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  • Karen

    I had good luck checking the price of a monthly generic at goodrx(dot)com which showed prices at various stores and any available coupons. Turns out it is cheaper for me to fill the RX outside of insurance at Walmart than to pay my insurance co-pay at a large national pharmacy chain that my insurer requires us to use!

    • Rocky

      How does that work, Karen? Do you research it, first, and then have the doctor send it to the new/cheaper location? What if it is a prescription that still has refills? Do you have the new place just call the old place to transfer it? Sorry for all the questions!

      • Karen

        Yes, I checked the price of a generic monthly maintenance drug and found a 90 day supply was $10 at Walmart (cash) vs $35 insurance co-pay at CVS/Caremark which is the exclusive pharmacy for Anthem plan. Doctor called in new RX as I was out of refills but yes Walmart will handle transfer of RX. Walmart has a list online too of about 100 common generic drugs for $4/30 days, $10/90 days. I can also use a gift card to pay. CT Shop Rite is running a promo where you get a SR gift card if you transfer an existing RX. Since my insurer requires me to use CVS/Caremark, this only works for generic drugs for me. If it is a name brand drug, I have to use CVS/Caremark as it is too expensive w/out insurance to go elsewhere. You can google name brand drugs – I found a manufacturer program for commercially insured patients for an allergy eye drop I use – it lowers my co-pay from $35/1 month to $18/3 months. I printed out the coupon and brought it to CVS – you can also ask their pharmacist as they know about these too. Also, all pharma companies run patient assistance programs for lower income level patients – you fill out a form to qualify. Finally, none of these programs apply to Medicare/Medicaid patients as those programs prohibit it.

        • Rocky

          Karen, WOW, thanks!!! I greatly appreciate the time you took to lay this out for me! My mom’s prescriptions are getting overwhelming and I need to figure out how we can make them somewhat more cost-effective… For her insurance (mine, too) she is relegated, also, to CVS, but, I have been wondering if there was a better way to attack it! Thanks, again!

        • Christine R.

          This helped me also. I don’t have a co-pay with my horrible insurance. We pay a negotiated price between the doctor and/or pharmacy and Aetna, which means a $159 doctor visit every time my kids need their monthly prescriptions filled or have a sick visit. We don’t get to use a co-pay until we reach our family deductible of $4000 out of pocket, but until then you go broke! And my kids’ prescriptions were $300 each per month. Shire, the manufacturer of their prescriptions, offers a patient assistance program and I was so relieved when I found that a few years ago because we get their meds for free.

          Rocky, if your mom’s prescriptions are brand (not generic) you can look to see if the manufacturer offers a patient assistance program like the one I found. You may be able to get them for free or at a discounted cost.

          Hope this helps!

      • Karen

        Sorry for long reply… 🙂 good luck!

        • Rocky

          Are you kidding? I devoured it, lol!!! Much appreciated!

  • Laura D.

    OptumRx is what my parents use. Tier 1 and Tier 2 drugs free delivered to your door, 90 day supply. Best I’ve seen yet.