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  • Alzie26

    I am so new to this coupon world and want to get the best deal but it’s overwhelming
    even with the internet steps

    • Diane Sanderson

      Just take baby steps.. Start with a few deals a week not all of them.. Then you will just start to learn. We all made and make mistakes. if the deal really goes wrong. Just go to customer service and return the items.

    • Chroe

      Start with CVS. They have fantastic, easy-to-understand deals and a very generous coupon policy. Then you can branch out as you get more confident.

  • Elena Garcia

    I want.

  • Marie61

    Ran into major issue at ShopRite Patchogue NY this evening. Would NOT let me use MFR coupons with their ShopRite ecoupons, told me this has always been their policy, cashiers just don’t usuAlly check. I’ve been going there for a long time using both MFR & ecoupons. Anyone else had a similar issue?

    • Jo Ann

      I’m lucky to say, no, I have not had that issue. However I reviewed their coupon policy on their site and it does not mention that you cannot use a mfg and ecoupon however it does say this at the very bottom: This Coupon policy may be modified at the store manager’s discretion and is subject to change. So basically its all up in the air depending on the store manager. I’d call and ask to speak with them rather than listen to a random cashier or CSR

    • Corvie

      I find Selden very coupon friendly but I have not paid attention if SR e coupons are being deducted when I use a manufactures coupon. Patchoge seems more coupon friendly now compared to when they first opened. Selden does not accept credit cards to purchase gift cards, only cash a debit. Now with Key Food, Food Town and other stores taking over old Waldbaums and Pathmarks I have a bunch of new coupon policies to consider.

  • manlac

    there’s a new thing now with shop rite coupon policy that you have to spend 25.00 after the
    use of coupons for them to double. isn’t this rididulous!!!

    • terry

      this only applies to Maryland and the dollar doubling stores
      most of us outside that area wish we ever had dollar coupon doubling! 🙂

  • manlac

    what if i want to purchase only a few items, none of my coupons will double!!! any other store doubles coupons upto .99 even if i buy one item!!! drats shop rite!!!