After Christmas Sales – Clearance Sales & Schedules!

After Christmas Sales

After Christmas Sales 2020

It’s the most wonderful time of year – Christmas Clearance! This is the time to really buy that thing you didn’t know you wanted, or even what you wish you had this holiday season!

Things we love buying during the After Christmas Sales:

  • Wrapping Paper/Gift Bags
  • Ziploc/Glad/Paper Products (who cares if it has a snow man on it 🙂 )
  • Decor

Pro Tip: Look for items that can be used all year long. If it has a Christmas tag – but it’s a white blanket – you can use it!

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Don’t forget all of those online coupons & deals too! Keep on Shopping!

Find a HOT After Christmas Sale at your store? Leave a comment below with the deets. You can even leave us pictures so we can see what’s available at your store.

Here is a schedule of what to expect – red means estimated – black means confirmed!

Updated 12/30/20

We’ve listed all the stores with the best After Christmas Sales for you at the best stores:


updated 12/28/20

50% off Christmas!


updated 12/28

50% off Christmas

Bed Bath & Beyond

Updated 12/27

Big Lots

Updated 12/28/20


Updated 12/27/29

Prices starting at $9.98 – we found mostly toys at ours!


updated 12/28/20

50% of everything Christmas!

Christmas Tree Shop

Updated 12/28/20

50% off everything Christmas!

Dollar General

Updated 1/5/21

up to 50% off Christmas!

Dollar Tree

Updated 12/27/20

$0.50 Holiday Decor!

Hobby Lobby

Updated 12/28/20

up to 66% off All Christmas in Hobby Lobby


Home Depot

Updated 12/27

50% off Decor and lights!


Updated 12/27

50% off HomeGoods and Marshalls Christmas Decor!



updated 12/29/20

up to 70% off all Christmas!


updated 12/28/20


updated 12/27

up to 75% off Christmas decor, lights and more!


updated 12/27

up to 60% off all Christmas!


Rite Aid

Updated 12/27

50% off Candy, Gift Sets

75% off Decor and toys

Sam’s Club

Updated 12/28


Upadated 12/27/20

50% off all Christmas including ziploc, decor, wrapping supplies and more!


Stop & Shop


Updated 12/30

up to 70% off Clearance!


Updated 12/27

50% off Christmas Decor


updated 12/28

50% off Select Christmas!


updated 1/3

75% off Christmas Clearance


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