5 Essential Oils for Cleaning Your Home + Recipes for Homemade Cleaners


Household cleaners can be expensive. Even though we have a lot of printable coupons and insert coupons available for household products, it still costs money out of pocket.  And, we do want to create a safer, more naturally clean environment in our homes.

5 Essential Oils for Cleaning Your Home

With that said, essentials can play a key part in both how to save money on groceries and living a more “clean” lifestyle. If you are looking to clean your home with essential oils these five are sure to fit your needs from air fresheners to disinfectants and furniture polish.

Lemon Essential Oil Great for Furniture Polish

Lemon Essential Oil Furniture Polish

Lemon is a proven germ killing essential oil with a light and pleasant fragrance. It’s probably the first thing you think about when cleaning.  When choosing an essential oil for leaving your house clean and fresh you can never go wrong with lemon essential oil.

Here is a simple Homemade Furniture Polish you can made:

Mix the following in a glass spray bottle:

  • 2 parts vinegar
  • 2 parts olive oil
  • drops of lemon essential oil

And, you can use it to ward off spiders by placing it around window and door frames.

Tea Tree Oil for Disinfecting Cleaner

tea tree oil disinfectant

Tea tree is a great oil known for its ability to kill germs and old spores. This oil is commonly used in skin care products to help kill bacteria that causes acne but it can also kill other bacteria and viruses including the flu. Use this essential oil for cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms.

Here is a simple Homemade Disinfecting Cleaner you can make:

Mix the following in a glass spray bottle:

  • 3 parts distilled water
  • 1 part white vinegar
  • drops of tea tree oil drops

Rosemary Oil For Air Freshener

Air Freshener with Essential Oils Recipe

Rosemary essential oil is also great for killing germs and helping add a soothing  fragrance to your home. This oil is great for aiding memory and is perfect for mixing with a little lemon oil for a great fragrance and powerful cleaning combination. Use as a linen spray and in your favorite all purpose cleaner. This is great for cleaning main living areas.

Here is a simple Homemade Air Freshener you can make:

Mix the following in a glass spray bottle:

  • 1 Cup water
  • 2 tbs rubbing alcohol
  • 8 drops Rosemary Essential oil

You can even add in some peppermint if you want.

Pine Essential Oil for Floor Cleaner

Homemade Floor Cleaner

Pine is a classic essential oil for cleaning. Most of us have memories of walking into a fresh clean pine scented house after our mothers moped the floors. You can recreate this in your home with natural cleaners by stocking pine essential oil for its powerful deodorizing qualities.

Here is a simple Homemade Floor Cleaner you can make:

Mix in a glass bottle:

  • 1 gallon warm water
  • 1/2 tsp Sal Suds all purpose cleaner
  • 20 drops of pine essential oils.

Note you can also include tea tree oil or rosemary, to the mix depending on your desired scent.

Lavender Oil for a All Purpose Cleaner

Homemade All Purpose Cleaner

Lavender is a great option for disinfecting your home as well. Often used on wounds due to its antibacterial properties lavender is just as great at killing bacteria around your home while having a soothing effect perfect for cleaning in the evening before settling in for the night.

Here is a simple Homemade All Purpose Cleaner you can make:

Mix in a glass spray bottle:

  • 1 3/4 cup water
  • 1/4 cup white vinegar
  • 30 drops lavender essential oil.

Any of these oils can be mixed together or switched depending on your desired scent.

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