CVS Coupon Deals – Week of 3/11/18


CVS Coupon Match Ups Week of 3/11:


CVS Rolling Deal Ideas Week of 3/11:

You can Coupon Like a Pro at CVS by rolling your Extra Care Rewards to keep your out of pocket as low as possible.  CVS is a great place to stock up on all kinds of products from health and beauty aids to groceries. Be sure to check out the How to Build Your Stockpile at the Drugstores page to see all the Best Deals at all the drugstores this week.  The post is updated every Monday with the newest deals for the week.

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CVS {3/11 – 3/1}

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CVS Monthly Deals

These are the monthly Extra Care Bucks deals going on this month at CVS. The limits shown (if any) are done per month, not per week. You can see your progress of the offers by checking the bottom of your receipt.


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  • lisa karnincic

    what about the Scott toilet paper deal this week? spend $20 get $5 ecb $6.99/12 pack if using pc will lower even more-is this considered stock up price?

    • lisa karnincic

      im thinking my bd would be- buy 3 @ $6.99 use 3 $.75/1 pc receive $5 ecb making it $4.57/12 pack—if i read your stock up price list correctly it says $5.66 is stock up price? im new & still trying to figure this all our but am wondering y you dont have the green check mark next to this deal? am i reading or calculating something wrong about tp stock up prices? any help is greatly appreciated! TIA

      • Selma

        Hi! If possible, I would mix and match the paper products with some of the other household items like the All, Snuggle, Persil, and Kleenex. There is a Spend $20, get $5 S* for the All, Snuggle, and Persil and if you buy the cool touch boxes for Kleenex, there is a $1/2 rebate – that way you use the coupons to save even more. I would do:
        1 Scott TP $6.99
        2 All/Snuggle $6
        1 Persil $4.94
        3 Kleenex Cool Touch $3.75
        – .75 Scott MQ
        – $2/2 All/Snuggle MQ
        – $2 Persil MQ
        – .75/3 Kleenex MQ
        = $16.18, get $5 ECB.
        Submit for $1/2 Ibotta and you’ll be more than halfway in S* tracking (maybe more if it goes off shelf price).

        • Jessica

          There’s also a rebate for All/snuggle/persil etc.. on SavingStar. Buy $20 get $5 back.

  • D

    Having not done an ExtraBucks deal at CVS in forever, I can’t recall – do ExtraBucks need to be redeemed using the same card you used when you got them or if you have more than 1 CVS card, can you cash them in on any card?
    Basically, if I have Card A and Card B and I did a deal on Card A and received $2 EB, can I make a purchase using Card B & pay with the $2 EB?

    • Barbara A.

      No. Extra bucks and coupons from the red machine are specific to that card and only that card. Kind of a slow week at CVS this week……

      • D

        OK. I wanted to do the Garnier mask deal but of course, I didn’t get the needed $5/2 coupon. I scanned 3 separate CVS cards at the red machine today and nothing and then made 2 small purchases on 2 different cards hoping it would print on my receipt and nothing. I ended up returning the items at a different store b/c I just bought them hoping for the coupon. I’m never one of those ‘select shoppers.’

        • Barbara A.

          No, I was not one of the select shoppers for that coupon (actually no one that I know got it) Usually if you scan your card until it says that their aren’t any more coupons I don’t think that any additional coupons will print at the register? Maybe one of the $10 off $50 might? And no new coupons will print until the next week starting Sunday.

        • Selma

          I got the Garnier coupon but it was $2/2 (it was $5/2 last Sunday and that changed, that’s a whole other story w/CVS lately). That CRT seemed to be printing for people last week, not this week. I got the toothpaste and CoverGirl CRTs this week. Cards seem to alternate on a bi-weekly basis, I’ll get mouthwash, hair care, facial care, etc. on a pretty consistent basis every two weeks, and I buy lots of those products.