Talking Thrifty – Cindy’s Shopping Trip to ShopRite, CVS & Rite Aid!

If you can’t view the video, you can view here: Talking Thrifty With Cindy – Week of 3/27/14

Talking Thrifty

Welcome to the fourth week of Talking Thrifty with Cindy.  If you missed last week’s video you can view it here. 

This week we are going to do something a little bit different.  We’ve got Cindy’s complete shopping trip to ShopRite, CVS and Rite Aid.

Today’s deals include:

Cindy’s Shopping Trips:


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Enjoy the show 😉

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  • Lisa

    Ajax coupons are no longer available.

  • mrsclaire

    thank you for another great video! i’m going to try the kotex deal tomorrow when i pick up some odds and ends at shoprite!

  • Maan

    Don’t the Right Guard only work with Xtreme Clean?

    • Ha yes. And I did buy the right guard xtreme clear. Long story about that which I shared at the workshop which had to do with an emergency purchase of right guard at a cvs in NYC at 5:30am on the way to filming a morning news segment. Anyway I wound up with 15 bottles of assorted right guard xtreme (of which 13 I had to actually pay for) after all was said and done. And we grabbed the wrong ones to place on the table for this video.

      • And here they are

      • dalia

        For some reason the Shoprite ecoupon worked with me on that one RightGuard Xtreme Dry !! Plus the $2 MQ :))

        • bg

          that’s not a $2 coupon 😉

          • dalia

            I think I was suppose to add more fillings , but I didn’t expect the ecoupon to come off …. The mq I handed was for $2 … Just noticed that they cut it fir $1.50 ! …I won’t do the Lysol rebate though !

            • bg

              the coupon has 2 barcodes, and one scans $2 while the other scans $1.50. they should scan the same, but the coding was done wrong. this was discussed on the right guard freebie post.

      • Maan

        Oh alright. thanks!

  • Maan

    I have a $1 off $3.99 shampoo or conditioner cattalina.
    Can I combine that with other coupons?

    • Usually those say store coupon at the top. If yours does you can use it with other manufacturer coupons.

  • Great savings!

  • Ashley

    The tresemme keratin product..was that shampoo
    Or conditioner or something else? I want to make sure i get the right item for the e coupon to come off. Thanks!

    • sam

      the red tube is shampoo. conditioner is white.

  • Jessica Aponte-Espinel

    Are the shoprite catalina like the ECB, you only get then once, or do they print out with every transaction?

  • Maan

    Hi, I tried to do multiple transactions to redeem more coupons for the unilever promo.
    It only printed one $5 off catalina. Should I complain to customer service? What is the rules exactly behind it?

    Am I limited to one $5 off coupon per shoprite card? I tried it the day before, it also printed a $5 off. not sure why it didn’t the 3rd time.