deal:

      Barilla Pasta Sauce

  • Jaime

    Can you use the $3 catalina from purchasing one deal to purchase another or will it not print like wags?

    • Cindy Livesey

      It will print if you use the $3 catalina to pay for a second transaction.

    • Bill

      Walgreens is the only store that I am aware of that has problems using the previous Catalina on a second order. Personally, given that I spend enough on other stuff at SR, I am happy to just use them on my normal shopping.

  • Laura s

    In my ad for 5/19 it says barilla sauce is on sale for .77….im wondering if thats a misprint or what??

    • Bill

      I think it’s gotta be a typo, since it says “Save 50c”, which is the same as this week. I would have tried it again tomorrow, but I accidentally used my last 2 coupons in my last purchase of 3 today. I did 3 transactions of Barilla sauce today (after doing 3 yesterday) and should have had 2 extra cupons at the end since I had purchased 20. But I must have accidentally given the cashier everything that was left for the last transaction, which ended up included 5 Barilla instead of 3. I noticed that she had to override something, and only after I realized I had no Barilla coupons left did I realize that I had given her 5 coupons and that she had taken them all :-).

      The cashier also manually applied the $2 Kikkoman ecoupon after it supposedly did not apply. Only after I looked at the receipt in the car did I notice that it had come off on its own! It’s nice to get a cashier who doesn’t argue with you, but I guess I should be feeling a little guilty. Maybe I’ll donate a couple of jars of the pasta sauce to my synagogue’s food collection.

      • Bill

        Showing $2.27 (!) for me on SFH. Not sure that is correct, either, although sale prices for other items are correct. Glad I bought all of mine on Saturday.