Hot Diaper Deal! FREE Babies R Us Diapers!

Babies R Us Diaper Coupon

Babies R Us Diaper Coupon

There is an awesome deal on Babies R Us Diapers right now.  They have Special Value Babies R Us brand diapers priced at just $10 plus all Babies R Us Brand Diapers 72-count or larger are $15.00 off instantly when you buy 2.  This $15 Instant Savings Deal works on the $10 Value Pack Babies R Us Diapers sizes 1-4 which all contain 72 or more diapers.

babies r us

PLUS there is a $6 off Babies R Us brand Diapers (72-count or larger) coupon inside the box making 2 boxes completely FREE after instant savings and coupon! If you remember the awesome Babies R Us Diaper Deal we posted about back in April, you will remember I stocked up on these diapers then so I still have some of these coupons (see below) that don’t expire until 7/31/13.  One coupon takes off $6 for each box you purchase.  These coupons are still available inside the $10 boxes selling now.

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 9
The coupon is good for 72 ct or larger so you could NOT use it on the size 5 diapers which are 56 ct.  Again, the coupon expires on 7/31/13.

Here is your deal at Babies R Us:


Let us know if this deal works for you at Babies R Us!  We have it confirmed as working for now but with any deal like this, things can change at any time which of course we have no control over.

 Thanks Chia!

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  • Holly

    Are these diapers good? I never used them before. I have tried other in the past. I did not like CVS, but Shoprite diapers are ok. Also, can you take the coupon out to use before u buy it?

    • Melinda

      Hi Holly. I bought a bunch back in April when they were $4 a box and I was nervous how I would like them. I’m using size 4s now on my daughter and I haven’t noticed a big difference, if any, from Pampers or Huggies. They last through the night and my daughter hasn’t reacted to them or anything so I would say if you can score this deal, go for it! Last time I asked my store if I can open a box to get the coupon out and they had no problem with me doing that so it can’t hurt to ask!

      • Laura D.

        Hi Melinda! Is there tax on diapers? TIA! 🙂

        • Melinda

          Hi Laura! No tax on diapers in New Jersey 🙂

        • meghan

          There is in NY 🙁 boo!

          • meghan

            but only on $2.50 per box (the amount the coupon takes off). So tax for 2 boxes was $.43 in Suffolk county

  • Amy

    My toys r us won’t let me use the coupons during the same purchase 🙁

    • Matthew

      Find a new babis r us!

  • I tried to do this, and the $15 discount did not come off automatically. I spoke to a supervisor, who said this was not valid on the $10 boxes even though they were more than 72-count as stated in the ad.
    It is still a great deal on these diapers whenever they are in stock even without this extra discount.

    • Larrina

      Adam– What BRU did you go to??

      • One in Manhattan and one in central NJ

    • Meg

      I would fight that…I have fought kmart and target on their signage, and they both have quickly conceded that they need to give what the sign says.

  • Amanda

    I like them. Also these boxes have a coupon for a free bottle inside. 🙂

  • Dillman

    Is this store specific? I don’t see any mention of the $15 off instantly in their ad.

    • Bethann

      I just found on their website the mention of $15 off 2 boxes. If you scroll over ALL CATAGORIES on the BRUs site, the first listing is GREAT DEALS STORE, click it then go to Diaper savings and its on the top row. Says in store only. I haven’t tried it in store yet, but it does mention it online.

  • I tried to replicate this deal for a local diaper bank here in NJ. The Cherry Hill NJ location has a sign over the diapers saying you cannot use the coupon in the box toward deal since $15 off two is going on now. $15 off two came off no problem.

  • I tried to replicate this deal for a local diaper bank here in NJ. The Cherry Hill NJ location has a sign over the diapers saying you cannot use the coupon in the box toward deal since $15 off two is going on now. $15 off two came off no problem.

    • Christine R.

      Thanks for the head’s up on the Cherry Hill location. I wonder if there’s a location near my office in Mount Laurel. Maybe I’ll just try to get to the one in Deptford on my way home.

  • Angela

    My babiesrus in Manalapan, NJ is so coupon unfriendly and most of the time the workers are grumpy witches, I try not to go there unless absolutely necessary. I have 3 preschoolers- 2 in diapers. I have decided to give most of my baby need business to Amazon and Shop Rite where I feel appreciated as a customer. Even corporate customer service has been awful in my experience for babiesrus and toysrus.

    • Lady J

      What is it with BRU and employees who seem not to like children? I get that impression a lot when I go there.

  • Jennifer

    My BRU doesn’t have the coupons inside the boxes. Did I miss them? Are they printed on the inside of the box? Or floating around in there? Could employees have removed them?

    • Julie

      Mine were in the bottom under the diapers, printed on a sheet of paper.

  • Did cherryhill have alot deptford sold our n they r discountinued

    • Christine R.

      Yep, found out the Deptford sold out when I drove all the way there from Mount Laurel on my lunch break today! Bummer!

      If someone goes to Cherry Hill or Burlington could you post what their inventory looks like? TIA!

      • jamie

        I went to Burlington TRU and they didn’t have any. I called BRU in Cherry Hill and girl was nice and looked but they only had the bigger value boxes. So they were sold out too. I am hoping that someone posts something close to where we live.

  • Christine R.

    Thanks for posting Melinda!

    I’m definitely on this one…for free or $5! I just got done couponing/shopping for 2 co-worker baby showers, 2 group gifts BUT…free or $5 diapers will make a really nice addition!


    Does anyone one if there will be overage.
    2 boxes x $10.00 = $20.00
    – $15.00 (for buying 2)
    – $12.00 ($6.00 off each box with coupon)
    = $7.00 overage
    Will that apply or does the register just zero balance it?

    • Christine R.

      Hi Kathy,
      BRU does not allow overage. Melinda listed only one coupon in the scenario above to get them free. HTH!

      • Kathy

        Thanks Christine. I know that at BRU you only have to use 1 coupon and it is applied to all the boxes in your order. Hoping for overage for wipes but I am sure the diaper bank will be very happy with the diapers. Good luck trying to do the deal.

        • Christine R.

          Thanks Kathy! Still searching for a location that has these in stock!

  • T

    Deal worked for me no problem. I have done it 3x since Sat.

  • Matthew

    Worked 3x in Morris county NJ. Felt bad about opening up the packages, so I just paid $2.50 per box…which is unbelievable for 72-80 diapers/box!

  • Desiree

    None in Exton pa and since I got a $122 speeding ticket on my way there this made this a very bad deal for me:( btw I was doing 58 in a 55 with my 3 kids in the car..I was not speeding…let’s hope the judge sees it that way!!

    • Ida

      and i thought i was having a bad day…

    • Cindy Livesey

      Oh what a bummer. Sorry you had such a bad day.

    • Aims

      I feel your pain. I just got back from my dentist in NYC and got a $65 parking ticket. I didn’t want to pay $27 per hour to park in a garage so I parked on the street, but now I know better. I was so mad, I bought a cupcake to calm myself down.LOL! I hope the judge finds in your favor.

  • Hasee

    How do i get $6 off coupon??I havent bought babies r us brand diaper before.

    • Melinda

      The $6 off coupons can be found inside the Special Value Pack Babies R Us Diapers priced at $10. Hope you can find them!

      • Hasee

        So I can open the box i am buying and use the coupon huh??

        • Julie

          It depends on your cashier! I went to the service desk at my BRU and the guy was so nice and let me open the boxes. Thankfully no one was behind me in line because it took awhile 🙂

        • meghan

          I opened it right in the aisle as I put it in the cart, but only one as you just need 1 coupon. No cashier involved!

  • Trina

    Does this work in north jersey, sometimes I wonder if his is worth the bother.

    • Matthew

      Yes. Did it in Morris county 3x this morning. There’s not much left, even when I went.

      • Melissa


        Did u go the one in Budd Lake, Nj?


        • Call me Al


  • anna

    my babies r us (Paramus nj) didn’t have any of the value boxes.

    • kim

      thanks for saving me a trip!

  • catharine

    got the very last 2 in Allentown, PA…thank you so much for posting this deal!

  • jenny

    I was told by a BRU employee that these $10 value boxes were leftovers from this past years black friday deals…any boxes left floating around are part of the by2get$15 off but good luck finding them.

    • jenny

      Oh and the coupons are only in the $10 value boxes. Not the value boxes for $27.99 if that helps anyone.

  • Alice

    Jenny is correct. They no longer make the $10 value boxes. There are no coupons in the larger boxes.

  • Bethann

    None for me in both my local BRU (Springfield PA, and Media, PA). Bummer, maybe next time!

  • Lee

    I got the last 2 boxes here in one of the stores in Virginia. The coupon in the box had already expired so I couldn’t use that but still $5 for 2 boxes wasn’t bad.

  • RG :)

    I’ve never gotten BRU diapers before. Does anyone know if size 4 will fit a 32-lb toddler? Or is that a size 5 or 6?

  • Paula

    I want to try using this deal on my triplets but they are wearing size 5 pampers. Will a size 4 babies r us diaper fit on a 25 lb, 37inch high toddler?

    • Jennifer

      My little guy is shorter and fatter, but the size 4s fit him! He’s 34 inches, and 31 lbs.

      • Paula

        thanks for the info! unfortunately all stores near me don’t have size 4 🙁

  • Ruby

    None in Eatontown, NJ

  • Jessica

    Cherry hill NJ only had size 3 left and there were only a few left. Saw someone loading their cart before I left so I don’t know how many are still there.

  • Melissa

    There are none in Flanders/Budd Lake.

  • Angela
    • anna

      awesome!!! thanks!!!

    • meghan

      awesome- thanks! I really didn’t want to waste all my gas driving around looking for them. I’ll be donating most of what I get and stashing a couple for shower gifts 🙂

  • Jess

    Does anyone know if lancaster, pa or bel air, md has them? I have a 7 week old and 2 year old, not an easy trip as the closest is 35 min.

  • micheleana

    BRU in Wayne, NJ still had some size 4 only. Back of the store right hand side in the far corner. But if you still have some coupons from a previous visit like I did the $27.99 boxes are fully stocked and the $15 comes off when you buy two also so minus another $12 ($6 coupon x 2) is $29 for 2 giant boxes which is still a great price regardless the size too. HTH everyone.

  • CE

    Westbury only has 1 size 2 left and 4 size 5’s which don’t qualify.

  • Jennifer

    No store in RI has any left as of 3pm 6/3/13.

  • anna

    there are lots of size 4’s left at the babies r us in Nanuet, ny for anyone looking and close by!

  • vicky

    BRU in route 22, union, nj has 1 size 4 left

    The one in morris ave has none

  • kristen

    Noen in Christiana mall de.

  • Mary

    Hi Angela,

    Thank you for your link of checking the size of diapers and Cindy for the information. I was able to get many diapers near me (Orange County in CA). I went to 3 different stores and got 18 boxes. I have a 2 years old and expecting another one soon so I am so thankful for this information.


    • Angela

      Mary- Glad to hear it!!! My stores were all sold out. Another store about a half hour from me had some, but by the time I was able to get there they sold out as well. I wasn’t able to get any 🙁 I have a 2 month old and 2 year old…. At least I was able to get some shop rite diapers here in NJ. Good luck!

  • I had a problem with the coupons inside the box they were expired as of 3/31/13 so they would not allow me to use them, manager said these boxes were left from Christmas time. Did anyone else have this probolem?

    • Mary

      All the coupons that I got are expiring in July so I don’t have this problem.

  • emily

    does anyone know if the deal will work at toys r us? also do i need a coupon for the $15 off 2 boxes?

    • Angela

      Yes deal will work at Toys R US. No coupon needed for $15 off 2 boxes.

  • Brenda

    @ Emily…yes it is working and no you dont need a coupon for the $15 it comes off…however u do need the $6 coupon..hope that helps

  • emily

    @ Brenda… i open the box to get the $6 coupon? that is if i can fine any boxes..

    • meghan

      yes- there should be a sheet of coupons inside the box. One coupon works for all the boxes you ring up, so you only have to open 1 box. Also, Angela posted links to check stock levels of sizes 1-4 at your local BRU so you don’t waste the trip/gas. This was very helpful to me- check them out!

  • tracy

    At my BRU they dont even have these size boxes. Cheapest box was 24.99.. 🙁

  • Joceline

    When does this expire and can someone email this to me please I cant get the coupon it won’t email me to me please help