Reader Shopping Trip to ShopRite – 25 items for $2.90!


Shopping Trip Breakdown ShopRite

Today we have a terrific ShopRite trip from Alli.  She picked up a bunch of freebies and money makers.  Her total out of pocket was $2.90, full price would have been $46.62!  This is what Alli had to say about her trip:

Woo Hoo! One of my best hauls in awhile!

Woohoo!  We agree Alli, excellent trip! Here is the breakdown of Alli’s trip:

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  1. Total out of pocket may or may not include tax.
  2. Deductions of coupons may be rounded down when doubled therefore the full amount of each coupon may not be reflected in the final total.  The amount listed as the out of pocket (OOP) is the amount that the featured reader has told us they paid.
  3. We have tried our best to insure that each coupon was correctly used however, there may be a chance that we missed something as we are looking through and piecing together many different shopping trips. If that is the case, please email us at so it can be brought to our attention immediately.

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