Pesto Recipe

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Pesto Recipe

Pesto Recipe

By: Cindy Livesey

I’ve neglected my gardens over the last couple of weeks.  For one, I’ve been struggling with back pain.  The price you have to pay to get old I suppose.  The other reason is that, every time I walked into the garden, I was overwhelmed with weeds.  Yikes, I’m not sure who invited them in there but they made themselves right at home in my garden. So, this weekend was tackle the weeds weekend.

Yep, I tackled those weeds.  I brought Pat out to the garden and said, these are weeds and these are weeds and these are weeds and he removed them all.  Good man!


basilThen it came time to check the basil.  Boy was there a lot of it.  So, it was time to get to work using up the overgrown basil.  And, what better thing to do then make delicious and super easy pesto.

basil2After throwing a large batch of basil into the food processor, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to make the pesto with Almonds, Walnuts or the traditional Pine Nuts.  I had all of them in my pantry.  But, I opted to go the traditional route and use the Pine Nuts.

basil3So, in went the Pine Nuts and then freshly grated parmesean cheese.  No not the stuff from the jar.  You just can’t go that route with pesto.  Break out the kind you have to put a little elbow work into and grate that cheese.  Grate extra so you can take a handful and stuff it in your mouth when no one is looking.  My momma taught me that!

basil4Don’t forget the garlic!  Cause there’s nothing like pesto without a bunch of garlic chopped up in it.  I tend to add more then most pesto recipes call for because I’m Italian like that!  Come to think of it, I add more garlic to most recipes.

basil5Then drizzle in the olive oil.  Then, take a taste.  Yes, it’s important to taste it.  Why?  No clue but it will call out your name and say taste how good I am.

basil6Put your delicious, bright green pesto, that you made sure to taste, right into a mason jar, store in the frig and use it in your favorite recipes.  So delish!

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Pesto Recipe

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Pesto Recipe

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