Frigidaire 26 lb Retro Bullet Ice Maker $59 (Reg. $119)

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Great deal for the summer! Get the Frigidaire 26 lb Retro Bullet Ice Maker $59 (Reg. $119) in Black


Frigidaire 26 lb Retro Ice Maker ensures you always have fresh ice on hand with the superior ice making abilities of the Frigidaire Retro Counter Top Ice Maker! Designed to make 26 pounds of ice in 2 different sizes, this handy counter top appliance is sleek and compact, and can store 1.5 pounds of ice at a time! Featuring bright LED indicators, and a large see-through window so you can easily monitor ice levels, the Frigidaire Retro Counter Top Ice Maker is ideal for use all year round, for large parities, or for use in a dorm room!
  • Rapid ice production: designed to create an impressive 26 pounds of ice within just 24 hours, ensuring you never run out of ice for your beverages.
  • Intuitive LED indicators: featuring bright LED indicators, making it easy to know when your ice maker is ready to serve.
  • Transparent ice-level monitoring: the large see-through window allows you to effortlessly monitor ice levels without needing to open the machine, ensuring you’re never caught off guard.
  • Ample water storage: with a substantial 1.2-quart water reservoir capacity, this ice maker maximizes ice production before requiring a refill.
  • Dual ice size options: create ice that suits your preferences with the option to produce bullet-shaped ice in two different sizes, making it versatile for various beverage types.
  • Convenient ice access: an ice shovel is included for easy and mess-free ice retrieval.
  • Effortless maintenance: equipped with a convenient drain plug, ensuring a hassle-free cleaning and maintenance process.