ShopRite Preview Ad for the week of 9/22/13!


ShopRite Ad Scan for Week of 9/22/13

Here is the ShopRite Ad Scan for the week of 9/22! A Big Thanks to Melissa for sharing next weeks ShopRite Ad with us!

Feel free to post any deals you come up with in the comments below.

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View: ShopRite Preview Ad Scan 9/22/13

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  • Elaine

    Thanks Ladies!

  • Alexis

    Anyone notice that the Triaminic is listed as being on sale next week for $4.99?? Yet I’ve checked a few shoprite’s this week trying to take advantage of money maker deal and no one has it! I keep getting told they aren’t carrying this product right now. But now it’s listed as being on sale in their circular?!?! That seems a little fishy to me!

    • Heather

      If you look on Triaminic website it says they are trying to get products back on shelves by October (there was a recall some time ago). I have the same problem, no Triaminic products at Shoprite in Freehold, Hamilton or Marlboro, NJ. :~(

      • SillyLilly

        Too bad the SR ecoupon for Triaminic $7/2 expires on 9/21 🙁

        • Alexis

          I know, i might check back on saturday, hoping that they will stock the shelves for Sunday early that way I can still take advantage of it! Has anyone in south jersey been able to find these??? Mullica Hill and Gibbstown did not.

          • disqus_EScvN8XxKr

            manchester nj shop rite had it last week

    • Rocky

      Alexis, sales/ads are set/scheduled far in advance. It’s just regular marketing at work. Nothing fishy, I don’t think, IMHO. They probably expected it to be available by this time.

    • heather

      Cherry Hill had it last week.

  • Michelle

    Perdue is 40% off. Perdue ground chicken is $4.99, so 40% off of that would make it $1.99?? Did I do my math correctly? And there are coupons for Perdue.

    • Heather

      40% off of $4.99 would be $3.00 (you take 1.99 off) coupons are for $1/1

      • Michelle

        HAHAHA!! Thanks for that!! Knew I was doing something wrong there!

  • Cynthia

    Yay! Thank you! 🙂

  • joan

    wish they would elaborate on the other $10 of kraft ecoupons so we don’t have to wait till sunday morning to find out 😉

  • Stacey

    Anyone have any good ideas for the cookware set?? I get it every year!

  • d

    I just got off the phone with shoprite customer service. Some of my e coupons were not deducted. When I asked why, he said i cant use an e coupon with a paper coupon because they are both manufacturers coupons….it always worked it the past…is this something new? Can anyone confirm?

    • Erica

      Honestly, everybody I come across with this particular issue has a different answer. It get’s quite frustrating at times. I have went to the front desk after a transaction and got money back because of ecoupons not coming off – and they saw I used a MC with the items as well and just praised me for being so organized and into couponing. I have also heard that we are not allowed to use ecoupons on top of M.C.’s but that to me does not make any sense since the coupons get taken off BEFORE actual paper coupons are scanned and most of the there is not “bad beep” once you scan a paper coupon on a paticular stacked item… I bet you anything if you go to your local shoprite and inform them you didn’t have your ecoupons taken off they will give you your money back.. Good luck!!

    • Laura D.

      d- here is how to fix them. Read each section carefully before you begin. This should work for you.
      1. Call CS, sorry, but this needs to be done! Ask them if there is any “other” phone number attached to your PP card account within their system. Why? Cindy (a friend of yours) has had this happen to her in the past. You want to
      make sure your account only has one number attached (also, this should
      be the number in your online accounts!!!)Remember, ask them which
      number they have!

      2. Update your SR online accounts! Always, OFFICAILLY sign in into your account. If you are already logged in, sign out and officially sign in. There are three separate areas. Click on settings once you are logged in, do all areas,
      Password, Address and Email. Be sure to fill out ALL fields and request emails. Make sure your card number is the same that CS has on file and on your card you use. Always use your card, never your number at checkout!

      3. Now, try out a few! When you checkout, it’s good practice to keep your eCoupon items together so you can watch the register as they go through, to see if the eCoupons are coming off. Remember the codes, TC, CFIRE, ECPN. IF, one doesn’t come off, ask the cashier to “hit the total button”, this should kick them in. If they give you grief, tell them you have coupons connected to your card and know if they hit the total button it will push them through the system. If in the case it does NOT work, you now have the ability to have the cashier take the product off your purchase and not buy it. No more having to return the item at CS and waste more time.

      4. Know your receipt!!!! This is SUPER important! The eCoupon will usually be found within the “body of the receipt”, usually directly underneath the product it is connected to. It will have a code of TC, CFIRE, or ECPN in bold font, along with the amount. If not here, look for it at the bottom of the receipt before the tax line, within that area. It will NEVER be with your coupons you hand over for scanning by the cashier.

      5. Now, you have become your own eCoupon detective at “your current store”. So, let’s say all is good, problem solved! Now, let’s say it’s a mess!!! Here is what you do. You go to a “different family owned Shoprite” NOT the same family owned store you just had problems with! You can find out the name of the family by asking your CS people (sorry, there they are again!). At the new store, follow the same rules in steps 3&4. You should notice a difference.

      6. Know that sometimes, lately more often, the eCoupons are wonky! Case in point, the Barilla Pasta. It is best to come right here to the comment area and ask the others within Cindy’s LRWC community if they are experiencing the same problem with that particular eCoupon. The family of readers here are VERY good at posting eCoupon issues after they go shopping to give others a heads up. Honestly, CS reps rarely have a clue of how their system works. We can ALWAYS figure it out faster here, especially with Cindy and her team as out guides!

      7. Also, a year ago I learned that each Individual Shop Rite has the ability or NOT to “choose features” that will work, or won’t work on their receipts. If this
      “feature” is not “turned on”, your store WILL NOT have it working within their
      system. Huh? What the heck is she talking about? About 2 years ago, everyone was discussing how much money they saved at Shoprite and it was listed at the bottom of their receipt! Well, I wanted to see my savings too! So I called Corporate and asked them about it. I got transferred over to a very nice
      manager there and she told me they can ask the store to “turn on that
      feature”. Whether the store would do it, is that stores choice. One of the two stores I asked for did it! However, I DO NOT know if the eCoupons are a system “feature”, at this point I am just guessing.

      8. It is best to consider the eCoupons as a “Bonus”, not a definite discount. When they work, great! When they don’t, don’t cause a scene decide right then, buy it, or have the cashier take it off your order, maybe give it a try again later in the week. And yes, when they work, how much FUN it can be!!

      9. Forgot this, if you ever enter one of the contests that SR has going on, the $100 gc just happened recently. This will screw up your eCoupons!!! I know this because a while ago I entered the $500 contest for something and my account went haywire and I had to update it again!

      Good Luck to you! Hope this helps to get them working!!

  • georgette

    I don’t mind providing basic information in order to get a coupon such as my name, e-mail address etc. However when manufacturers make me jump thru hoops in order to get a coupon, I get very frustrated and then I scratch that guy off my list. Manufacturers, listen up. You do not have the right to my history back to the day I was born!