CVS Coupon Deals – Week of 3/19/17


CVS Coupon Match Ups Week of 3/19:


CVS Curbside Deals

CVS is offering you $10 off your 1st Curbside order of $15 or more!  All the details for this new service can be found by clicking here: CVS Curbside Service.  One of the main stipulations is that you cannot use manufacturer coupons with your order.  You CAN however use any of the CVS offers and Extra Care Bucks that are loaded onto your reward card.



CVS Rolling Deal Ideas Week of 3/19:

You can Coupon Like a Pro at CVS by rolling your Extra Care Rewards to keep your out of pocket as low as possible.  CVS is a great place to stock up on all kinds of products from health and beauty aids to groceries. Be sure to check out the How to Build Your Stockpile at the Drugstores page to see all the Best Deals at all the drugstores this week.  The post is updated every Monday with the newest deals for the week.

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CVS Rolling 3/19 – 3/25

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CVS Monthly Deals

These are the monthly Extra Care Bucks deals going on this month at CVS. The limits shown (if any) are done per month, not per week. You can see your progress of the offers by checking the bottom of your receipt.

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  • Rebecca Thompson

    Well I was a select shopper for the Almay today, even better because I got a $4 coupon on Almay products, and the coffee but I didn’t get the good coupon so didn’t get the coffee. They also would not take my Rimmel coupon because it was higher than the value of the item so left that on the counter. Was not a select shopper for the laundry soap but at $1 ea I did pick up 2.

    • Cin Ferares

      where do you get select shopper coupons?

      • Rebecca Thompson

        At the red machine in the store. Sometimes LRWC will say 25 cents off Dawn dish soap for all shoppers at the red machine. Sometimes they say $3 off $10 in Almay cosmetics for select shoppers. Most of the time I am not a select shopper. Just happened that I was this week for the make up but was not for the laundry soap. If you scan your card more than once you will usually get more coupons.