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Looking for deals on your children’s Back to School Checklist? Search the Back to School Price Comparison Tool to find the best deals on Back to School Supplies.

    I have had many requests for a good solid checklist for sending your kids off to college.  We’ve had a few experiences with the whole college dorm room thing around here and this is what we’ve come up with!


    College Dorm Checklist: What to Bring for Your College Dorm Room

    Dorm Room Room Checklist – PDF Download

    Leaving for college can be a stressful yet exciting time for students as well as parents; saying good-bye to home and going off to start a new life, in a new place, with all new people. For incoming freshmen, knowing what to bring to create a comfortable living environment at school can be a whole challenge in itself. I know that every new student wonders, “How can I possibly fit ALL of my stuff in this small 12’x15’ room while sharing it with a total stranger?” That’s where we come in!

    Here is a little guide to help parents as well as students know what the essentials are for a college dorm room and how to make it all fit comfortably.

    1. Bedding

    • Comforter – Dark, durable and a Twin XL!
    • Sheets & Padding
      • Sheets (grab 2 sets of twin XL)
      • egg crate – believe me you need this
      • mattress pad  -Note: The egg crate and mattress pad make your sleep MUCH better on dorm beds. Don’t skip this.
    • Pillows
      • Pillows
      • body pillow – you will probably be against a cold stone wall – this makes it less cold feeling!

    2. Desk

    3. Electronics

    • Laptop  You really do need this.
    • Printer:  We for sure recommend a wireless Brother Printer! It’s better than have your own then always having to rely on the library!
    • TV – You can always just use your laptop – but sometimes its nice to watch actual tv
    • Power Strips You might only have 1 outlet for yourself!

    4. Lighting

    Note: you won’t need a floor lamp most likely because the overhead lighting will light up the room ( if you do you can grab one when you get there).

    5. Windows

    Most dorm rooms don’t allow you to take down the existing curtains. If you know for a fact that your school does not provide curtains then find simple ones that are cheap because they’re probably going to get pretty dirty.

    6. Organizing

    Note: Under bed storage is key. If you’re wondering where you’re going to fit all of your stuff, this is where.

    7. Closet

    8. Fan

    9. Bathroom/Towels

    10. Furniture

    11. Floors

    12. Appliances/Kitchen

    13. Laundry

    14. Other

    Dorm Room Essentials Checklist – PDF Download

    Back To School Checklist

    Using a Back to School Checklist helps to save money on Back to School Supplies.  It’s a great way to prevent wasting money on overbuying.   While it’s so tempting to take advantage of lots of great deals, keeping track of what you need and what you are buying is the best savings tip of all.

    Be sure to use our Back to School Checklist to help you keep track of your purchases.  We have a free printable download or you can download directly into Excel.

    Downloadable checklist for Back to School shopping



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