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Living Rich With Coupons is your one stop source to learn how to do Extreme Couponing the right way.

Cindy Livesey is the force behind Living Rich With Coupons which provides it’s readers with all the resources they need to shop smart so they can get life’s necessities for a lot less.  Allowing you to spend more on life’s luxuries.  Her family of 5 has saved over $11,000 a year in groceries.  And you can too.

You can also follow their debt free journey as Cindy provides insight into how  to Live Rich while cutting costs and saving money. And yes, you can still have that designer pocketbook and be on a budget. I mean really, a girls gotta have a nice purse right? Well stick around while we find deal after deal, even on designer pocketbooks.

Start your journey on Living Rich With coupons with Cindy’s beginner series where you can save at the grocery store like a pro. And stay tuned here everyday to find the best handpicked deals out there. You won’t want to miss a thing.

Cindy resides in NJ with her husband Pat, her 3 kids Megan, Nikki and Patrick, her puppy Bogo (yes named after the coupon cause we take our coupons seriously 🙂 ) and her MINI Cooper.

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