UPDATE: New $10 Georgia-Pacific Pre-paid Card Rebate Offer + Hot CVS Deal! {8/3}


The CVS ECB deal seems to be a limit of 2, not 1 as stated in the circular!  A Reader purchased $20+ of eligible products in Transaction #1 and another $20+ of eligible products in Transaction #2 and received $5 ECB for both!  A third ECB did not print when she purchased another $20+ of eligible products in Transaction #3.  Thanks Danielle K.!

We also received a response from the Rebate sponsor in response to our inquiry into whether there is a limit on the number of gift cards that can be received per household.  They advised that “[t]here is no limit on the number of gift cards received per household. You may not however use the same receipt more than one time when entering. Please see Terms & Conditions for official rules and details.”  WOOT!

Georgia-Pacific Rebate

Check out this awesome new rebate from Georgia-Pacific!  Spend $25 on qualifying Georgia-Pacific, Dixie and/or Sun products  and claim a $10 pre-paid card!  The participating products include: Quilted Northern Bath Tissue, Angel Soft Bath Tissue, MD Bath Tissue, Angel Soft Facial Tissue, Dixie Cups, Brawny Paper Towels, Sparkle Paper Towels, All Laundry Detergent and Snuggle Fabric Softener.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 2.47.57 PM

Spend $25 in Georgia-Pacific Products Get $10 Prepaid Card Rebate

Here is what you need to do to receive your rebate:

  • Buy $25 worth of participating Smart Must Haves™ products in one or more shopping trips from 7/27/14 through 9/7/14.
  • Take a picture of your receipt(s).
  • Upload the picture(s) at http://www.smartmusthaves.com and enter your address to receive a $10 pre-paid card in the mail.

Here is what you will receive:

  • $10 Pre-paid Card

Check out how you can get Sparkle Paper Towels 8-pack and Angel Soft Bathroom Tissue 12-pack for just $1.00 each, or All Liquid Detergent for just $0.63 each, at CVS next week after stacked offers and after receiving the $10 pre-paid card!

Here are your deals at CVS beginning 8/3:


Be sure to check out the rest of the CVS Deals for the week before you shop.

Thanks Sandy & Michelle!

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  • Marie

    I read all the terms and conditions for this offer and I didn’t see anywhere where it was stated one per household. Do you know if we are able to get more than one prepaid card per household.

  • April Fierro Suk

    I have a question on the deal, isn’t the Sparkle and Angel Soft limit 4? The scenario with 5 packs, the 5th could potentially ring up at full price. Wouldn’t you be better off doing (4) four Sparkle and (1) one Angel Soft?

    • April Fierro Suk

      Oh wait nevermind, I was thinking ShopRite and not CVS. 🙂

    • Lesley

      Yeah, that was my question. Can we mix and match what we buy? I only have 2-3 of each insert, so I would need to mix and match possibly.

      • ErikaRothLRWC

        You can certainly mix and match!

  • Danielle

    The fine print states that this rebate cannot be combined with any other offers. In the past, some companies have interpreted that to mean no coupons can be used if you want to submit for the rebate. Do we have any reason to think that this might be the case for this deal?

    • Robin

      I was wondering the same

      • Saundra Price

        Well I hope we can get this deal even with coupons!

  • Cajun Mom

    So you can buy 3 of one and 2 of the other with coupons for each item? TIA

    • Laura D.

      Yes, that should work just fine.

  • wendy

    Do we have to buy Dixie cups or will plates work?

  • Amy

    Can I use this with the shoprite promo this week on brawny and quilted northern?

  • frink

    sparkle coupon is nla

  • Kim

    My receipt this morning did not show $25 even though I purchased 5. My subtotal included my coupons (I had 4) — $21 — bummer. I wonder if they can do a subtotal prior to coupons? Anyway, I don’t think my receipt will work for the rebate in that case even though I bought 5? Thoughts?

    • Lauren

      I just tried to submit it with the $21, and an error message comes up and says my receipt is not clear enough, or I did not spend a minimum of $25. Looks like I will have to grab another pack!

      • Kim

        I think I am in the same boat!

      • Kim

        Just picked up 2 more packs – subtotal shows a total of $27 on two uploaded receipts — still having problems — I sent them in for review. We will see what happens!

        • Kim

          Just wanted to update that I did receive an email that said the validation was successful. Check your spam folders — if you have sent your receipts in for review — that is where my response was.

      • Saundra Price

        My receipt does not show a subtotal of 25.00 either. I used coupons too. I think we are all having probelms because we may be crashing the site or it has issues. No one has been able to get past the error message. I had probelms couponing this morning at CVS, Walgreens and Dollar General. They worked them out so I caould get my deals. So hopefully we can work out this deal and everyone can get their $10 card!

        • Nin

          Is PDF upload OK or it has to be photo image? My total is below 25 after extra bucks used.
          Any idea what should I do?

          • Kim

            It says the upload should be .jpg and each upload (receipt) should be 3 MB or less.

  • chrissa

    I cannot get the rebate to work either… It says my image is not clear enough… Anyone get it work?? Any advice! I can’t even send it in for review….

  • ddeedee

    I’ve taken several pictures & all my uploads have been rejected & there is no button “for further submission” as stated on the page. Whatever happened to just mailing the crap in?

    • LP

      Just tried mine again (the same thing that happend to you happened to me for the last 3 days!) and it WORKED! I think the system was overloaded?

      • ddeedee

        Thanks, I’ll try it again. I tried contacting them by email & no response.

  • Jeff

    I submitted my receipt for the above Sparkle deal on Sunday and just received an email stating it has been accepted and my $10 card will be mailed. I used all the coupons stated, plus another $4 in ECBs. Thanks!

    • IK

      Did your receipt go thru, or did you have to “submit for further review”? Thank you.

      • Jeff

        As soon as I uploaded it, it said it was submitted for review. I submitted it on Sunday morning and received the confirmation email yesterday. I’m going to try it again with the Angel Soft.

        • Guest


      • Caroyl

        Jeff – Nothing went through. I kept getting the problem with upload message everyone is getting.

    • caroyl

      JEFF – You are the only person I have heard was able to upload your receipts. I have tried numerous ways, taking picture with camera, phone, reducing size, .pff, .jpg, .png, separating receipt image into 3 .jpg, sending images to customer support daily and no luck. Customer support just says keep trying.

  • April Fierro Suk

    Has anyone seen this $1/1 Lavender Angel Soft coupon? The only one I have is $1/2 Angel Soft. Would love to stock up on TP.

    • Karen B.

      I have not seen it either. Mine is $1/2.

    • Guest

      You have to enter the zip code 77477,TX by signing in going to profile and changing location

  • Caroyl

    Good news for those who are having problems uploading your receipts. My numerous customer service request were answered validating my attached receipt. Tiffany from Georgia Pacific facebook page also answered my post offering to validate my receipt. The rebate is AFTER coupons. Your total can be less than $25.00 after coupons. I did this deal at publix:

    Buy (1) 18 double roll Quilted Northern (1) 8 roll Sparkle (6) 165 ct Angel Soft ($25.98)

    use (1) $5/2 Publix coupon

    use (1) $1/1 Quilted Northern

    use (1) $1/1 Sparkle

    use (6) $0.50/1 Angel Soft (dbls at my store)

    total oop $12.98 received $10.. gift card

    • Karen B.

      I am still having trouble having it accept my receipt. Says it’s not clear enough even though it is perfectly clear. Did you mean to say the rebate is BEFORE coupons? Do you know if we can submit for more than one rebate? Thanks.

      • Caroyl

        YES…BEFORE Coupons. You can submit more than one.

        • DianeG


  • Maria

    I have already submitted and gotten confirmation of approval. I snapped the picture with my cell phone and then sent it to my email address. Then I just attached the picture that way. No issues whatsoever. I bought the 5 packs at CVS.

  • Lauren

    Hi Everyone, after trying on Sun, Mon, and Tues, my rebate finally submitted today! I used the same photos that said were an error, and they worked this time! I got an email confirmation too. Maybe the system was overloaded the last few days. Good luck!

  • Amber Pesantez

    I’m going to try this today at shoprite:2 dixie plates (4.69) 3.99
    1 sparkle towels 8 pck (8.78) 5.88
    1 angel soft TP (8.78) 5.88
    Total: (26.94) 19.74
    Use (2) .55 off one dixie plates
    1 $1 off paper/plastic cups napkins plates purchase 1.99 or more
    1 .55 off one 4 double roll or larger Angel soft bath tissue
    1 $1 off sparkle 6 roll or larger towels
    pay: $14.44
    get $5 GP cat SR
    $10 rebate GP
    $.56 MM after coupons savings and rebate.

    • Amber Pesantez

      This worked by the way! 😀 Just got my rebate e mail confirmation today! Woot MM!

      • Melinda Dilione

        this worked even though you didn’t spend $25 on sale prices? just checking because this GP Catalina Deal is back again next week at ShopRite

        • Amber Pesantez

          yeah worked fine. Cat printed right away, had to submit on the GP site for review, but I got a confirmation email the next day :]

  • Jodi

    I just received an email from CVS with a $5 off $25. Could make this deal free?

    • Lesley

      I just went and did just that!!! Got the same email this afternoon.

      Just tried submitting my receipt and it wouldn’t go through. Instead of trying again I submitted it for further review. They said I should have a response in 3 days.

      Update! Tried submitting again with a clearer picture and it was accepted!

      • Jodi

        Great, thanks for the update!

  • Michele

    Anyone know how many times you can submit for this rebate?? Can’t find any info on that. Thanks for any help!

    • IK

      No limit(with different receipts, of course)

  • MissLA

    I hope that no one else has the problems that I had. I had issues uploading the receipts, so I had to email the receipts to the company. I then was told I did not qualify for the promotion without explanation. I then scanned and highlighted the appropriate items and e-mailed the company again. I just received another e-mail denying me the promotion because i received a promotion at the store, therefore disqualifying me for the company promotion. I am disappointed.

  • Michael Beese

    Before I go and try this at ShopRite this week, are we calling this confirmed that it will work before PPC discounts?