Hot! Up to $5.00 Money Maker on Stayfree Maxis at Rite Aid!

FREE Stayfree Pads

FREE Stayfree Pads at Rite Aid

Check out this great deal you can score this week at Rite Aid.  Stayfree Pads are on sale for $2.50 this week plus there is an in-ad coupon this week at Rite Aid for $2.00 off when you buy 2.

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 11.48.52 AM

There are also a bunch of  $1/1 Stayfree Product Coupons available right now which you can stack with this in-ad Rite Aid Coupon making these only $0.50 each.  But the deal gets better.  The Stayfree Catalina Deal that we originally had only working at ShopRite is now confirmed working at Rite Aid also making these completely FREE!

Here are the details on the Catalina:

Stayfree Maxis
5/20 – 6/16
Buy 2 Get a $1 Catalina
Buy 3 Get a $2 Catalina
Buy 4 Get a $3 Catalina

Plus as an added bonus, Stayfree Maxis are part of a Playtex monthly UPR Deal: Spend $20 Get $5.00 UPR and these Stayfree Maxis are tracking toward the deal on the bottom of the receipt.  You can do this deal 4 times (you will need 8 coupons) to score a $5.00 Money Maker with this monthly UPR Deal!  Just be sure your Rite Aid has a Catalina machine before you try this deal.

Here is your deal idea at Rite Aid:


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Other coupons you may be interested in printing:

Thanks Jennifer!

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  • Dawn

    Printable coupons are no longer available…

  • karen

    My Catalina’s didn’t print out. I had to email Catalina Marketing. I went to two different stores, both times no CAT 🙁

    • Dani

      I believe the Catalina’s were ONLY for Sunday. I did this deal, yesterday. I needed 2 more, and did them today, and no catalina. So, only Sunday.

      • Cindy Livesey

        The catalina deal runs until 6/16

  • jane

    There is a printable coupon on this site.

    • Bill

      Unfortunately, you can only print one coupon per machine (or at least per HE account). What a pain! Amusingly, their FAQ claims you can print coupons twice.

  • Julie

    Do most Rite Aide’s have catalina machines? I don’t think mine does? I have never gotten a catalina at Rite Aide.

    • Jim

      I contacted RA corporate and I was told that [most] RA stores should have the Catalina machines installed.

  • Jes

    Mine doesn’t have Cat machine neither. Plus, mine never accepts in-ad coupon and man. coupon. I was told that I can only use one or the others. (Cashier said “if you use both, we are losing money. So NO!”

    I told her that it’s ok to use both. But was rejected. Since then, I stopped going to RA.

    • Jim

      I would contact corporate — or pull out the coupon policy and show the manager. Send an email to a customer service rep at corporate. Trust me, you will get results.

  • jean

    i just make this deal and no cat printing for me 🙁

  • Laurie

    Good Luck to everyone that has a RiteAid. I had such a nice store in NJ but moved to the midwest and the manager is horrible and the cashiers favorite word is NO we can’t do that even when it is perfectly legitimate. They would NEVER let anyone use 2 of the in-ad coupons even in separate transactions. I have been so discouraged with RiteAid I rarely go there anymore.

  • jennifer

    Just made my trip to rite aid…my cats printed out! This was a great deal! Thank you for all your hard work on matchups!

    • Jim

      Just to be clear. At RA CATS are different than UpREWARDS, right?

      And, just to be clear, some RA’s offer CATS in addition to UpREWARDS and some RA’s do not offer CATS?


      • Laura D.

        Jim you are correct. The cat machine ( if they have one) will be located next to the register (like at Shoprite and Walgreens)and print separately from your receipt.

        The UPs will print out on the bottom of your register receipt.


  • Jim

    OK. Deal confirmed for this LRWC user. Did it exactly as recommended in 4 separate transactions. After coupons I paid $1 and Received $1 Catalina for each transaction. In addition, the 4th transaction produced a $5 UpRewards printed on the bottom of my Receipt. 8 items FREE plus $5 money maker.

    Note1: I DID NOT roll the Catalina’s. I did not attempt to either so I do not know if rolling them would work.

    Note2: The Catalina’s have an 8/26/13 Expiration!

    Note3: Unfortunately, since RA does not typically carry large inventory of any single item, I had to clear the shelf on this deal.

    • Bill

      Rolling of Catalinas is not a problem at any store other than Walgreens. Why does everyone always comment on it at other stores?

  • Michele

    Going now with fingers crossed!!! Hope it works…
    Thank you all for all your help!!

  • Laura D.

    I was SHUT DOWN with this deal. I was not allowed to do another transaction using the $2/2 in ad coupon. Boooo Rite Aid! Will try another store during the week!

    • jim

      Do a transaction, Go out of the store, then send in someone else with your card. OR go back next day. or Go in AM, then mid day, then night. or Go to another store and try there.

      I do find that RA has the poorest training of managers (in comparison to WAGS and CVS) — (or maybe the way that they operate is exactly what corporate wants). I’ve learned how to “work” with cashiers and managers so rarely do I get denied — but if I ever need to “work” with a cashier or manager it’s usually at RA.

      CVS absolutely trains there people differently. They work hard on making customers happy. They succeed at this by empowering the cashiers — I’ve never had to ask for a manager to assist with a difficult transaction at CVS.

      Anyway, I hope that you get it to work this week.

      • Laura D.

        Thanks Jim! I will definitely get this deal this week, twice! It’s just going to take more time then I wanted to spend on it.

        I was denied because she interpreted the wording “one per customer” on the in ad q as “one per Wellness card” and she said that RA would have to put any additional in ad q’s for this product on the same account in a “loss…..something or other” account and count it as a loss against the store. At that point her voice has turned into Charlie Brown’s teacher (mwah-mwah, mwah, mwah-mwah-mwah)lol. So I bailed on the transaction and said “okay”, then left!

        I agree, CVS is the BEST! Thanks for the good wishes!

  • maria

    I did my four transactions in 3 different rite aids and everything worked and printed as stated! I’m in Mercer county, NJ.

  • Bill

    If you can get your RA to take more than one of the in-ad coupons, you can make the deal even better since you get a $3 Catalina for buying 4 in one order (as opposed to $1+$1 for buying them across two orders).

    • mel

      thanks i was wondering if that would work.

  • Brian Murphy

    But the store coupon is a ‘manufacturers coupon’ , it says it right on the coupon. Are they going to allow you to stack another manufaturers on top of it ?

    • Cindy Livesey

      Hi Brian, I realize that it does say manufacturers coupon right on it. That always makes it a bit confusing. But, that coupon is, in fact, a store coupon. You can tell by the numbers under the barcode. They are unique codes to Rite Aid making them a store coupon. Why Rite Aid puts manufacturers coupon on them I have not idea. However, they are store coupons and you can stack them with a regular manufacturer coupon. Hope that helps.

      • Bill

        It is likely because the manufacturer is paying it.

        It really bugs me when people question whether you can do a deal that’s been posted, as if they found a reason why it won’t work after many people have already posted doing it.

  • Amy

    I was able to do 2 transactions back to back last night with 4 stayfree in each, using 2 in ad coupons with each transactions and received 2 $3cats and $5UP. This was in NH. Hope everyone has good luck with this!

  • guest


    Is the catalina and $5 up reward valid only for stayfree products? Or would they work on carefree as well? Does anyone know? Thanks. This looks like a very good deal but I am more interested in carefree liners than stayfree pads. However, would not do it if I do not get the cataline/UP. Thanks.

    • Bill

      The +Up is on all Playtex, so I’m sure it will be good on Carefree. But the $1 printable coupon is only on Stayfree, so it won’t end up being as good as deal. There might be a 50c coupon for them.

      I bought 4 tonight and did not get the Catalina, so I will have to email them. I probably should have waited until I got to CT on Saturday since I had to pay sales tax on $10. Will wait until Saturday to buy the rest (CT deducts sales tax on coupons).

      • Anonymous

        Thank you Bill. Best of luck for your catalina refund.

      • Anonymous

        Hi Bill,
        I am now in the same (similar) boat as you….
        Went to the store and did the deal with 4 packs, catalina printed fine.. so went to another store, did the same deal with 4 packs, got my up reward but no catalina. When I asked the cashier, she told me there was no catalina machine in the store… I was sad that I did not check before. All other RiteAids I go to, have the machine……… Do you think I can do something about it? If I contact catalina, would they be able to do anything for it?

        • Bill

          It’s certainly worth a shot. I definitely would not volunteer that the store did not have a Catalina machine.. if they point that out and say they won’t send you one, then there’s nothing you can do about it. But you may as well try!

  • Kim G.

    I did this deal today and it went (mostly) very smooth! To start before anything was scanned, I asked the cashier if I could use 2 of the $2/2 RA coupons in 1 transaction (so that I would only have to do 2 transactions of 4 each instead of 4 transactions of 2 each) and she said yes! So, everything is scanned, I give my Qs and the total is higher than expected. So I just pay and get my $3 cat b/c a line is forming behind me. Right after I pay, I realize it is b/c I forgot to give her 2 of my $1/1 Sayfree MFQ! I ask if she can post redeem them, she says no b/c I already used 4 coupons. OK. I know Im right but I dont push it further at this time. We move on to transaction #2.

    This time when I get to the 5th coupon (2 MFQ and 2 RAQ had been scanned) she says she can’t take it. I ask her to please try, so she does and it goes through, so she takes the other one too. I also have anoter $1 item so I can use the $3 cat to pay for $0 OOP. Well, cashier won’t take the cat or scan it. So I ask her to take off the filler and I pay.

    After I finish, I got back in line (by this time there was another cashier ringing). I go to her line when it is my time and explain the whole situation. She post-redeemed 2 $1/1 stayfree MFQ I forgot to use on transaction #1 and the $3 cat for me. So I paid $1.83 OOP and had a $3 cat and $5+UP.

    Luckily, there was also a good supply of stock at this store of Stayfree, so plenty was left even after I bought 8 packs (I also bought 3 different kind; overnight, regular, and long…).

    • Maria

      Omg I did the same thing! Opened up my purse and realized I didn’t give her the mf coupons! The manager gave me the $4 gift card luckily without any hassle!

  • Anonymous

    I was on the coupon database last night and there was a $1 off from bricks available to print. It printed both a $1 Stayfree and $1 Carefree coupon in one print. Does anyone know if this is still available? I went on this morning and the link is no longer posted. Thanks!